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Published by Tengri
psychic protection rough draft
psychic protection rough draft

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Published by: Tengri on Oct 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Psychic Self-Defense
The Psyche's Weak Points
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You will have become accustomed to the way in which random images vanish, and the
speed with which they vanish. Any image which is obstinate or which in some way doesn't
conform to type, may be considered suspect!
If difficulty arises, however, the important thing is that you DO banish the image.
In reality you would be safe if you could learn to disregard it simply, but where an image
has for you strong associations which either attract or repel, indifference is by no means
easy. Get rid of that image therefore, or visualize it turning into something else the
moment you become aware of it (which comes to the same thing), close down on any form
of psychism and practice the Tower of Light.
In many cases you need do no more. The rejected image can but return to its sender,
and what happens then will depend largely on the sender's intentions in trying to
obsess you (for that is what it is). The intentions of an obsessor are by no means always
lethal, and results can vary accordingly; one case known to us gave rise to some
amusement afterwards, although it was distressing at the time.
Yvonne, a widow who had always lived in comfortable circumstances, was unwilling to
change her life-style although she had suffered some serious misfortunes. She had at one
time joined a large occult organization but had left this after learning a few of its
and now she secretly resolved to give one of her friends a compulsive idea, "Help Yvonne!"
She knew she should not use her knowledge in that way, but the friend, Brenda, came of
a rich family and doubtless (Yvonne thought) could assist her just for this time without
being inconvenienced.
To everyone's surprise, Brenda suddenly fell sick, with increasing physical lassitude
and acute symptoms of anxiety although she had no awareness of anything to be anxious
about. Several of her other friends were occultists, and when the doctors were baffled two
of these friends gave her a psychic examination. They found, in fact, an astral
"implantation" which they dislodged, and which then drifted across the room in the form of
a glassy-looking sphere. One of the occultists made a banishing sign, whereupon the sphere
vanished with a metallic "crack"; but, in the moment before it vanished, it turned on its axis
and revealed on its other side the likeness of Yvonne.
The friends were troubled, feeling sure Yvonne could never have meant any harm to
Brenda. Brenda herself, on being told what had happened, was not only mystified but
insisted they should at once make sure Yvonne hadn't been injured by the "rebound" of her
astral creation. So they telephoned two others of their circle, not explaning, but
requesting them to call upon Yvonne and see she was all right.

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