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George Van Tassel the Council of Seven Lights

George Van Tassel the Council of Seven Lights

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Published by okowrygo
ufo , occult ether science
ufo , occult ether science

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Published by: okowrygo on Oct 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 THE COUNCIL OF SEVEN LIGHTSBy GEORGE W. VAN TASSELTABLE OF CONTENTSINTRODUCTIONONE THE MISSING LINKTWO INVISIBLE GEARSTHREE THE SUNS OF GODFOUR TRINITY OF INFINITYFIVE UNSEEN SCALESSIX THE ANGELS OF SPACESEVEN PRODIGAL MOTHEREIGH TMETHUSELAH'S TOYNINE THE SWORD OF DAMOCLESTEN THE FALSE CHARIOTINTRODUCTIONPara-psychology has proven that the transmission and reception ofthought is possible and a scientific fact.The information in this book is the result of a developed ability toawaken the nearly dormant consciousness to thoughts existing throughouttime. Nothing can be thought of that has not been thought of before. Theprinciples of radio, television, electricity, flying, and of all modernthings, existed in the time of Plato and Columbus. All of the principlesof everything that can ever be already exist in the infinity ofUniversal Mind. The ability to penetrate Mind requires practice. Inpracticing the act of awareness I found that Intelligence existsthroughout the Universe. My first contact with the organizedIntelligences of other places revealed that the Intelligence manifestedon the Earth is in the kindergarten stages. My penetration into thesuperconscious mind revealed an eternal record of infinite laws.Thinking is not something one does. Thinking is the act of becomingaware of what already exists. One does not try to think to become aware.One only has to remove his own thoughts and then the Universal Mindrushes in to fill the void. The introduction of any new thought isusually accepted by those who understand its potentialities, andrejected by those who do not comprehend its portent. This often leads tocontroversy, which is the needed stimulant that brings individuals tothe use of their own thought power. This book is not written with theintention to present anything radically new to the reader. It is writtento revive that which has become nearly dormant within his individualpower of conception. One would be utterly foolish to try to explain asubject using scientific explanations to another who is not interestedin or doesn't understand scientific terms. It would be equallyunimpressive to appeal to one from the religious viewpoint if he werenot interested in religion. My desire in presenting this book is to passon that which makes sense to my reasoning faculties, in the hope thatothers can gain something of lasting value from it.The materialism of the present society of the masses is evidence that
even the most unreligious of individuals has a desire to worshipsomething; so he worships matter. The materialists think they are themore advanced people in an otherwise scientifically ignorant society.The most devout religionists lean the other way and believe theirheavenly point of view is the correct way. Actually both are wrong andboth are right; from a neutral point of view.I am attempting to present this book from the middle viewpoint. If itappears that I am leaning one way or the other, the reader may take intoaccount that perhaps he is basing his opinion on his own tendency tolean one way or the other. Now, the best way to really understandanything is to examine your own opinion from the opposite point of view.This book is an attempt to present to science and religion the factsthat each are integral parts of the other, and both are the same ONEfrom opposite concepts. A wall is a wall regardless of from which sideone looks at it. On one side of this wall is written the history andachievements of science, and on the other side one can read the recordsof the various religions. There is only the one principle of creation,but there are many roads to finding this grand principle.Religion presents its many roads to the people; each sect presenting itsapproach as the only one, with the fanatic condemnation of all otherreligious roads. The many divisions of science each profess theirfindings as the eternal verities.Religion presents God as the Infinite Being; and science presents themanifestations of God which have been recorded with the five senses.In the unthinkable vastness of the infinite universe the Earth is only atiny speck of matter, inhabited by parasites called humans. The peopledepend upon the Earth for their sustenance the same as any parasitedepends upon its host for life.Religion is the art of living now. A true religionist knows how to livewithout infringing upon the rightful living of others. The professors ofreligion propound spirit as something you become after your death.Actually the spirit of you is here now and your god is determined by theway you live in the flesh body so as to manifest spirit now, here onEarth. The consciousness of every individual contains all of the recordsof every act:and personality that the individual has ever done, or been.To admit that many of the thoughts I received were given by otheridentities would be true. Yet the further truth is that I have been allof these other identities.Reincarnation is a misnomer. All that one has ever been or will ever be,he is now. Everyone has always existed since the creation.Whether one accepts the limits of one life span here on the Earth, orthis life and a hereafter somewhere else is of no concern. One cannothonestly believe in a hereafter without believing in a "before". Thisschoolroom on the Earth is only a brief experience in eternal Life.One must first understand himself, then he may understand his fellowman.If this is accomplished then one is at the doorway of understanding God.O man, you have made laws to avoid using My Laws.Confusion, chaos, and war are the results of man's ideas, opinion, andassumptions.Light alone is the essence of Truth;Truth alone is the essence of Wisdom;Wisdom is the essence of Knowledge;Knowledge is the essence of Life.Only through Knowledge can man express Wisdom in action.I have given man Life that he might demonstrate My Knowledge throughaction and Wisdom.
I extend the concentration of My Light to those who are demonstrating MyLaws. O man, in living My life, in breathing My breath, establish withinyourself the solidarity, the contentment, the bliss of living rightly;that I may know, that I may feel the glorious pulsation of the Being ofyou. In speaking My words, let them ring clear, let them be dear andnear to you that others may understand. Realize, I am not the expressionof self; I am only the boundless unselfish utterances of the heart andthe Soul that sees Me in others. None can bring about the workings of MyLaws, unless first they have established their right within My Light.Reach not for golden prizes of desire, for they shall reflect the Light.Look not into the mirrors of space, for eyes that see are blind to Me.And though the prize be golden, My light does not reflect. Express theBeing of Me in life, extend Me in the action that I may feel the thrillof doing for another whose need is great, that I may know success inmanifesting you to bring about the Me in others, that their eyes may seethrough thee to Me-not reflection, not illusion, but the purity, thereality I have instilled within the you of Me.CHAPTER ONETHE MISSING LINK"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." (Gen. 1:1).This creation was a part of the continuously evolving creationthroughout the universe. Each instant that passes new things are beingmade, new phases of life unfold, to live in ever progressing cycles ofrebirth. As related above God made heaven before Earth. In these heavensof the sky He had already created Man. On many planets in many othersolar systems, and on other planets in this solar system, Man wasdeveloped through thousands of years, even before the Earth washabitable. Man was created (Gen. 1:27), he did not evolve from the loweranimals. However, he was not created on the Earth. Man was createdthroughout millions of solar systems; to serve as the instrument ofGod's doing. Anyone who contends that this planet is the only oneoccupied by intelligent life forms, does not accept God in His infinitecompleteness. His narrow mind has placed a limit on His ability toperform His creations. Adam was not a single man. The Adamic race of Manwas the first people to inhabit the Earth. This is confirmed in Gen. 1:27 where the race of Man, in the original creation, is described as"male and female". In Gen. 1: 28 the scripture relates how "God blessedthem". This is plural, not him, but them. And God said unto them (theAdamic race, both male and female) "be fruitful, and multiply". This allhappens before Eve is ever mentioned. Thus the Adamic race isestablished on Earth. Then God finished His work of creation in regardto Man. He had also finished the creation of the heavens and the Earth(Gen. 2: 1) and all the host of them. This means all the beings whooccupied the Earth and the heavens. So God "ended His work" and rested.(Gen. 2:2,3). Can this be that God ended His work, and still no mentionof Eve? Yes, the Bible is accurate on God's beginning of His creations.Then comes the summary of the creation. This is where people are ledinto confusion. For the first time God is left out of the picture and wehave a "Lord God" (Heb.-Jehovah Elohim). This character was one of theAdamic race who was in the colony that had been landed here byspacecraft. The men of the Adamic race did not bring their women withthem when they first landed on Earth. The Lord God brings Eve into thepicture, not the Creator. The Lord God said that the Adamic men werelonesome. (Gen. 2:18). Then the Lord God pops Eve out of a rib after oneof their people fell into a deep sleep. (Gen. 2:21,22). God brings aboutthe creation of people through birth everywhere in the universe, not bymaking women out of men's ribs. The race of Eve was the highest form of

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