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I was a bad Kid - Iwasabadkid.com Tales of my deceitful youth- (revised)

I was a bad Kid - Iwasabadkid.com Tales of my deceitful youth- (revised)

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Published by Ryan Zimmerman
I did a ton of stupid things as a kid--- so here is where i shall share them
I did a ton of stupid things as a kid--- so here is where i shall share them

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Published by: Ryan Zimmerman on Oct 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I was a bad kid. I honestly was a bad kid. I never was a bully per se and didn’t beatup kids for sucking at four square. I didn’t kick puppies or steal the nerdy kids’ Trapper Keepers. I was just devious and was way too crafty for a kid who had yet tohit puberty. I knew more about deception when I was 8 years old than otherchildren knew about their Cabbage Patch Kids. I was a master at it. Some kids areborn with the ability to excel at math or be chosen first at kickball. My “gift” was thepower of manipulation and I used it often. I have always wanted to be an author, soI am going to start my trek to being published by starting my own blog atiwasabadkid.com and share my stories. My current list of stories to share include“How I got my Nintendo”, “How I sabotaged my mother’s cooking”, “How I tried toget my mom arrested” and many more. So download, read, “like”,bookmark….anything to help a struggling writer! And sit back and thank God youdon’t have kids like me. If karma is truly a bitch, then I expect to meet the devilhimself in about ten years when my girls are teenagers.So now I begin the tales of my youth. I wanted to share one of my most notoriousvictories of all time. It was the summer of 1986 and when I wasn’t tight rolling my jeans or trying to craft my Eastland shoes’ laces into those stupid spirals, I waseither listening to my extensive collection of cassingles or playing video games. Ifricking loved video games. I loved them like Joanie loved Chachi, and I could spendhours in front of my Colecovision hammering away on the classics. The way I canexplain the Colecovision for those of you who weren’t familiar with it is that it was,in cartoon semantics, “The Snorks”, while Atari was “The Smurfs”. They were bothout at the same time, but one got a lot more attention than the other…. However,the latter rocked just as much! I could fire up Qbert, Frogger, Donkey Kong ANDDonkey Kong Jr, baby!! It was that proverbial apple of my eye…..that is, until myfriend Charlie down the street got a Nintendo 8 bit gaming system for his birthday. The Nintendo was glorious. It truly was a revolution in gaming and for a kid thatwould beg his parents for quarters to play Moon Patrol at the local pizzeria, it was aGodsend. I watched my friend Charlie insert some game I had never heard of called“Super Mario Brothers” and switch on the game system. I figured how lame couldthis game be? It was about some plumbers and it even came WITH the Nintendosystem….like they were just trying to get rid of it like some prize in a cereal box.Oh, how I was so wrong. It was a side scrolling adventure that never seemed to end!Mario would jump over and squash little turtles and goomba thingies. He’d even eatmushrooms and get bigger and sometimes, if you stumbled across a coveted fireflower, you could shoot fireballs out of his frickin’ hands! Before I even had my turn,I had made up my mind that I had to get one of these Nintendo systems. MyColecovision had helped me through some tough times, but it was time to retirethat archaic system and move on to the new generation of gaming.I sprinted home as fast as my Kangaroo zipper shoes would take me, threw openthe garage door, and made a beeline right to my dad. Out of breath, I coughed outwhat sounded something like a drunken

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