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Published by Tengri
Hmongtalk logs
Hmongtalk logs

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Published by: Tengri on Oct 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Session Start: Tue Aug 30 00:00:06 2005
Session Ident: #hmongtalk
[00:00] * @AsIaNgOdDeSs says i never said anything to u, so stop it or ull be re
[00:00] <missy_from_frez> hey then thats discrimating...pity when its ur own kin
[00:00] <hwjchim> ok i guess they wwere looking for mature but straight only
[00:00] <Driftin>2lol asian
[00:00] <hwjchim> dangit
[00:00] * @AsIaNgOdDeSs says u started it, i was minding my own business
[00:00] * ms_shady wondering why mango is ignoring her
[00:00] <Driftin>2flex that power
[00:00] <Got_Abz>2AG is an op?
[00:00] * @AsIaNgOdDeSs says missy, dont start shiet with me, wen i ddint with u
[00:00] <Guest81139> l
[00:00] * Quits: Mich_Xyooy_Boi (java@=UXkcj44531177zno.stclco01.mi.comcast.net)
(QUIT: User exited)
[00:01] <karehmoobgurlie> kare, i wot give u my number
[00:01] <karehmoobgurlie> sorrie
[00:01] <missy_from_frez> hey chat rooms are for chating interesting topics, etc
...free of speech
[00:01] * Guest85303 is now known as Staci_
[00:01] <Staci_> hi im back!
[00:01] * Joins: QaumNtujTubTxib (Blah_@=Wfu-88-45-43-11.hsd1.ca.comcast.net)
[00:01] <karehmoobgurlie> yah i know huh missy form frez
[00:01] <Staci_> aww guess no one cares
[00:01] <@AsIaNgOdDeSs> hi paul
[00:01] * Guest78186 is now known as hlubakaj
[00:01] <@AsIaNgOdDeSs> wb staci
[00:01] <QaumNtujTubTxib> hi AG
[00:01] * Quits: pheng (java@=R1ogeo-86-775-97-371.dsl.milwwi.ameritech.net) (QU
IT: User exited)
[00:01] <@AsIaNgOdDeSs> i care dork
[00:01] * Staci_ cries a million rivers
[00:01] * Guest81139 is now known as Julia`V
[00:01] <Staci_> aww
[00:01] <Staci_> thanks ag
[00:01] * @AsIaNgOdDeSs says missy, shall i direct u to hmongpride where theres
only little kids like urself??
[00:01] <Driftin>2welcome staci
[00:01] * Quits: GURL-N-NEED-LOVE (JAVA@=brDXGZQR11.ipt.aol.com) (Connection res
et by peer)
[00:01] <Staci_> thanks driftin
[00:01] * Joins: GURL-N-NEED-LOVE (JAVA@=brDXGZQR11.ipt.aol.com)
[00:02] * Quits: karehmoobgurlie (java@=aHFEJAK904.ipt.aol.com) (QUIT: User exit
[00:02] <hwjchim> wasup Staci_ my lah
[00:02] <Staci_> my what?
[00:02] <Staci_> thanks
[00:02] <Got_Abz>2the keyboard support broke...
[00:02] <Staci_> hi abz
[00:02] <missy_from_frez> i noticed hmong chat lines are so discriminating when
it comes to feedback..we ddnt go to school just to be more ignorant
[00:02] * Quits: hmong_professor (java@=GJ09.104.59.98.ptr.us.xo.net) (QUIT: Use
r exited)
[00:02] <Got_Abz>2hi..
[00:03] <Staci_> humm no hate people
[00:03] <Got_Abz>2stupid cheap computer desktop
[00:03] * Guest81848 is now known as Nkauj
[00:03] <QaumNtujTubTxib> The shutter is spooky
[00:03] <missy_from_frez> hey im a lilo kid? woman, whos cussing? u or me?
[00:03] <Staci_> hummm
[00:03] * @AsIaNgOdDeSs says look here missy, i was not cussin...i was jux telli
n u how it is
[00:03] <Driftin>2<===went to skool to be racist lol
[00:04] * @AsIaNgOdDeSs says u must be new to hmongtalk....its okies, ull learn
[00:04] <ms_shady>12 hrms...chick FIGHT!
[00:04] * @AsIaNgOdDeSs says missy, ur lucky im in a good mood tonite...o/w i wo
uldve removed u already
[00:04] <ms_shady>12 lols
[00:04] <Got_Abz>2fight with them shady
[00:04] * Joins: NC_704 (hey@=lVyrjx-2o4h00z.cable.mindspring.com)
[00:04] <missy_from_frez> i dont know y ur all fired up for? im just giving u fe
edbacks. u think ur so damn tuff cause ur a damn op.
[00:04] <Staci_> haha
[00:04] <Got_Abz>2i just wanna see girls fight..
[00:04] <Staci_> what feedback?
[00:04] <Got_Abz>2jump in staci..
[00:04] <Staci_> haha abz!
[00:04] * Quits: dasa (Sadness@=6ui-46-430-111-147.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) (QUIT: U
ser exited)
[00:04] <Staci_> im a peace keeper
[00:05] <+PeeOnMee> WB staci
[00:05] * Joins: Guest80052 (java@=bUUHYPV381.ipt.aol.com)
[00:05] <Staci_> hehe
[00:05] <Staci_> thanks pee!
[00:05] <Got_Abz>2peace keeper my ass...
[00:05] <Staci_> abz i am!
[00:05] <missy_from_frez> peeps gets so damn offended cause of a negative feebac
k or comments.
[00:05] <ms_shady>12 hrms...someone gonna get KICKED!
[00:05] <Staci_> abz do u have aa?
[00:05] * Guest80052 is now known as `kAyLa
[00:05] * @AsIaNgOdDeSs says missy, remember that u started this i was doin my o
wn thing...think bouts it
[00:05] <Got_Abz>2no
[00:05] <Staci_> what was the feedback?
[00:05] <@AsIaNgOdDeSs> kayla!!! muaks
[00:05] <Got_Abz>2do you?
[00:05] * Joins: Guest84069 (java@=R1wrd-38-202-702-719.dsl.scrm01.pacbell.net)
[00:05] <`kAyLa> hi agggggggggggggggg
[00:05] <Staci_> kayla!
[00:05] <Staci_> abz!
[00:05] <Staci_> u dont?
[00:05] <Staci_> aww
[00:05] <Staci_> im sure u seen it abz
[00:05] <Got_Abz>2lemme see yours
[00:05] <`kAyLa> hi stacieeeeeeeeee
[00:05] <Staci_> hehe
[00:06] <Staci_> u have
[00:06] <Got_Abz>2lemme see, 'again' then
[00:06] <QaumNtujTubTxib> can we see some ass kicking...
[00:06] <missy_from_frez> i mean..think about it...main screen is for anyone to
jump in and start talking...even when its not directed toward me.
[00:06] <Staci_> http://members.asianavenue.com/cutie_girl_24
[00:06] <`kAyLa>33ag! what happen to our orgies
[00:06] <Guest79726> damn paul, youre in here every night now
[00:06] <Guest79726> ahah
[00:06] <QaumNtujTubTxib> lol
[00:06] <Got_Abz>2u haven't done anything new to it yet?
[00:06] <missy_from_frez> if you really did have common sense or something..you
privated chated.
[00:06] <Staci_> haha no!
[00:06] <QaumNtujTubTxib> i'm just in for the fight
[00:06] <`kAyLa>3hi kevin, even though u dont see me
[00:06] <Staci_> i dont take pictures too much
[00:06] <Staci_> haha
[00:06] <Got_Abz>2i'm blind..
[00:06] <Got_Abz>2i dont see a lot of things..
[00:06] <Staci_> meany!
[00:06] <Got_Abz>2hi kayla
[00:07] * Guest84069 is now known as Ntshav
[00:07] <`kAyLa>3yah i guess...and one of them is me
[00:07] * @AsIaNgOdDeSs says missy, look! this is only the net...sex topics and
other nasty topics are always on the main okay, if u hafnt notice...
[00:07] <ms_shady>12 sorrie mr hottie my pc not working!
[00:07] <NC_704> sup
[00:07] <Got_Abz>2Kayla, i'm sorry.. I said Hi
[00:07] <Staci_> what's got ya worked up girly?
[00:07] <missy_from_frez> i can read.
[00:07] * @AsIaNgOdDeSs kayla?? wats wrong with me talkin bouts guys dicks on th
e main?? dont we always talk bouts it?
[00:07] <@Hachi_Roku> nice song maiko .. it doesn't work
[00:07] <`kAyLa>3kevin ditto
[00:07] <Got_Abz>2Goddess, do you need your tushie squeezed??
[00:07] <Staci_> thanks haci!
[00:07] * Quits: HEY_U (lka_ke@=t508-176-13-89.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com) (QUIT:
User exited)
[00:07] <ms_shady>12 yeah...nasty is always the topic here!
[00:07] <ms_shady>12 lols
[00:07] <@AsIaNgOdDeSs> shalla kev...lol
[00:07] <Ntshav> nyob zoo Nkauj_Hmoob
[00:07] <Staci_> what it does!
[00:07] <`kAyLa>3yes its natural now ag
[00:07] <@Hachi_Roku> nope
[00:07] * @AsIaNgOdDeSs says u see missy, i told u.....
[00:07] <ms_shady>12 okies mango
[00:07] <@Hachi_Roku> it repeats the same thing
[00:07] <Staci_> haha
[00:07] * @AsIaNgOdDeSs says like i said, if u dont like it, dont pay attention
to it...
[00:08] <QaumNtujTubTxib> lts see some arse kicking!!!!! hurry....
[00:08] <Got_Abz>2you girls are hella nasty..
[00:08] <Staci_> yes we talk about anything
[00:08] <missy_from_frez> i said if u wanted to know..talk to ur doctor...check
out on a book..etc.or ask ur bf..if u got one..that u want t o see one
[00:08] <Staci_> jsut no swearing!
[00:08] <Got_Abz>2nasty girls... always talking about d1ck
[00:08] <`kAyLa>3ag
[00:08] <Got_Abz>2geez..
[00:08] * Joins: Guest85440 (java@=2Gq-71-415-485-099.hsd1.ca.comcast.net)
[00:08] * Quits: missy_from_frez (java@=iWx-38-500-20-89.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) (Q
UIT: User exited)
[00:08] <Staci_> haha she left
[00:08] * Quits: GURL-N-NEED-LOVE (JAVA@=brDXGZQR11.ipt.aol.com) (QUIT: User exi
[00:08] <Staci_> j/k

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