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Durga Puja Speech

Durga Puja Speech

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Published by korav
This is about the hidden meanings and teachings underlying the stories associated with goddess durga and with the durga puja. Enjoy.
This is about the hidden meanings and teachings underlying the stories associated with goddess durga and with the durga puja. Enjoy.

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Published by: korav on Oct 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Essence of Durgà Puja
or the Cosmic Active Power or Energy has, in Hindu scriptures, beendepicted as a mother because a mother is the giver of life and sustenance to her offspring. Shakti as
is the
Cosmic Original Energy
Source of Existence and Potentialities
. Adishakti is Absolute Original Power fromwhich everything emerges and into which everything merges back. Original heremeans that which has no origin. She is also the Power of Creation, Preservation,Destruction, Ignorance, Projection, Absorption, Elevation, Grace and Illumination.She is power of matter, energy, life, action, knowledge, ignorance, will, desire,instincts, consciousness, unconsciousness, sub-consciousness and super-consciousness. She is in fact the embodiment of all knowable and imaginable powers(both positive/constructive and negative/destructive) in the whole universe and still beyond knowledge and imagination. She is the Supreme Ruler and Goddess of thewhole Universe (
). These aspects have been depicted by the Devi’s multiples hands, weapons, and sitting on the king of animals. She is theOne Power controlling and subjugating the all the different spheres such as thegeosphere, the biosphere, the psychosphere as well as the spirituosphere.Everactive Adishakti or Prakriti has a hidden immutable dimension called Purusha or Shiva or Nàràyana or Brahman. These twin dimensions are inseparable because inessence they are One and Non-dual. They are like fire and light or fire and heat.
In the Devi Mahatmyam of Màrkandeya Purana, the glories and prowess of Shakti areexemplified and chanted. She is called
(Supreme Immeasurable Power which no other power could counter),
(Cosmic Slumber or Night wherethere is no creation),
(Cosmic Illusion Power which makes the universe possible, the Cause of all causes).Her Nature is considered as uncreated, original. Her Form is embodied as theuniverse, which she pervades and sustains. Her Function is to accomplish the purposeof the Devas, the cosmic forces acting in accordance with Cosmic Design. Her abodeis
, that is, She is Active Power dwelling in the seeing of Supreme Being, the One who remains after dissolution of everything (haram) byShakti. During cosmic dissolution, She assumes the Power of Cosmic Absoption or Deep Sleep (
) overpowering the awareness of the Supreme Being andduring cosmic actualisation (day of Brahmà), She is
, the All-pervadingCosmic Power. She is the Shakti which activates the Supreme Being’s will for cosmicmanifestation and She is the Shakti which symbolically puts the Supreme Being tosleep. Such is the significance of 
. Everything happens through Her, theCosmic Power, or the Energy Aspect of the Life. It has been said that without Shakti,Being is impotent and without Being, Shakti is barren.To illustrate Shakti’s power and significance, the Chandee relates three main episodes:the slaying of Madhu/Kaitabha, the destruction of Mahishàsura, and the elimination of Shumbha/Nishumbha.
According to the legend, when Brahmà appeared in the lotus emerging from the navelof Vishnu, who was still under the influence of 
, two fierce demons calledMadhu and Kaitabha emerged from the ears of Vishnu (when one is immersed insleep, one’s ears are naturally impervious to sound and Sound stands for Creation or Brahmà). These demons, who are the tamasic aspects of Shakti, represent the forcescreating obstacles to the process of creation or creativity. Hence the fear of Brahmà,the one responsible for creation. Moreover, without the ordering effect of Vishnu’slook 
(Ikshàna Kriya
), there could be no proper organisation of creation at all. ThusBrahmà invoked the power of Yoganidrà to withdraw from Hari’s eyes so that thecreation project could proceed without impediment and chaos. The Shaktiimmediately released Vishnu from her self-absorption power; Vishnu,who instantlyrecovered His intelligence and power, then playfully and craftily (through Shakti’sPower of Delusion) killed both demons. This episode shows how even the CosmicBeing is overpowerd by the Devi, His own Power.
(Mahishàsura-mardanam)According to this legend, a great demon called Mahisha launched an attack on thegodly forces (forces of nature in Heaven) with a view to taking over control of theworldly affairs and creating a chaotic world design. The gods, forces of unity,harmony and expansion, ran to the Trinity (Shakti in three higher aspects) for succour.Then, all the gods and the three great Gods concentrated and combined their energies,which manifested as
, the Supreme Terrible Power. She then vanquished

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