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Newsletter Xxxx[2]

Newsletter Xxxx[2]

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Published by Nancy Barker
October, Novermber, December 2010 Newsletter of GMCAA Help Me Grow
October, Novermber, December 2010 Newsletter of GMCAA Help Me Grow

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Nancy Barker on Oct 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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October 1, 2010Volume 5, Issue 1
GMCAA Help Me Grow Newsletter
Playing with your child is one of themost important ways you can helpfoster
your child’s
development. Noneed for fancy toys or expensive
equipment. You are your child’s favorite
toy! Playing with your child will grantyou many rewards as your child willemit squeals of laughter and joy, allwhile learning valuable skills.There are a few rules you, as theparent need to know. Safety first! Make
sure toys don’t have pieces that could
come off and be swallowed. Get downon the floor and see what your childmight be able to reach. Do you see anydangling cords or open outlets? Whenyour child starts moving they will beexploring everything. Exploring throughplay is how they learn. Baby proofing
your child’s play areas now will mean a
lot less no-
no’s you will have to say
w your child’s lead. They will tell
you what is interesting to them. Whenyour child sees your reaction in herdiscoveries they will want play moreand more. Remember, playing is theway they learn! Playing with your babyis also a great stress reliever andcreates good memories for the both of you. Play is truly the work of your child.Next, remember your child is unique.Each child develops at his or her ownpace. Your child may have special skills
Your Are Your Child's Favorite Toy
Your Child's Social-Emotional Development
In the first 3 years of your child’s life,
developing important emotional and socialabilities will evolve in small steps makingway for later school success. Abilities suchas showing empathy, giving and receivinglove, making friends, waiting patiently,and enjoying the company of others, andmany more, describe healthy social-emotional development.
or needs. Watch carefully to seewhat your child is trying to do. Helpthem just enough that they manageto reach their objective or if theyhave accomplished the task showthem the next step. Give lots of praise and celebrate when your childaccomplishes the objective. You willbe rewarded with big smiles and lotsof baby talk.The benefits of parent and child playare enormous. As you talk to yourchild they learn the sounds of wordsand the rhythm of language. Eyecontact and back and forthconversation fosters communicationskills. Cause and effect is discoveredwhen your child copies your exampleand they too make the toy work.Your child perfects hand and eyecoordination as he reaches for theobject in your hand. They see colors,feel textures, smell different smellsand even taste the object, allowingall his senses to develop.
Help Me Grow can assist you as aparent, to develop these all importantskills in your child. Help Me Growutilizes the research based Parent's AsTeachers curriculum and severalscreening and assessment tools to seeif your child is developing at a normalrate. If a problem is found Help MeGrow can help you find the resourcesfor assistance in helping your childcatch up to their peers. If you have
concerns about your child’s
development, you may want to consult
with the child’s Health Care Provider
and/or contact Help Me Grow at 740-992-5266.
GMCAA Executive Director, Tom ReedGMCAA Planner/Help Me Grow Director, Teresa Varian
Upcoming Events
The following dates aretentative. Please check for cancellations and changes.Please call 992-5266 and register if you will beattending any of theactivities!
October 2010
Trick or Treat atOverbrookMonday, October 25th @2:00pm. Call to register
November 2010
Make it and Take it CraftDay November 17
10amto 11:30amGMCAA closed November25
and 26
December 17th 2010
Breakfast with Santa atRio Grande UniversityMeeting Room 10:00 am -12:00pm. Call to register.
Carving a pumpkin can be dangerousand too difficult for preschoolers to dobut most preschool children still wantto participate in Halloween themedactivities. Painting pumpkins is agreat alternative that allowspreschoolers to use their imaginationssafely.You will need a small pumpkin that iseasy for your child to hold, non-toxicpaint and brushes, newspaper, paperplates and an old tee shirt that covers
the child’s clothes.
Pumpkin Painting and DecoratingOctober Activities
Prune your to-dolist Cut your gift list Wrap as you go
Buy, don’t bake
 Call or send emails
don’t send cards
 Scale back on thedecorationsCut the clean-a-thonUse paper plates! Fix finger foods, not a feast Stay home! 
10 Simplicity Strategies for aStress-FreeChristmasSeason
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Spread out the newspaper inoverlapping layers so the paint
doesn’t seep through to the surface
you are working on. Put severalcolors of non-toxic paint on paperplates. Then let your child paint thepumpkin however they want. (youmay want to paint some to look liketraditional Jack-o-Lanterns)When the pumpkins have dried youcan use them to decorate your entryway or inside your home.You could add some additionaldecorations to their pumpkins bygluing on a different craft supplies.Plastic googley eyes make a funaddition to the painted pumpkins asdo sequins, glitter, and foam shapes.Let your imaginations go wild. Evenbody parts to a Mr. Potato Head couldbe used to create a unique Jack-o-lantern.
GMCAA Help Me Grow Quarterly Newsletter
November Activities
rc or treatng at verroo
Help Me Grow will be Trick or Treatingat Overbrook Nursing Home on Monday,October 25th. The residents love seeingthe children all decked out in theircostumes and the children lovereceiving the candy from them.
Overbrook is located at 333 Page Streetin Middleport. We will meeting in thecafeteria at 2:00pm
and then will
walkdown the hall to where the residentsare waiting for us to Trick or Treat.Light refreshments will be served and aplastic pumpkin full of goodies will begiven to the children. Pictures will betaken of the children in their Halloweencostumes. Your Service Coordinator/Home Visitor will bring them on yournext scheduled visit or you can call theoffice to pick them up.Please call 992-5266 or 1-866-219-0110 to register so we can be sure eachchild gets a treat!Help Me Grow will be offering a make Itand Take It Craft Workshop for you andyour child on November 17
from10:00 am until 11:30 am.This Plaster of Paris Hand or footprintornament is a must-have keepsake forall parents and grandparents. Yourolder children will be amazed when theylook at their ornaments from year toyear and see their hand growing bigger.HMG will provide all materials, a lightsnack and door prizes. One luckywinner will receive a Speedway gascard.If you would like to attend please callthe office at 992-5266 or 1-866-219-0110 to register.
Santa iscoming! Come join usFriday December 17 
 at Rio GrandeCenter meeting roomfrom 10:00amuntil 12:00pmRegister toreceive a free picture withSanta and giftsfor the littleones.Call 992-5266or 1-866-219-0110 toregister 
Page 3 of 4GMCAA Help Me Grow Quarterly Newsletter
Breakfast with Santa
GMCAA Help Me Grow will sponsorour 5
annual Breakfast with Santaon Friday, December 17
12:00 PM at t RioGrande Meigs Center 42377 CharlesChancey Drive in Pomeroy, Ohio.Santa will make an appearance totalk with the children as they gettheir picture taken. A small gift will
be given to each child enrolled inHelp Me Grow.
December Activities
Please give us a call at 992-5266 or1-866-219-0110 and tell us howmany children and adults you willbe bringing so we can be sureSanta has enough goodies foreveryone.If you know of any churches, clubsor organizations that would like todonate to help out with the cost of this event please have them contactus at 992-5266.Here are two fun finger plays thatyou can do with your toddler thatteaches body part names.Thumbs maybe a little hard atfirst to get into position to wigglebut as they do this over time itwill help build the musclesrequired to wiggle their thumbs.There are a lot of other bodyparts to wiggle that will makethem giggle. This can be donesitting down or standing. Whenthey are sitting use the hands togo around each other in a circle.If you are standing up they cantwirl around.
My Thumbs are starting toWiggle
Sung to the Tune: “The Bear Went Over the Mountain”
My thumbs are starting to wiggle.My thumbs are starting to wiggleMy thumbs are starting to wiggle,Around, around, around.Second verseMy hands are starting to wiggleEtc.Continue with other body partshead, arms and legs until you arewiggling all over.
Fun Learning Songs
Another whole body exercise tolearn body parts is:Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.To learn the tune go here:
Point to each body part as you sayit. The faster you go the funnier itgets.
Head, Shoulders, Knees andToes
Head, shoulders, knees and toes,knees and toesHead, shoulders, knees and toes,knees and toesAnd eyes and ears and mouth toes,knees and toes and noseHead, shoulders, knees and toes,knees and toes(Repeat, getting faster each time)

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