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Published by Sonja Andelkovic

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Sonja Andelkovic on Oct 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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accessories are availablefrom David Jones, Myer and all leadingindependent retailers throughoutAustralia and New Zealand.For stockists call +61 2 9798 5333.
 T Rod s artfully sulpturd tosur ofort to t gst dgr. Offrd  bot fabr ad latr youa v slt fro a 2 & 3 sat sofaor a 2 & 3 sat sofa t a d satovg dpdtly for dvdualrlaato.
 Ts stug otporary dsg s offrd  bot fabrad latr. Optos avalabl lud arar, ottoa,a 2.5 or 3 sat sofa  as a d sat ovgdpdtly for dvdual rlaato t tr a adlvr or dd por butto to as you to ofort. The eiLeen 2.5 SeATeR wiTh chAiSe + OTTOmAn Ts lovly L-sap dsg s upolstrd  t gst qualty latrad faturg buttod satg ad rvrs otrast sttg. Avalabl  a d rag of otporary ad lass olours. Vst
for your arst soroo.
 T nors s a odrasd oak t opbtood ars ad a rolvr adl as stadard a vbrat brgt rd. Offrd bot fabr ad latr tnors s vbrat ad dsgdfor ofort.
in comfort
 and colour
You still have to ask.
For prsso, tat s. T gral rulof takg potos s f you ar  a publpla you a sap atvr you at(v f you ar lookg to a prvatara), but as soo as you ar o prvatproprty t you sould b askg f youa tak a sot. Of ours tr ar aysads of gry t ts, but f you’r otofortabl askg for prsso to takt sot, t as ar you souldtk aga bfor dog t. Ad justrbr, takg ovrt sots of popls atually kd of rpy.
Lumix dmc-Fh1
 Ts fu lookg ara s avalabl  a rag of oloursfaturg a larg 12.1 gapls. Just prss t A butto,a ad soot, t ara dos all t rst, autoatallyatvatg four dtto ad orrto futos. Lgtgfast 0.35 prss tll sap futo. Avalabl fro$249PAnASOnic LUmix Dmc-FZ28For a top ag qualty arat Lu 10.1 gapl gsstvty ccD faturs a ,g-qualty ccD aufaturdopltly -ous byPaaso ad a 18 optalzoo.
tr r  x f   . W  fr     2008 oy, w  r w F  ws R’  f fr fr  fy r ry r  f r ?W r rywr – r , r r r  –   f   q   wr.2. shoW ‘em and thRoW ‘em.
 evryo as b tr: you y off tlast aaroo o t plat ad t putt ol tg  your out so o-oots ad soo taks t poto just as your k usls adjust lk asqurrl prparg for tr. T polttg to do o you av tak abarrassg poto s to so soot sot you av just tak ad dltt f ty protst too u. Rbrtat you ll av a u bttr aof kpg t add sot f you do’tlaug out of your os as soo as tos up o t sr.
3. Webcams have an on/oFFsWitch – use it.
wbas: brllatfor stayg  tou  you argograpally rot, otrsdagrous as ll. Tr ar ay tgs lf  ar fasatg to broadastbut ufortuatly your fa lt-up by tglo of a blu sr at 3a aftr toas of Rd Bull ad a gt of ordarytradg s ot o of t. Sav t forsg your grada  caada aappy brtday.
4. being anti-social is ok.
 You goout aftr ork. You av a f drks. You av a da. You av a kbab. You av so or drks. You sogsoo fro aoutg. You avyour poto tak. You fd t potoo Fabook o moday org. Youav a uofortabl ‘plas pla’tg t hR. You av a vor uofortabl ‘plas pla’fro prtty u vryo o kosayo  tos potos. You rals just o ay popl us soal dats days. You go for a job trv. You ss out o t job aftr tyGoogl you. You go out aftr ork. Youav a f drks…
5. boRing is still boRing.
St dogradkds, lt  tll you a story. A logt ago  dd’t av aras  ourpos. Atually,  dd’t v avpos at all, but tat’s ot t potof ts story. Ayay, t pot s tatbaus  ad to tak a poto, at fort fl to b dvlopd ad t gt tprtd  atually ard at  took apoto of. i ko you gt fd ts storyborg, kds, but t’s or ar asborg as t potos you’r sog of so guy o a tra o ‘looks fuy’.no go ad grab  aotr up of ta.w you o bak i’ gog to tllyou about typrtrs.
6. beeps aRe FoR beginneRs.
itould av b grat to b a fly ot all of t dvlopt tg fort frst dgtal aras  sooddd tat t tology as grat,but t just dd’t fl lk you r takga poto ayor. T soluto? A dgtalsoud fft of a suttr lkg tatould play  you took a poto. Ys,t’s ausg t frst t. Ad aybt sod. Aftr tat t s dorgtaoyg ad t s up your battrypor.
7. photoshop oF hoRRoRs.
Lt’sfa t, t popl o vtd potodtg softar ar atually t lossttg to zards alv today. A lk r,a lk tr ad suddly your Autymabl looks alost ua aga. Butb judous ad far t your dts:o a’s ol s aotr’s bautyspot. Ad sots sg a potoof yourslf r-do ll atually glgtyour flas, ot d t.
8. skills not FRills.
it dos’t attro fay-say t ffts o yourara ar, f you do’t ko at youar dog you ll stll produ trrblpotos. half t fu of dgtal arass tat you a dlt t ordary ps– but ak sur you lar at you ddrog ad ork o agg t. Ada ord of adv – obody vr looksgood o gt-vso. Tr ar oly af oasos  lf  you ll dto rbr ts sayg: “it dd’t ork for Pars hlto, t o’t ork for ”.
9. caRe beFoRe You shaRe.
OK,so you av tak a poto of a pof brad tat looks kd of lk KvRudd. You a tr so t to yourfrds  you s t, or you asd t as a poto ssag ad opty do’t d footg t bll for yourulary tofoolry. havg sad tat, f you do fd a p of brad tat lookslk Kv Rudd, do sd a poto of t tofo@altrator.o.au so  aav a laug.
10. memoRY stealing.
At so potyou ar gog to adtally gt assto sobody ls’s potos. maybty lft a ory stk  t oputrat t lbrary. mayb you foud trobl po. mayb ty told you toflk troug tr ara’s potos of t  puppy ad you srolld bak to t ‘otr’ potos o t ard. Tpot s, f you ll s otr popls’saps t’s just as lkly ty ll s yours– so dlt t potos you do’t att orld to s as soo as ty artak. Ts spally appls f you arfrds of o of o of t follog: ayfootball lub, t Australa sgta, or ayo at g sool.
sony nEx-3 & nEx-5
 Ts 14.2 gapl ara ll allo you toffortlssly aptur stug, DSLR qualty potosad full hD 1080 vdos  AVchD or mP4forat. T nex-3 starts at$849.00 FinePix ReAL 3D V1PicTURe VieweR Ts vr s o avalablto v your ly tak 3Dpotos ad vdos o a8- dsplay sr. Tsd tou sr uallos you ass to varousplaybak futos ad ttutv rot otrol aadjust t agl for larr3D vg.RRP $699FUJiFiLm FinePix ReAL 3DSYSTemi a orld frst Fujfl avrlasd a 3D ara a aptur adv pturs  3D forat –tout arg tos spalglasss. A robust aluu d-ast fra as b usdto prott t lss frovbrato ad pat.RRP $899cAnOn ixUS 300 hD T  caoixUS 300hD 10.0gapl aras prft for takgportrats of faly adfrds t adddfaturs su as:sl suttr, fadtto slf-tr,blk dtto, a3- LcD srad a hD ovrordg futo

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