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QB Drills

QB Drills

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Published by coachcowboy

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Published by: coachcowboy on Oct 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Drop Techniques
3 Quick (Depth: 3.5 yards)
1.Punch step2.Quick reach step3.Quick crossover step4.Left shoulder drops on crossover5.As the third step hitsThe ball comes back to the back numberThe ball is positioned to throw as the right foot hits the ground(Used on stops/quick outs)* Depth of the drop is not as crucial as getting rid of ball quickly: 1-2-3-ThrowQB focus on the box on first step, 2nd step eyes should be on the target.On the third step your toes should be in the ground#Hang and hold when you have to dump off.
Big three step drop (Depth: 4 to 4.5 yards)
Used on slants and Y sticksSteps are longerStretch on the first step#Be under control on the second stepHand and hold if slant is covered - then dump it off.
Quick five step drop (Depth: 6.5 yards)
Used on speed outs and thin posts5 Steps - plant and throw1.Punch2.Quick reach3.Quick crossover4.Quick reach5.Quick crossoverShoulders down6.Toes in the groundSet hips to the target and throw
Big five step drop (Depth: 7.5 yards)
Used on curls12-14 yard routesUse a hitch step on big five drop1.Punch2.Big reach3.Big crossover4.Smaller reach - throttle5.Smaller cross - Shoulder down6.Toes in the ground - re-set - throw7.Three big steps, 2 smaller stepsDon't peak over the rush - see thru the rush
Full 7 step drop (Depth: 9 yards)
Launch point 7.5 yards because of the hitch stepNo concern for hot or sight adjustments1.Three big steps2.Four controlled steps3.Big reach4.Big crossover5.Big reach6.Four quick steps for balanceGet back deep and fastUsed on 18-20 yard schemes (cobbs or digs)
Controlled 7 step drop
Used on shallow cross routes
2 unders
Y unders
flanker drivesYou may have to dump ball off etc.
Roll outs
1.1st step straight back2.2nd step build for width and depth3.Want a nine yard arch4.Throw punch with left arm5.Balance up6.Step at target - hips to target7.form the L8.Follow the ball
Dropback drills
To teach and improve the footwork of the QB on dropback passes.
1.QB takes his presnap stance2.shouts out a short cadence3.simulates the snap and takes ao3-step dropo5-step dropo7-step drops1.ending with a throwing motion without actually throwing the ball.
In teaching period each QB should do it alone, but when using this drill as a routine drill, all QBs can line upabout 3 to 5 yards apart, with one QB giving the cadence and all QBs doing the drop.
Coaching Points
(everything is explained for right-handed QBs, for left-handed QBs you have to exchange left and right)
The first step has to be taken with his right foot and should be big and directly behind the left footso that the drop is straight backwards.
While taking his first step the QB turns by bringing his right hip, shoulder and elbow back toaccelerate his separation from the LOS
The last two steps have to be shorter, so that QB is in good body-control position and ready tothrow on his last step.
QB should take the ball up in front of his right armpit with his first step, holding it tight with bothhands.
During the drop the ball should stay put in front of his right armpit, while the elbows shouldhang/swing loose to improve balance
QB should always look over his left shoulder downfield
Drops Warm ups
To teach and improve the footwork of the QB on drop back passes.
3-Step Hit and Throw right and left
5-Step Hit and Throw right and left
5-Step Hitch and Throw right and left
7-Step Hitch and Throw right and left
Coaching Points
Emphasize hustling to set-up point and footwork.
Use yard stripe.
Warm-up with crossover drop back technique from sideline to hash.
Keep hip open and chin up over shoulder to see field.
Dropback square drill
To improve the footwork of the QB on dropback passes.
especially working on consitent depth

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