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pertahanan yang semu

pertahanan yang semu

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Published by beMuslim

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Published by: beMuslim on Jul 08, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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3 H UW DK DQDQ\ue000 < DQ J\ue000 6H PX
\u00f5\ue000\u00ff\ue000m\u00a1 \u00c3\u00c2k\u00a1
2 O HK \ue000
0 XK DP P D G\ue000 ELQ \ue000 6XO D LPD Q \ue000 $O \ue001 0 XIDG G D
7 H U MH P DK \ue000
0 XK \ue002 6D H IXGG L Q \ue002 %D V U L
0 XK \ue0020 X\u00b7L QXG L Q L OO DK

6H J D O D \ue000 SX ML \ue000 ED J L \ue000 $ OO D K \ue000 \D Q J \ue000 WH OD K \ue000 P HQ MD GL N D Q \ue000 SD GD \ue000 SH ULV WL ZD \ue005 SH ULV WL ZD\ue000 D OD P\ue000 V HE DE \ue005 VH ED E Q\D \ue006\ue000 'D Q \ue000 WH UND GD QJ\ue000 ' LD\ue000 K LOD QJN D Q\ue000 V HE DE \ue005 V HE DE \ue000 LQ L\ue000 V X SD \D\ue000 WL GD N \ue000 GL MD GL ND Q \ue000 R O HK \ue000 PD Q XV LD \ue000 V HE D JD L\ue000 V H V H PE D KD Q \ue006\ue000 ' LD \ue000 ND L WND Q \ue000 V HE DE \ue005 VH EDE\ue000 LQL\ue000 GD Q \ue000 E H UED JD L\ue000 SH ULV WLZD Q \D \ue000 GH Q JDQ \ue000 WDT GLU\ue0051\D\ue000 \DQ J\ue000 E H UOD NX \ue006\ue000 0 DND\ue000 WLGDN\ue000 D GD \ue000VH GL N L WSX Q \ue000\D QJ \ue000O H Q \ D S\ue000V HF D UD \ue000V LD \ue005V L D \ue006

6KRODZDW\ue000 GDQ\ue000 VDODP\ue000 VHPRJD\ue000 WHUOLPSDKNDQ\ue000 DWDV\ue000 RUDQJ\ue000 \DQJ\ue000 GLXWXV\ue000 VHEDJDL\ue000 UDKPDW\ue000 EDJL\ue000 DODP\ue000 VHPHVWD\ue000 DJDU\ue000 EDJL\ue000 $OODK\ue005ODK\ue000 PHUHND\ue000 PHQMDGL\ue000 N H N DV L K \ue006\ue000$ GD SXQ \ue000V HWH O D K \ue000L WX \ue011

6H V X Q J JX K Q \D \ue000 $ O OD K \ue000 PH QF L SWD ND Q \ue000 D OD P\ue000 L Q L\ue000 GD UL\ue000 V H EH O XP Q \D \ue000 WL GD N \ue000 D GD \ue006\ue000 'LDODK\ue000 \DQJ\ue000 PHQJDWXU\ue000 GLGDODPQ\D\ue000 VHNHKHQGDN\ue0051\D\ue000 VHVXDL\ue000 LURGDK\ue000 GDQ\ue000 KLNPDW\ue0051\D\ue006\ue000 'LDODK\ue000 \DQJ\ue000 PHQHUWLENDQ\ue000 NHEHUDGDDQ\ue000 PDNKOXN\ue0051\D\ue000 VHEDJLDQ\ue000 D WDV \ue000 \D QJ\ue000 OD LQ \ue000 ODOX\ue000 PH Q MD GLN D Q \ue000 V HE DJLD Q \ue000 X Q WX N\ue000 \ DQ J\ue000 OD LQ \ue000 V H ED JD L\ue000 V H ED E Q\D \ue006\ue000 6XQJJXK\ue000 RUDQJ\ue005RUDQJ\ue000 PXV\ULNLQ\ue000 GDKXOX\ue000 WHODK\ue000 PHQJDNXL\ue000 EDJL\ue000 $OODK\ue000 SHQFLSWDDQ\ue004\ue000SHQJDWXUDQ GDQ\ue000SHQJXUXVDQ\ue000VHFDUD\ue000VHPSXUQD\ue000SDGD\ue000DODP\ue000LQL\ue006\ue000'DQ\ue000 PHUHND\ue000 WLGDN\ue000 PH\DNLQL\ue000 SDGD\ue000 VHVHPEDKDQ\ue005VHVHPEDKDQ\ue000 PHUHND\ue000 DNDQ\ue000 SH QJX UXVD Q \ue000 SD GD \ue000 DWX UD Q \ue000 D OD P\ue000 V H GLNLWSX Q \ue000 PDX SX Q \ue000 PD PSX \ue000 PH PE H UL\ue000 PDQ I DD W\ue000 DWDX\ue000 PDGKRURW\ue006\ue000 %DKNDQ\ue000 PHUHND\ue000 PH\DNLQL\ue000 VHPXD\ue000 LWX\ue000 KDQ\D\ue000 PLOLN\ue000 $OODK\ue000 V H P D WD \ue006\ue000 6H ED JD L PDQ D \ue000 $ O OD K \ue000V XEK D DQDKX\ue000 ZD \ue000 W D\u00b7 D DO D EH UI L UPD Q\ue011\ue000 \u00b4 \ue006\ue006'D Q \ue000 E L OD \ue000 ND PX\ue000 GLWLPSD\ue000 ROHK\ue000 NHPXGKDUDWDQ\ue004\ue000 PDND\ue000 KDQ\D\ue000 NHSDGD\ue0051\DODK\ue000 NDPX\ue000 PLQWD\ue000 SH UWR O R Q J D Q\u00b5 \ue000 \ue002$ Q \ue000 1 D K O\ue000 \ue011\ue000 \ue00c \ue00a \ue003\ue000 $ O OD K \ue000VXEKDDQDKX\ue000 ZD\ue000 WD\u00b7DDOD E H UI L L UPD Q \ue000 \ue011\ue000 \u00b4 'DQ \ue000 VHVXQJJXKQ\D\ue000 MLND\ue000 NDPX\ue000 WDQ\DNDQ\ue000 NHSDGD\ue000 PHUHND\ue011\ue000 \u00b46LDSDNDK\ue000 \DQJ\ue000 PHQFLSWDNDQ\ue000 ODQJLW\ue000 GDQ\ue000 EXPL"\u00b5\ue000 7HQWX\ue000 PHUHND\ue000 DNDQ\ue000 PHQMDZDE\ue011\ue000 \u00b4$OODK\u00b5\ue000 \ue002 /X T PD Q \ue000\ue011\ue000\ue009\ue00c \ue003 \ue006

2 OHK\ue000 ND UHQD \ue000 LQL\ue000 $ OOD K\ue000 PHPHULQ WD KND Q\ue000 NHSD GD \ue000 1D E L\ue0051\D\ue000V ROO DO ORK X\ue000 \u00b6 DO DL KL \ue000
ZD V DOO D PX Q WX N \ue000 PHQ H JDV ND Q\ue000 NH SD GD \ue000 PH UH ND \ue000GD O D P\ue000 I L UPD Q\ue005 1 \D \ue011\ue000 \u00b4. D WD ND Q OD K \ue011\ue000

\u00b4 0D ND \ue000 WH UDQ JNDQ ODK \ue000 NH SD GD NX \ue000 WH QWD QJ\ue000 D SD\ue000\ D Q J\ue000 ND PX \ue000 VH UX \ue000 V H OD LQ \ue000 $ OOD K\ue004\ue000 MLND\ue000 $OODK\ue000 KHQGDN\ue000 PHQGDWDQJNDQ\ue000 NHPXGKDUDWDQ\ue000 NHSDGDNX\ue004\ue000 DSDNDK\ue000 EHUKDOD\ue005 E H UKD OD \ue000 LWX \ue000 GD SD W\ue000 PH Q JK LOD Q JND Q \ue000 NHPX GKD UD WD Q \ue000 LWX \ue004\ue000 D WD X \ue000 MLND \ue000 $ OOD K \ue000 KH Q GD N\ue000 PHPEHUL\ue000 UDKPDW\ue000 NHSDGDNX\ue004\ue000 DSDNDK\ue000 PHUHND\ue000 GDSDW\ue000 PHQDKDQ\ue000 UDKPDW\ue0051\D"\ue000 .DWDNDQODK\ue011\ue000 \u00b4&XNXSODK\ue000 $OODK\ue000 EDJLNX\u00b5\ue006\ue000 .HSDGD\ue0051\DODK\ue000 EHUWDZDTDO\ue000 RUDQJ\ue005 R UD Q J \ue000\D Q J \ue000E H UV H UDK \ue000GL UL\u00b5 \ue000\ue002 $ ] \ue000=X PD U\ue000\ue011\ue000\ue00a \ue00f \ue003

7DWNDOD\ue000 1DEL\ue000 EHUWDQ\D\ue000 NHSDGD\ue000 PHUHND\ue004\ue000 PHUHND\ue000 GLDP\ue000 NDUHQD\ue000 PHUHND\ue000 WLGD N\ue000 PH \ D NLQ L\ue000 K DO\ue000 LWX \ue000 D GD \ue000 SD GD \ue000 V HV HPE D KD Q \ue000 PH UH ND \ue006\ue000 $ND Q \ue000 WH WD SL\ue000 V HE D JLDQ \ue000 NDXP\ue000PXVOLPLQ\ue000\u00b2VHPRJD\ue000$OODK\ue000PHQXQMXNL\ue000PHUHND\ue005 WHODK\ue000GLJHOLQFLUNDQ\ue000ROHK\ue000 V\DLWDQ\ue006\ue000 0HUHND\ue000 PHQJJDQWXQJNDQ\ue000 PDVD\ue000 GHSDQ\ue000 PHUHND\ue000 GDQ\ue000 PHQ\HUDKNDQ\ue000 X UXV D Q\ue000 PH UH ND \ue000 N HSD GD \ue000 VH O H PED U\ue000 ND LQ \ue004\ue000 WD OL\ue000 D WDX \ue000 VD Q GD O \ue006\ue000 0 H UH ND \ue000 PH Q \D Q JND \ue000 EDUDQJ\ue005EDUDQJ\ue000 WHUVHEXW\ue000 ELVD\ue000 PHQGDWDQJNDQ\ue000 PDQIDDW\ue000 DWDX\ue000 PHQRODN\ue000 PDGKDUDW\ue001\ue001\ue000 /DQWDV\ue000 GLPDQD\ue000 SHODNVDQDDQ\ue000 PHUHND\ue000 WHUKDGDS\ue000 DNKLU\ue000 D\DW\ue000 WDGL"\ue000 'LPDQD\ue000 JHUDQJDQ\ue000 NH\DNLQDQ\ue000 EDKZD\ue000 $OODK\ue000 VDMDODK\ue000 FXNXS\ue000 EDJLPX\ue000 GDQ\ue000 EXNDQQ\D\ue000 WDOL\ue004\ue000 NDLQ\ue000 GDQ\ue000 VHSDWX"\ue001\ue000 'LPDQD\ue000 JHUDQJDQ\ue000 VLNDS\ue000 WDZDNDO\ue000 NHSDGD\ue000 $OODK\ue004\ue000 EXNDQQ\D\ue000 NHSDGD\ue000 EDUDQJ\ue005EDUDQJ\ue000 VHSHOH\ue000 LQL"\ue001\ue000 7LGDNNDK\ue000 DQGD\ue000 WDKX\ue000

Z D KD L\ue000 V DX GD UD NX \ue000 ED KZD \ue000 $OOD K\ue000 VD MD \ue000 VXGD K\ue000 FX NX S\ue000 E D JL\ue000 V LDSD \ue000 \D QJ\ue000 E HUWD ZD NDO\ue000 NH SD GD \ue005 1 \D \ue000GD Q \ue000 SHQ MD JD Q \D \ue000GD UL\ue000 V H JD OD \ue000 NH EX UX ND Q" \ue001 \ue000 \u00b4' DQ \ue000 E D UD Q JV LD SD \ue000\D Q J\ue000 E HUWDZ DND O\ue000 NHSD GD\ue000 $ OOD K\ue000 QLV FD \D \ue000 $ OODK\ue000 D ND Q\ue000 PHQ FX NX SND Q\ue000 \ue002 NHSHUOXD Q\ue003 Q\D\u00b5\ue000 \ue002$WK\ue000 7KRODT\ue011\ue000 \ue00a\ue003\ue000 0DND\ue000 PDVLK\ue000 DGDNDK\ue000 VHVXDWX\ue004\ue000 VHWHODK\ue000 $OODK\ue000 PHQFXNXSL\ue000 X QWX NPX "\ue001 \ue000 0D V LK ND K \ue000 D Q GD \ue000 PH PE X WXK ND Q \ue000 V HV XD WX \ue000 V H OD LQ\ue0051\D " \ue000 0 X Q JNL QNDK \ue000 V H X WD V\ue000 WD OL\ue004\ue000 D WD X\ue000 V HEX D K\ue000 VD Q GD O \ue004\ue000 ND LQ\ue000 D WD X\ue000 NX OLW\ue000 E LV D\ue000 PH Q FXNX SL\ue000 R UD Q JQ \D \ue000 D WDX\ue000 PHPEHODQ\D"\ue000 6XEKDQDOODK\ue000 \ue0020DKD\ue000 6XFL\ue000 $OODK\ue003\ue001\ue000 \u00b4$SDNDK\ue000 $OODK\ue000 \DQJ\ue000 OHELK\ue000 E D LN\ue004\ue000 D WDX ND K\ue000 D SD \ue000 \D QJ\ue000 PHUHND \ue000 SHUV HNX WX ND Q\ue000 GHQJDQ\ue000 'LD "\u00b5 \ue000 \ue002$Q\ue000 1D PO\ue000 \ue011\ue000 \ue00c \ue010\ue003\ue000 %DKNDQ\ue000 ELVDNDK\ue000 EDUDQJ\ue005EDUDQJ\ue000 VHSHOH\ue000 LQL\ue000 PHPEHOD\ue000 GLULQ\D\ue000 VHQGLUL\ue000 V H GLNLWSX Q " \ue000 $ SD \ue000 \D Q J\ue000 WH UMD GL\ue000 V HD Q GD LQ \D \ue000 D Q GD \ue000 GH Q JD Q \ue000 VH Q JD MD \ue000 PH URE H NQ \D\ue000 D WDX \ue000 P H P ED ND UQ \ D\u00ab \u00ab D SD ND K \ue000 LD \ue000 D N DQ \ue000 P H P E H OD \ue000 GL UL Q \D" \ue000 0 D ND \ue000 ED JD L P DQ D\ue000 GLD\ue000 DNDQ\ue000 PHPEHULNDQ\ue000 SHPEHODDQ\ue000 NHSDGDPX\ue000 ZDKDL\ue000 PDQXVLD"\ue001\ue000 \u00b4'DQ\ue000 MD Q JD QOD K \ue000 ND PX \ue000 PH Q \H PED K \ue000 D SD \ue005D SD \ue000\ D Q J\ue000 WLGD N\ue000 PH PE H UL\ue000 PD Q I DD W\ue000GD Q \ue000 WLGD N\ue000 \ue002 SX OD\ue003 \ue000 PH P E H UL\ue000 PDGK D UD W\ue000 NH SD GD P X \ue000 V H OD LQ \ue000 $ OOD K \ue012\ue000 V HED E\ue000 MLND \ue000 ND P X \ue000 SH UEXD W\ue000 \ue002\DQJ\ue000 GHPLNLDQ\ue000 LWX\ue003\ue004\ue000 PDND\ue000 VHVXQJJXKQ\D\ue000 NDPX NDODX\ue000 EHJLWX\ue000 WHUPDVXN\ue000 RUDQJ\ue005RUDQJ\ue000 \DQJ\ue000 ]DOLP\ue006\ue000 -LND\ue000 $OODK\ue000 PHQLPSDNNDQ\ue000 VHVXDWX\ue000 NHPXGKDUDWDQ\ue000 NHSD GD PX \ue004\ue000 PD ND \ue000 WLGD N\ue000 D GD \ue000 \D QJ\ue000G D SDW\ue000 PHQJKLOD QJND QQ\D \ue000 NHF XD OL\ue000 'LD \ue006\ue000 'DQ\ue000 MLND\ue000 $OODK\ue000 PHQJKHQGDNL\ue000 NHEDLNDQ\ue000 EDJL\ue000 NDPX\ue004\ue000 PDND\ue000 WDN\ue000 DGD\ue000 \DQJ\ue000 GDSDW\ue000 PHQRODN\ue000 NDUXQLD\ue0051\D\ue006\ue000 'LD\ue000 PHPEHULNDQ\ue000 NHEDLNDQ\ue000 LWX\ue000 NHSDGD\ue000 VLDSD\ue000 \DQJ\ue000 GLNHKHQGDNL\ue0051\D\ue000 GLDQWDUD\ue000 KDPED\ue005KDPED\ue0051\D\ue000 GDQ\ue000 'LD\ue005ODK\ue000 <DQJ\ue000 0DKD\ue000 3 HQJD PSX Q\ue000 OD JL\ue000 0D KD \ue000 3 HQ\D \D QJ\u00b5 \ue000 \ue002<X QXV \ue011\ue000 \ue008\ue007\ue00d \ue005\ue008\ue007\ue00e \ue003\ue000 :DKD L\ue000 \DQJ\ue000 WHOD K\ue000 $ OODK\ue000 PHPXOLDNDQPX\ue000 GHQJDQ\ue000 DNDO\ue000 GDQ\ue000 PHPXOLDNDQPX\ue000 GHQJDQ\ue000 ULVDODK\ue004\ue000 PDULODK\ue000 VHGLNLW\ue000 EHUILNLU\ue011 $SD\ue000 SHUEHGDDQ\ue000 DQWDUD\ue000 EDUDQJ\ue005EDUDQJ\ue000 WHUVHEXW\ue000 GHQJDQ\ue000 E D UD Q J \ue005 ED UD Q J \ue000 \D QJ \ue000 O D L Q " \ue001 \ue000 0 X Q JNL Q \ue000 DQ GD \ue000 PH Q JD WD NDQ \ue011\ue000 6H V X QJJX K Q\ D \ue000 VD \D\ue000 V H N H GD U\ue000 P H QJ L N D W\ue000 E D UD Q J \ue000 WH UV H EX W\ue000 O DOX \ue000 P H Q LX SQ \ D\ue001 \ue000 6D\D \ue000 ND WD ND Q \ue011\ue000 \u00b4 . H QD SD \ue000 D Q GD \ue000 WL GD N \ue000 FX N X S\ue000 GH Q J D Q \ue000 WL X SD Q \ue000 \D QJ \ue000 GL V \ D ULD WND Q \ue000 GD U L\ue000 . L WD E\ue000 GD Q \ue000 6XQ Q D K\ue000 SD GD \ue000 WH PSD WQ \D \ue000 GD Q \ue000 F X NX SOD K \ue000 KD O\ue000 LWX \ue000 V D MD "\ue001 \ue001 \ue000 ' D Q \ue000 D Q GD\ue000 PH OD ] LPL\ue000 D SD \ue000 \DQJ\ue000 GLWHPSX K\ue000 1D E L\ue000V ROOD O OR K X\ue000 \u00b6D O DLK L\ue000 ZD VD OO DP V HUWD \ue000 SD UD \ue000 V D KD ED WQ \D\ue000 \D QJ\ue000 PX OLD \ue000 \u00b2 VHPRJD\ue000$OODK\ue000PHULGKRL\ue000PHUHND\ue005 3DGD\ue000\DQJ\ue000GHPLNLDQ\ue000LWXODK\ue000WHUGDSDW\ue000VHJDOD\ue000 NH E D LND Q \ue006

6D \ D \ue000 NKDZ D WL U\ue000 D Q GD \ue000 P H Q JD WD ND Q \ue000 \u00b4VD \D \ue000 WH O D K \ue000 SH UJL\ue000 N H \ue000 WXND QJ \ue000 V LK LU\ue000 GD Q\ue000 GLD\ue000 PHPEHULNDQ\ue000 LNDWDQ\ue000 LWX\ue000 NHSDGD\ue000 VD\D"\ue000 +DO\ue000 LWX\ue000 GHPL\ue000 3HPLOLN\ue000 ND\u00b7EDK\ue000 PHUXSDNDQ\ue000 NLDPDW\ue000 NXEUR\ue001\ue001\ue000 6HVXQJJXKQ\D\ue000 VLDSD\ue000 \DQJ\ue000 PHQGDWDQJL\ue000 SHUDPDO\ue000 DWDX\ue000 GXNXQ\ue000 PDND\ue000 VKRODWQ\D\ue000 WLGDN\ue000 GLWHULPD\ue000 VHODPD\ue000 \ue00b\ue007\ue000 KDUL\ue006\ue000 $GDSXQ\ue000 VLDSD\ue000 \ D Q J \ue000 P H P SH UF D \D L \ue000D SD\ue000\ D QJ \ue000GL N D WD ND Q\ue000GX N XQ \ue000 PD N D\ue000GL D\ue000 WHO D K \ue000 NX IX U\ue000 WH UKD GD S\ue000 DSD\ue000 \DQJ\ue000 GLWXUXQNDQ\ue000 NHSDGD\ue000 0XKDPPDG\ue000VROODOORKX\ue000 \u00b6DODLKL\ue000 ZDVDOODP \ue006\ue000 .DPL\ue000 E H U O L Q GX QJ \ue000N H SD GD \ue000$ O O D K \ue000GD U L \ue000N HV HV D WDQ \ue000V H WH O D K \ue000P H Q GD SD W\ue000SH WX Q MX N \ue006

DQGD\ue000 WHODK\ue000 MHODV\ue000 GDODP\ue000 DMDUDQ\ue000 $OODK\ue000VXEKDDQDKX\ue000 ZD\ue000 WD\u00b7DDOD\ue006\ue000 $GDODK\ue000 QDEL\ue000
VROODOORKX\ue000 \u00b6DODLKL\ue000 ZDVDOODPDSDELOD\ue000 PHPDNDL\ue000 VHVXDWX\ue000 \DQJ\ue000 EDUX\ue004\ue000 EHOLDX\ue000
PH P E D FD \ue000 WD K P LG\ue000 \ue002PH PX ML\ue000 $ OOD K \ue003 \ue000 D WDV\ue000 UL] NL\ue000 LQ L\ue000 GD Q \ue000 PH PR K R Q \ue000 NH SD GD \ue000 $ OOD K\ue000

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