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The Christian Messenger, epaper edition, Oct 2010 issue

The Christian Messenger, epaper edition, Oct 2010 issue

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Published by Robin Sam
The Christian Messenger's Oct 2010 issue's epaper edition
The Christian Messenger's Oct 2010 issue's epaper edition

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Published by: Robin Sam on Oct 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vol. 7, No. 6OCTOBER, 2010Price: Rs.2/-
Evangelism ThroughJournalism
This Is Your Promise!
And Jesus said untothem, I am the bread of life: he that cometh tome shall never hunger;and he that believethon me shall neverthirst.
John 6:35
New No: 21 Old No : 26, P.H. Road, Arumbakkam, CHENNAI - 600 106E-mail: holyjourney2010@gmail.com, info@journeytoursandtravels.com
All Inclusive Just(per person only)
WHAT do you get when one of the top directors of south Indiateams up with a superstar of Telugu films? A film on JesusChrist!Leading director SingeethamSrinivasa Rao has agreed to do anIndian film on the life of JesusChrist. And Telugu superstarPawan Kalyan will play acharacter in the film. However, itwas not immediately clear if hewas playing the role of JesusChrist in the film. This is the firsttime the Indian film industry ismaking such an effort.Produced by AdityaProductions, the movie at the costof $30 million is said to be India’shighest budget movie. Theshooting of the 194-minute filmwill begin in the Holy Land inOctober and will be released inEnglish and three Indianlanguages (Hindi, Telugu andMalayalam) in 2011, it is learned.The film depicts the story of Jesus Christ from his birth, till hisdeath and resurrection. KondaKrishnam Raju, the producer of the film, told reporters that it wasthe first time in the ‘79-yearhistory of the Bollywood filmindustry’ a movie on Jesus Christis being made.The film will use child actorsand will include seven devotionalsongs. Academy-award-nominated Christien Tinsley, whoworked on ‘The Passion of theChrist’, has been hired to work onthe make-up effects of the film.Pawan Kalyan will narrate theTelugu version. The filmmakersare yet to disclose the cast of theHindi and English versions.
Telugu actor Pawan Kalyan gesturesduring a press conference in Jerusalem recently to announce theupcoming film on Jesus Christ.REETINGS in the nameof Jesus Christ who asked
us to love our enemies,bless them that curse us, do goodto them that hate us, and pray forthem who despitefully use us, andpersecute us.IN Act 3, scene 1 of ‘TheMerchant of Venice', one of William Shakespeare’s timelessclassics, Shylock makes a stirringspeech. In the monologueShylock, the Jew who has suffereddiscrimination at the hands of hisenemy, Antonio, essentially askswhy he should not be allowed toexact his revenge.“Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath nota Jew hands, organs, dimensions,senses, affections, passions; fedwith the same food, hurt with thesame weapons, subject to the samediseases, heal’d by the samemeans, warm’d and cool’d by thesame winter and summer as aChristian is? If you prick us, do wenot bleed? If you tickle us, do wenot laugh? If you poison us, do wenot die?”Though Shylock was itching toget even with his enemy, hisobservations are worth ponderingover. Consider for a moment that aMuslim or a Christian or a Hinduor a Buddhist is making thisspeech in the presence of hisoppressor. Does it make sense toyou? I am not for a momentadvocating avenging ouroppressors who deny us of ourfundamental, social, political andhuman rights.I was reminded of this powerfulspeech written centuries ago byShakespeare when a fringe groupof Christians in the US threatened
to get together and burn copies of Koran to protest Muslims’decision to build a mosque nearGround Zero – the site of 9/11attacks. ‘Hath not a Muslim eyes?Hath not a Muslim hands, organs,dimensions, senses, affections,passions…?’ I wanted to ask theman, Rev. Terry Jones, pastor of Dove World Outreach Centre inFlorida, who issued the Koran-burning threat. His action andwords were not dovish in the least.I am glad good sense prevailed andhe called off the despicable stunt.Now don’t get any ideas aboutmy allegiance. I condemnterrorism in all its forms. My heartgoes out to those 2,977 peoplewho lost their lives in the suicideattacks launched by al-Qaeda. Butshould that make me hate Muslimsen masse? If hate is theoverwhelming emotion that’s inmy heart when I think of aparticular person or a communityor a race, then am I still a child of God? I am afraid not! If we are stillruled by our emotions, then we areno better than those who oppressus.In 16 years of my career, I haveworked with some wonderfulbosses but the one who is dear tomy heart is a Muslim. This manfasts during Ramadan, religiouslygoes to the mosque on Fridays andI am sure he can recite verses fromthe Koran even in his sleep. Yet inall the 12 years I have known him,I have never once known him as areligious bigot. I have oftenmarveled at his sense of fairness.Even on occasions when he hadbeen wronged, he has gone out of the way to help his detractors.And, I have never seen him hold agrudge or gloat over the downfallof others. To me those are virtuesof Christ, the One who called youand me from darkness to light. Weare called to be the salt of the earthand the light of the world(Matthew 5:13 & 14).Salt not only seasons thingsfrom rotting but also adds taste towhatever it is spread on. Lightdoes not discriminate between thegood and the bad. It simply shines.We cannot make disciples of thenation if we are to act and react thesame way the world does.We are called to be the light of the world to reflect the glory of God, the Father (Matthew 5:16).We are called to have salt inourselves for our own good – tolive in peace with others (Mark 9:50). If you are still notconvinced about being the light of the world, you may do well to readup 1 John 2:9. I rest my case.
Pastor Terry Jones shakes hands with ImamMuhammad Musri, president of the Islamic Society of Central Floridain the US on Sept 9, 2010.
View from the Pew
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 November, 2010
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Page 2 | , 2010
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The purpose of the newspaperis to report newsworthy religiousevents and activities within thelocal community, nationwide andaround the world, to increase theawareness and activism of believers regarding the moralissues of today, to providethought-provoking commentary,and to provide an effectiveadvertising vehicle for Christianministries and organisations,events and businesses that want toreach the Christian community.
Working hours: 10 am to 5 pm,Monday to Saturday
329/4, HIG Flats,Poonga Apartments,2nd Avenue, Anna Nagar,Chennai 600 040.
For Correspondence
A Catholic priest in Kerala quit his clerical position topursue his passion for acting.Thirty-six-year old Johnson Karoor allegedly facedobjections for acting in a Malayalam film ‘Nirakkazhcha(Spectrum of Colours) that was released recently.Karoor, however, denied he was under pressure andsaid he quit the order ‘for his own reasons.’ “It was myown decision to go out. I have been thinking about it for along time before taking the decision,” Johnson told a newsagency over phone.Karoor served as a priest in the Malankara CatholicChurch for about 10 years. He admitted that he could notfurther dedicate to priesthood, as he wants to pursue his‘education and acting.’In ‘Nirakkazhcha’, directed by debutant Anish JKarnad, Karoor befriends an Italian painter who visitsKerala to recreate the magnificent Raja Ravi Varmapaintings and falls in love with a model.
We undertake orders forbridal bouquets, veils,flower girls / maidsrequirements. We make3-tier wedding cake,decorative giveawaycake pieces.We also supply home-madeGrape, Passion Fruit,Amla and Lime/Gingerfruit juices.
Contact:129/1, Emerald Flats,Tirumangalam, Anna Nagar,Chennai 40.
Phone: 044-2615 7846 |Mobile: 97100 71540.
Muhammed as he migrated from Mecca toMedina. These people later became hisemissaries and soldiers.
The Ansari story
The Ansari weaver invited the businessmaninto his home. When the two men sat down totea, the weaver told him the story of hiscommunity. “We Ansaris live for generations inthe same house. Most of our relatives live on thisstreet. Allah has blessed us. All our familymembers work together in our carpet business,and our kids grow up together. We even have ourown mosque just up the street. You said that wewere the friendliest people you have met inIndia. Our name, ‘Ansari,’ means ‘friendindeed’ or ‘one who helps.’ We can trace ourancestors back to a community in Saudi Arabiacalled ‘Ansari.’ When our prophet Mohammedand his men were trying to escape from hisenemies, he was welcomed into the homes of theAnsari people in Medina. Allah has taught us todo good deeds. This may allow us someday to bein Paradise.” (Source: Global Prayer Digest2008-8-22)
Where are they located?
The Ansari reside primarily in India,Afganistan and Thailand.
What are their lives like?
They are predominately artisans by trade andare mostly poor and illiterate. The weaving of silk is a common trade skill of these people.
Courtesy: Wallace Revels / Joshua Project 
ANSARI is Arabic andis derived from Ansar(also Arabic) which has aliteral meaning of “thosewho support”. It isconsidered to be primarilya nisbat which is a secondor suffix name used as aspecifier. Ansar originatesfrom the Medinan peoplewho assisted the prophet
Page 3 |
ber, 2010 
SEVERAL Christian leadersgathered together to launch the‘Prayer Tower’ of the Jesus Callsministries in the national capitalon Sept 4.The prayer tower, dubbed as the‘National Prayer Tower’ is to prayfor the nation round the clock,according to Jesus Calls.The dedication ceremony wasattended by several leadingChristians including theArchbishop of Delhi, Rev. VincentConcessao, Bishop Dr M EzraSargunam of the EvangelicalChurch of India; Rev. Abraham of the Indian Pentacostal Church andRev. Thomas Philip from the MarThoma Church.The Prayer Tower from wherepeople can get a glimpse of Parliament will have ‘full timeprayer warriors who will pray allthrough the 24 hours for the nationand its leaders.’Speaking at the launch, Bro.Paul Dhinakaran said: “Our nationneeds righteous leadership, thosewho can surrender before God andbring healing in the lives of peoplethrough their actions.The prayer warriors will prayfor the leaders of this nation,Members of Parliament, and thoseinvolved in the governmentmachinery.”“The prayer tower is open toheaven and heaven will open to us.Just like how Joseph got therevelation to save his people, Godwill appoint people here whowould pray for His will tohappen,” he added.Jesus Calls has opened prayertowers all over in India besides 7countries where prayer warriorsare available for prayer andcounseling round the clock.A chapel functions in the DelhiPrayer Tower premises to helppeople meditate the Word of Godand to pray.The prayer tower also houses abookstore.BANGALORE will witness aunique event in October this yearwhen noted Christian singer andsong writer Don Moen reachesIndia to minister to a host of people in that city. The singer willalso visit Dubai (UAE), Muscat(Oman) and Colombo (Sri Lanka)after his trip to Bangalore.Billed as ‘The Hope Tour’, DonMoen, writer of songs such as‘God is good all the time’ and ‘Godwill make a way’, will perform in aLive 4-Nation tour that is expectedto draw crowds up to 15,000people.The concerts are scheduled forOctober 23 in Bangalore, October28 in Dubai, November 1 inMuscat and November 3 inColombo.On the sidelines of the concerts,Don Moen and his 10-memberteam will also teach and train inseveral aspects of leading,musicianship and songwriting atseparate music workshops.
 Don Moen to wow Bangalore audience on Oct 23
LEADING American TVevangelist Benny Hinn recentlybroadcast a video on his website torefute claims that he had beenhaving an affair with anotherleading evangelist.Hinn, who had recently askedhis followers for $2 million tomake up a budgetary shortfall,posted a rebuttal on his websiteafter the
 National Enquirer 
, a USgossip publication, ran a storyaccusing him of having an affairwith Paula White.The publication also printed apicture of the couple leaving ahotel in Rome holding hands.Responding to the allegations,Hinn said he had been appointedPatron of the Arts by the Vatican,and his role involved findingdonors to help maintain their artcollection. He invited White toRome in order to donate money.Hinn stated: “They (
 National Enquirer 
) did not even call me toask me questions. They simplycame up with their own story.That's wicked. It's totally wicked.”However, 57-year-old Hinnwhile referring to inviting PaulaWhite to Rome, said: “That wasstupid on my part. And for that, Ido ask forgiveness. But that wasan innocent mistake – nothing todo with stupid stuff.”Hinn’s statement read asfollows before it was removedfrom the website, “[Benny Hinn]forcefully, categorically andabsolutely renounce(s) the liesthat have been spread about meand want to set the record straightwith you. There is nothinginappropriate or morally improperabout my friendship with PaulaWhite. There has been noimmorality whatsoever!”On her part, Paula White, 44,also published a denial on herwebsite.Her statement says, “Thepublication [
 National Enquirer 
],which is known for its bias andslanting of the truth, tries tomislead readers regarding theministerial relationship andfriendship I have had with PastorBenny for over 20 years.”Hinn’s wife of 30 years,Suzanne Hinn, filed for divorcefrom Benny in February 2010. The
 National Enquirer 
article includesphotos of the two and runs with theheadline ‘TV Evangelist BennyHinn Caught in Torrid Affair!”Included in the news report aretwo photos one taken from thefront, the other from behindshowing Benny Hinn and PaulaWhite casually strolling throughItaly holding hands.Hinn is one of the most watched TV evangelists.His programme ‘This Is The Day’is broadcast in 200 countries.THE All India ChristianCouncil (AICC) has expressed‘deep concern’ at a new law passedby the Parliament recently torestrict foreign contributions.The Foreign ContributionsRegulatory Act (FCRA), 2010 waspassed by the Lok Sabha on Aug.27 and by the Rajya Sabha a week earlier.Stating that the passing of theBill under a UPA governmentcame as a surprise, AICC said, ithas appealed to the President of India to withhold the Bill. The newBill replaces the ForeignContribution (Regulation) Act,1976. With the President’s assent,the Bill would make it mandatoryfor churches and other religiousoutfits to account for the moneythey receive from overseasdonors.Minister of State for HomeAffairs Ajay Maken said the Billwould curtail the number of people being accused of indulging in forcible conversions.Maken said over 40,000organizations were receivingforeign contribution in the countryand 'half of them do not fileaccounts.However, the civil society hadconsistently opposed the Bill as itran entirely contrary to theNational Policy on VoluntaryOrganizations adopted by thisgovernment, as had beenhighlighted by the CHRI andVoluntary Action Network of India (VANI), an umbrellaorganization of several hundrednetworked groups across India.According to the AICC, the lawwas first conceived by the formerNDA government headed by theBharatiya Janata Party and wasspecially meant to target religiousminority communities and theirsocial action and welfareorganizations.“We had hoped that the Billwould be put in cold storage, if notactually buried, with the goingaway of the NDA government,” itadded. Currently, civil societyorganizations, irrespective of theiraffiliation, are subject to theCharities Law, the Income TaxAct, the Company’s Act (as non-profit companies) and theSocieties Registration Act.
Dear brethren in Christ,I greet you in the matchlessname of our Lord and Savior JesusChrist. This evangelicalnewspaper was started with thedefinite calling of God and a firmconviction that evangelism ispossible through journalisticefforts too. Over the past 7 years,we have printed and distributedover 1,008,000 copies of 
inalmost all of the states in theIndian Union. I praise God for Hismarvelous grace and guidance.Anyone who has an eye on thehappenings of the world and an earfor what the Word of God has tosay will have no troubleunderstanding that we are soperilously teetering towards thelast days of the earth. Lord JesusChrist is coming soon and He willnot tarry a moment longer than isneeded. But look around you andyou will understand the harvest isplentiful but the laborers are fewas Jesus said in Luke 10:2.We need your prayer supportmore than ever now. We areexcited about the possibilities of reaching people with the goodnews in Jesus Christ. However, weneed to expand to reach theunreached areas of the country. Tobe able to do that, we need twothings: people and resources.
Can you support us inyour prayers and be a part of ourmedia ministry by distributing atleast 100 copies of the newspaperin your area of domicile? We willsend the copies to you regularlyand help you start a prayer cell inyour area.
We need volunteers(paid or non-paid workers) whocan collect subscriptions andadvertisements for the newspaperon a regular basis. To be able tomeet the inflationary cost of printing and distributing thenewspaper, we needadvertisements and subscriptionsconsistently. Do you think you canhelp us here? Let us know. Goingforward, I hope I can count onyour support as always in the past.You can reach me at 0-9884063345 between 10 am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. God blessyou.Robin Sam,Founding Editor,
THE National Commission forMinorities on Sept 7 summonedthe Chief Secretary of ManipurDS Poonia before the commissionfor Manipur Government’s failureto take up the case of the attack onChingmeirong church onDecember 14, 2008.In Manipur, many villageauthorities in many villages stillsegregate Meitei Christians,Rongmei Christians and NepaliChristians away from the villagecommunities.The commission served a 15-day notice to ManipurGovernment to submit the charge-sheet, the Morung Expressreported.The All India Christian Council(AICC) submitted a fact-findingreport to the minorities’commission and the governmentof Manipur.The village council of Chingmeirong Kabui in Imphal,Manipur passed anunconstitutional resolution andserved notice to the members of the village who had converted toChristianity.The notice of resolution put upat the village gate in Manipuriread: “No Christian activities likeprayer, worship, singing andpreaching is allowed withinChingmeirong Kabui villageWard No. 173, any living personviolating this order will bepunished under the rules andregulation of the village council -by order village council/villagechief, Chingmeirong.” Under thisresolution, members of the villagedestroyed church building andChristian homes.On April 3, 2008, theChingmeirong Kabui villagecouncil served notice to oneKaphun Kamei and his wife of thesame village a fine (of large sizedpig and Rs 5000 according to“customary law”) and asked toleave the village. When KaphunKamei and his family refused to,the villagers attacked anddestroyed his home and churchbuilding at his private compoundon December 14, 2008.The case was reported to localpolice and seven of the accusedwere arrested but later released onbail.Since then, neither the policenor the Manipur government hastaken any action to book theculprits.The All India Christian Councilsubmitted a memorandum to thechief secretary of Manipur onDecember 17, 2008 to look intothe matter of unconstitutionalrules and regulation made by theChingmeirong Kabui village. Thevillage’s resolution violates basicfundamental rights providedunder the Constitution of India.When Manipur Governmentdid not respond, Christian councilwrote to the National Commissionfor Minorities on February 2,2009.The commission then wrote tothe chief secretary of Manipur onJuly 7, 2010 and sought responsewhy action was not taken toagainst the perpetuators and justice to the victims.

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