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Why the World is Deceived About the Bible

Why the World is Deceived About the Bible

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Published by joe
Transcript from Key of David broadcast.
Transcript from Key of David broadcast.

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Published by: joe on Oct 03, 2010
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Tomorrow’s NewsToday
The Key of David 
with Gerald Flurry.
 Greetings, everyone.The whole world is deceived about the Bible. Now, that’s a shocking, stunning statementto make, but that’s exactly what your Bible says—they are
about the Bible!Well, why is that?Well, I have a new booklet I’m going to offer you today that will explain all of that toyou. It’s actually, most of it’s in one chapter of Isaiah, and I will explain that from this booklet that you will receive if you want it, and I hope most of you will. But it certainlyis expanded and updated from the old
booklet, and we’d like to give it to you. Ithas a great deal in there that the other booklet simply does not have, and one chapter inthe book of Isaiah especially focuses on how people are deceived,
they’re deceivedabout the Bible, and how they can
so much more depth if they will just understandthis concept. It is
absolutely critical 
! Now, in this chapter it’s unusual in
way, in that it discusses three personalities. Three personalities, and it’ll also be explained in our new booklet, but I want to explain quite alot of it to you today because it talks about three personalities, end-time personalities, andone of them is very rebellious inside God’s own Church, and the other two, then, areobedient to God. Now, this has everything to do with gaining the depth of what your Bible says, and we have to read the Bible and believe it just as it is. After all, Christ saidthat we have to live by every word of God, and he meant by that the Old and the NewTestament, every single word. So here it’s talking about three personalities, and it’stalking about why people are deceived about this.So why is the whole world deceived about the Bible? Now, that’s what Revelation 12 andverse 9 says—the whole world is deceived.And Isaiah chapter 22 says, well, now, look, there is a solution. We can
that problem, and we all
solve it or we fall into that category of a
person. Notice Isaiah 30 and verse 8, and we’ll see that Isaiah 22 really is for us today. Isaiah 30and verse 8: “Now go, write it before them in a table, and note it in a book, that it may befor the time to come forever and ever:”
 So God told Isaiah, “Well, you write it on a table or in a tablet for that time, but for theend time you put it in a book, a book for the
time to come
,” which means the latter day. Now, you can read Isaiah 41 and verse 22—I think I recently discussed this—where Godsays, “Well, now, if you understand this, you should show us what is going to happen,”the
 former things
, which are a type of the
latter things
, “Now you show us what is goingto happen, or declare us things to come.”That’s what God expects us to do. There is duality in this Bible. But I want to show youwhere all the problems lie, in Isaiah chapter 22. Notice Isaiah 22 and verse 1: “The burden of the valley of vision. What aileth thee now, that thou art wholly gone up to thehousetops?”So He calls it the
valley of vision
. It actually should read
valley of revelation
. And then He’s talking about His own people, who ought to be up on themountaintop
these prophecies, but they're down in the valley and they’re notdoing their job. That’s the symbolism here, and you’ll see that as we go along. It’s veryclearly what Isaiah is talking about.So God’s own people are
doing their job. They’re not
God’s revelationthat they
receive. God gave it to them, then something terrible and dreadful happened,and they stopped proclaiming it, and they, too, became deceived—deceived about their own Bible which they once knew so well. So there’s a constant battle going on, a battle tokeep that truth from the evil ruler of this world, according to II Corinthians 4 and verse 4. Notice verse 2 of Isaiah 22: “Thou that art full of stirs, a tumultuous city,” that’sJerusalem, and today it’s talking about
Jerusalem, “a joyous city: thy slain
not slain with the sword, nor dead in battle.”So this war is real. He’s talking about people being slain, but not with the sword. It’stalking
. They have been slain spiritually. Some of those very people of Godhave already lost their eternal lives, so it is something we need to be concerned about.God is trying to get us focused on eternity. We have to look at this spiritually.We are called
in II Timothy 2. We are to fight the good fight of faith, and fightagainst the god of this world, which is Satan the devil. That’s what II Corinthians 4 andverse 4 is all about.But Isaiah shows us how to be spiritual forever. Not to be
of this Word, but to be
of it, to really put it to practice—open the Bible, look at it, believe it, and
it, and
things happen. That’s what most people don’t understand, but it’s writtenthere throughout the Bible.Let’s go to verse 3: “All thy rulers are fled together, they are bound by the archers: allthat are found in thee are bound together,
have fled from far.”In other words, the ministers didn’t stand up for God, they didn’t stand up for the peopleof God, they didn’t love them the way they should, and they just surrendered and went
 off and did their own thing, and left God’s people to
what they had, though the people are at fault, as well. They weren’t walking with God the way they should have been. So we are in a spiritual war, if we understand the Bible.But let’s get on down and look at
people are deceived about the Bible, andunderstand it in depth because if we
understand it, we’re
to be deceivedourselves.Verse 4: “Therefore said I, Look away from me; I will weep bitterly, labor not to comfortme, because of the spoiling of the daughter of my people.”Here’s Isaiah that sees this in a vision. He didn’t even see it in reality the way I do, andyou can and we all can, but he just saw it in a vision and he said he couldn’t even becomforted because it was the daughter of God’s people. Not the
people thatIsaiah talked about and delivered this message to, but the daughter in this end time, andhe’s showing how all of that back then anciently was only a type of what is comingtoday.Verse 5 talks about it being “a day of trouble, and of treading down,” that’s talking aboutthe end time, and you can find
prophecies about that. Then verse 5, the last part of it, it is “by the Lord GOD of hosts.” I mean here you’re talking about a day of trouble anda day of treading down, and it’s by God, Himself. God, Himself is
it! Now, this hasto be serious if God, Himself would do such a thing. Why is He doing this? Well, Hisown people have rebelled against Him, and nothing could be more serious, and He’strying to save all of them that He possibly can. Notice verse 9 of Isaiah 22, and we’ll see more symbolism here: “Ye have seen also the breaches of the city of David, that they are many: and ye gathered together the waters of the lower pool.” The lower pool was a pool
the fortified city. But why is it talkingabout water? Well, and why were there water bubbling up within the temple?Well, here’s what we wrote in our book: “Why is it necessary for spring waters to emergefrom within
temple? To secure proper symbolism of the fountains of salvation fromGod in heaven.”See, it’s a symbol of salvation from God. We’re talking about water, which is again atype of God’s Holy Spirit, and it’s bubbling up within God’s own temple.But here, you see, these people have lost that vision, and they don’t understand thesymbolism of all of this. But you have to look at it spiritually. It is, after all, a book for this end time. It’s a book for right now, and Isaiah wrote it specifically for this end timein a book. He put it in a book for that very reason!So what does it mean if we don’t understand this? I mean, we
understand it or we’regoing to be deceived about the Bible. I mean this Bible interprets itself, and it willexplain itself, but God does have to reveal all of this to us.

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