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How to Remove Gallstones Naturally

How to Remove Gallstones Naturally



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Categories:Types, Recipes/Menus
Published by: Richard Bersola Estonilo on Jul 09, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I was diagnosed with multiple (actually three) gallstones two and a half yearsago, and was scheduled for an operation to remove my gallbladder. However, Iwas very scared of operation and something inside me felt something was notright for me to have a gallbladder surgery. So I asked another doctor for a secondopinion. He gave me medicines to lessen and if possible to take away thestomach pains and nausea. The medicines are also supposed to help melt andeventually eliminate the stones. But since I did not strictly followed the doctor’sdietary regimen that should accompany the medicines, the pain and crampingsensations I feel in my stomach area especially on my right side did not go away,instead it became more painful. And the stones became bigger. During this wholeperiod of time I went back about 5 times to get an ultrasound so that I can checkif my stones are getting smaller or if they are still in the gallbladder. One of our neighbors was rushed to the hospital and was immediately operated because her gallstones went to her intestines. I have also read that there are cases thatgallstones go to the liver and cause much damage. One day, somebody sent anemail in my husband’s cellphone on removing gallstones naturally by Dr. LaiChui-Nan, we didn’t even know who sent it. I wanted to try it right away but myhusband had second thoughts about it but I asked him not to erase the message.So again I waited for several months more to pass. However when the pain in mystomach became unbearable and the attacks became longer I againremembered the email message on his cellphone. And this time the pain was notonly in my stomach area but also my back was already affected, I was having ahard time sitting in one position for more than 15 minutes. I searched the internetfor natural cure to take away my gallstones. There are many sites that publishmethods on how to remove gallstones without undergoing surgery. Some of themare listed below. There are even some sites that ask payment to share themethod. I was encouraged by some of the testimonials from people who havetried it and was successfully able to take out their gallstones. I have read severaldifferent methods and the two common ingredients in almost all the methods wasolive oil and apple juice. There are some who recommend taking Epsom salt butI cannot take the taste of it. I revised some parts of the methods and I came upwith my own method from the different methods I have read with little variationsand combinations here and there.My Gallstone Removal MethodThe cleansing method I did requires 7 days to complete. For the first six (6) daysdrink 4 – 5 glasses of apple juice or more. Remember that the more apple juiceyou drink during this period the softer your gallstones will become. Use 100%pure apple juice and look for the organic kind. It is best if you make freshlysqueezed apple juice yourself. Try to lessen your dairy product and meat intakeduring these days.On the 7th day, just drink juice and water for the whole day. Stop taking anything
including liquids starting 6:00 pm. Mix 1.5 cup of extra virgin olive oil with 3/4 cupof freshly squeezed lemon juice. At 7:30 pm start drinking the mixture. You mayopt to drink it all right away or divide the mixture into 4 or 6 portions or more anddrink each part after every 20 minutes. I opted to divide the mixture and drink itpartially until I finished all of it. As soon as you have drank any, lie on your rightside and avoid any more movements. You may sit up to drink the next portion butlie down right away as you finished taking the mixture. When you feel nauseatedafter taking a portion of the mixture, you may sip very little pineapple juice or honey of about 1/8 of a teaspoon or smaller portion to lessen the aftertaste of themixture in your tongue. But it is better to try and drink the mixture alone. It is bestto drink all of the mixture without a sip of pineapple juice or honey but if youcannot finish all of it, try to drink as much as you can.When I woke up the following morning I found green and greenish yellow stones,which are said to be gallstones, with my stool. I have passed 12 to 15 pieces of stones although there are only three stones indicated in my ultrasound. After mycleanse, I have noticed increased vigor and vitality in me. The stomach pains,back pains and nausea I experience everyday before my cleanse went away.WARNING: This method may not work for everybody. It is best to consult adoctor.
How to Remove Gallstones from our Body Naturally
Diseases of the gallbladder and biliary tract are common, often painful conditionsthat usually require surgery and may be life threatening. They includecholelithiasis, cholangitis, cholecystitis, cholesterolosis, biliary cirrhosis, andgallstone ileus and are often associated with deposition of calculi andinflammation. The gallbladder stores the bile salts and the cholesterol made inthe liver. Bile salts are then discharge from the gallbladder into the intestine tohelp digest fats. These bile salts are "soapy" substances. They are produced inresponse to the amount of fat in the diet requiring digestion. Sometimes, thesesalts can become stones within the gallbladder itself; the stones often containsubstantial amounts of cholesterol. The stones cause local inflammation; if themuscular gallbladder tries to expel them, blockage of the bile ducts by the stonemay cause pain, additional inflammation, or jaundice (yellowing).Two risk factors for gallbladder disease increase by sixth to eight times. Theseare (1) heavy intake of saturated fat and cholesterol in the diet, which increasesbile salt production, and (2) being overweight. Obesity not only greatly increasesthe frequency of the condition, but it also makes surgery to correct it more difficultand more hazardous.As a nurse, we gather more information, read, and study more about the disease.After surgery treatment, what we can do was to monitor patients' vital signs andmeasure drainage daily which normally 200 to 300ml. Normally, surgery is atreatment of choice but there are other treatments I could suggest such as low-fatdiet; vitamin K; and during the attack, insertion of nasogastric tube and I.V. line.However, several months ago, I received an email from one of my friends. Sherelated to me about an incredible experience of her friend named
, whocomplained of frequent severe stomach pains every seven in the morning..Sometimes, the pain also occurs at night. One evening, her husband had to rushher to the nearest hospital because she was practically on the floor grimacing inpain.When they reached at the hospital, the doctors could not tell what was wrongwith her.This event prompted the couple to seek an Internal Medicine Specialist After several extensive and expensive tests, they found that she had many stones inher gallbladder. The doctor wanted to schedule an operation to remove thestones at the soonest possible time. It was cited that the removal of the stonewas the only remedy to relieve her from daily painful attacks.Seeing his wife suffered from severe pain almost made him give in to thedoctors'recommendation until a friend told them that there is a natural way of removing gall stones without cutting someone's belly. The procedure was written

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