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Troubleshooting Monitor

Troubleshooting Monitor



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Published by Heri Supriyadi
Tips for PC's Monitor
Tips for PC's Monitor

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Published by: Heri Supriyadi on Jul 08, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Troubleshooting - Monitor
Troubleshooting a CRT Monitor
-When a monitor goes bad you are usually stuck withreplacing it. If you are lucky you can find someone torepair it. The number one thing to remember is
never to try and fix it from the inside yourself 
. Thiscan
you! Even when the monitor has beenunplugged from the wall for a while. A lethal chargewill remain in the monitor for a good amount of time,this is stored in the capacitor. If you want to die andvoid the warranty then open the monitor's case. Youget the idea.-Now what are some thing's to look at whentroubleshooting monitor problems? Most of these arefairly common and easily fixed. Again not from theinside though.-Most of the time your problems are with the cabling,or interference from other devices.-Interference is caused by
Uneven Electrical Currents
Interference From speakers, fans, andtelephones
Bad connection through cabling
Cabling over length-Electrical currents, can cause some real strangeproblems as with the rest of the computer. You mayalready know what a culprit surge protectors or eventhe power supply of the computer can be. If yoususpect that your power supply or surge protector iscausing the problems simply plug the monitor intothe wall separately. Now in many offices that sharepower hungry devices on the same circuit you canrun into some real problems with your monitor, orsystem itself. Find another less crowded powersource. This can get so hairy you might need to callan electrician to hook up more power to the home oroffice.-Another way to remedy this is to purchase a (UPS).Uninterruptible Power Supply, this will take up theslack in the line. The UPS can also help out in those
power outage times.
Other Symptoms
-Interference, can be a funny little problem to have.If you are having interference this is usually to fans,speakers, or anything that produces electromagneticfields. This can show up in really cheap multimediaspeakers on your system. They should be shieldedbut don't count on it.-The source of the interference is fairly easy torecognize simply because it will warp the screen alittle more in one direction than the rest. This meansyou will need to take something further away fromthe desktop to cure it.
More Symptoms
-Cabling, the cable itself for the monitor can be bad.Not only can these cables have electromagneticinterference like the rest of the monitor but will alsodistort you signal if interfered with. This is unlikely inmost cases since the cable is shielded itself but can

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