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Starfish Files - House Church Magazine - Fall 2010

Starfish Files - House Church Magazine - Fall 2010

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Published by Rad Zdero
Starfish Files House Church Magazine - Fall 2010
Starfish Files House Church Magazine - Fall 2010

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Published by: Rad Zdero on Oct 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SepT - DeC 2010 (N.9)
From mega ChurCh To meTa(BeyoND) ChurChCroSS CaNaDa CheCk–up
kiCkiN’ iT olD SChool
with Madame Guyon
CaNaDa’S houSe ChurCh magaziNe 
The ChurCh WiThouT WallS:The STory oF“home ChurCh CaNaDa”WomeN iN The early ChurCh?
aND muCh more...
www.scribd.com/rzderostarfish files
The miSSioN?
To see the kingdom o God established in our cities, regions, andnation, by linking arms as a relational, intentional, and missionalnetwork o house churches, that develop and deploy every believerin Christ as they impact others.
The STarFiSh FileS?
Starfsh line the shores o the world’s beaches. Chop o an arm,and a new one grows to take its place. Tear a starfsh in hal, andyou’ll soon have two starfsh on your hands. A torn-o limb can even become a brand new starfsh. And what’s more, they populate by releasing hundreds o thousands, and sometimes millions, o eggsin just a ew hours. Just like the house church movement throughthe ages. An estimated 300,000 new house churches have started between 1998 and 2006. And this doesn’t include China’s 80 to 100million house church believers or Latin America’s 1 million BasicChristian Communities in 2007. It’s also taking root in Canada.Enter the Starfsh Files. The magazine’s goal is to inspire, inorm,and interconnect the house churches across Canada and beyond.
The Team?
Editor, Rad Zdero, rzdero@yahoo.ca Designer, Jason Stacey, jason@yellowcanarydesign.comPrint Producer, Kyle Bultman, synkros.org 
Send your writings, suggestions, and photos to Rad Zdero (editor),c/o The Starfsh Files, P.O. Box 39528, Lakeshore P.O., Mississauga,ON, Canada, L5G 4S6, or by email to rzdero@yahoo.ca 
FiNaNCial DoNaTioNS?
Non-tax-deductible cheques can be made out to “The StarfshNetwork” with “Starfsh Files” in memo line.
FaiTh STaTemeNT?
Our team agrees with historic Christian statements like the ApostlesCreed and the Nicene Creed. However, we do not necessarily endorse every particular belie held by individual contributing authors to this magazine.
priNT ruN aND eleCTroNiC CopieS?
Publication is 3 times yearly—winter, spring/summer, and all. A limited print run is available or each issue. Print copies can also bepurchased at
(click on “Starfsh Files” on bottomlet menu). Electronic versions are available ree online at
, and
From mega ChurCh To meTa(BeyoND) ChurCh
CroSS CaNaDa CheCk-up
The ChurCh WiThouT WallS:The STory oF“home ChurCh CaNaDa”
reClaimiNg ourraDiCal rooTS
kiCkiN’ iT olD SChool
with Madame Guyon
WomeN iN The early ChurCh?
greaT CommiSSioNexempTioN Form
revoluTioN komix
emBraCiNg houSe ChurCheSaND TraDiTioNal ChurCheS
hope, FaiTh, aND WellS
www.scribd.com/rzderostarfish files
From mega ChurCh To meTa(BeyoND) ChurCh
21 STepS To TraNSiTioN From BeiNg a BarreN ChurCh To a millioNaire oF Soul
Victor Choudhrie is a cancer surgeon by profession. He is a Senior Fellow of the American and British Collegesof Surgeons. He left his medical work in 1992 to take up a full-time church planting ministry in central India. His wife, Bindu, is also in a full-time church planting ministry, equipping women to be house church leaders and trainers. They now have disciples making disciples in some 40 countries. In the year from Pentecost 2009 to Pentecost 2010, over 1 million people were baptized through their ministry partners. Many grassroots leaders havebeen trained, who have subsequently planted tens of thousands of house churches across India and abroad. Victor’sbooks include The Ekklesia: The Church In Your House, The Apostolic Gardens, The Prayer Warrior, Teaching Cards, and From Mega Church to Meta (Beyond) Church soon to be published. Electronic copies of his books areavailable for $10 U.S. via PayPal. Contact: GreetTheEkklesia@gmail.com
1. reWriTe The JoBDeSCripTioN oFproFeSSioNal Clergy
rom a pulpit orator, sacrament dispens-er and tithe gatherer, to a shepherd whoeeds his ock to be healthy and reproduc-ing, by encouraging them to practice thepriesthood o all believers with authority to baptize, break bread and equip fsherso men. He or she must model a at churchstructure wherein brothers and sisterssubmit to one another, pray one or anoth-er, serve one another, exhort, orgive andlove each other. John 13:34,35; Matt.18:21-22; Eph. 5:21.
2. move From meeTiNg iNTempleS To gaTheriNg iN‘houSeS oF peaCe’
‘God does not dwell in temples made by human hands’; rather He dwells in hu-man hearts. For we are the mobile walk-ing and talking temples o the living God, with a maximum o organism and
a minimum o organization. Luke 10:5-9;Matt. 10:11-13; Acts 7:48-49; 2 Cor.6:16.
3. phaSe ouT programmeDSuNDay ‘ServiCeS’ WhileimplemeNTiNg iNFormal,Small gaTheriNgS.
The Bride o Christ must have intimacy  with her Lord every day, not only or a couple o hours a week, lest she becomeunaithul. However, discourage cross-gender disciple-making, lest chemistry ouls things up. Acts 2:46-47; Heb. 3:13.
4. replaCe moSaiC TiThiNgWiTh ChriSTiaN ShariNg,
thereby harnessing the enormous, inan-cial resources, hospitality and goodwillavailable in Christian homes. Believethat God is going to work a work among the nations through you which will leaveyou utterly amazed, and also provide re-sources or it. Deut. 8:17-18; Acts 5:32-34;Hab.1:5.
5. DiSpeNSe WiTh WaFer-aND-Sip holy CommuNioN ServiCeS,aND promoTe BreakiNg oFBreaD WiTh Simple agapemealS (love FeaSTS)
rom house to house that believers taketogether with glad hearts, so the Lordcan add to His numbers daily. The Lordserved roast lamb, bitter herbs, bread and wine ‘in a house’ or the Last Supper. Fa-ther God had lunch with Abraham undera tree and discussed Sarah’s pregnancy,Sodom’s ruin and Lot’s rescue plan. Acts2:46,47; 1 Cor.11:20-23; Gen. 18.
6. replaCe proFeSSioNalmuSiC WiTh BelieverSSpeakiNg To eaCh oTher
in psalms and spiritual songs, making melody in their hearts to the Lord. OT worship required the sacriice o our-ooted beasts, the NT celebrates by oer-ing two-legged Gentiles as a living sac-
www.scribd.com/rzderostarfish files

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