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TNPSC Epidemiology

TNPSC Epidemiology

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Published by karthivisu2009

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Published by: karthivisu2009 on Oct 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. Disease accounting is best done by estimatinga). Predictive value b). Antibody assay
c). Rates and ratios
d). Frequency of occurrence2. Disease and causal factors are examples of a). Determinants
b). Variables
c). Statistical analysisd). Risk factors3. In a herd of 120 deer, 75 have diarrhea and vomiting within the last 24 hours. All theanimals were normal 48 hours ago. The most likely source for the outbreak is:
a). Exposure to a common source
b). An infection propagated in the herd and spread from animal to animalc). A change in the diet of younger animalsd). None of the above4. Early detection (e.g. through screening programs) designed to minimize the health andeconomic effects of diseases in a population is known asa). Primary prevention
b). Secondary prevention
c). Tertiary preventiond). All the above5. The length of a quarantine period in disease control is based on thea). Duration of communicability of the diseaseb). Duration of agent shedding (patent period)
c). Incubation period
d). None of the above6. The ability of a screening test to correctly identify individuals in a population that are trulyfree of disease (nondiseased) is a measure of the test’sa). Sensitivity
b). Specificity
c). Reliabilityd). None of the above7. Time series analysis is used to detect
a). Temporal trends
b). Spatial trendsc). False changes in morbidity & mortalityd). None of the above8. Surveillance is referred asa). Intensive follow up b). Monitoring
c). Active disease accounting process
d). Survey9. The species or environment in which pathogenic organisms are maintained and uponwhich the organisms depend for survival is called asa). Clinical carriersb). Vectorsc). Incubatory carriers
d). Reservoir
 10. Etiologic epidemiology primarily concerned with
a). Establishing causal association with environmentb). Forecasting possible causes of a disease
c). Agent – host relationship
d). Identification of an infectious agent1. Outbreak of disease that occurs irregularly and haphazardly is known as
a). Sporadic
b). Endemicc). Epidemic d). Pandemic2. Practical multidisciplinary coordination to evolve strategies for disease and / orhealth management is referred asa). Clinical epidemiologyb). Analytical epidemiologyc
). Applied epidemiology
d). General epidemiology3. “Test and slaughter” is a control procedure employed most beneficially in a disease
a). That is spreading rapidly through a population
b). In which 50% of the cattle population may be infectedc). With a low prevalence and for which a sensitive and specific diagnostic testexists.d). None of the above4. Iatrogenic infection meansa). Hospital-borne infectionb). Infection by ingestion
c). Doctor induced infection
d). Infection
5. Tertiary prevention is known asa). Preventionb). Control
c). Vaccination
c). Treatment6. Latent incubation period is the period between infection and shedding of the organismsand is usually _____________ the incubation period.a). Shorter than
b). Longer than
c). Equal to d). b & c are correct7. If organisms undergo multiplication process in a vehicle, then the type of transmission istermed as
a). Propagative transmission
b). Mechanical transmissionc). Developmental transmissiond). Cyclopropagative transmission8. Epidemiological diagnosis concerned with
a). Whole herd
b). Diseased individual animalc). Dead animalsd). The population at risk9. If epidemiology deals with a disease which is still in latency, then it is referred as

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