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Published by Tengri
psychic protection rough draft
psychic protection rough draft

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Published by: Tengri on Oct 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Psychic Se/f-Defen
I* l\yche's Weak Points
The attacker may be simply an astral vampire, Intent upon using you as an energy-
source; or in l frequent cases it can be a deliberate destroyer. In i latter case the attacker will
eventually allow deviation from the assumed character to appear, but not until thl victim is
presumed to be too completely in the grip « obsession to be critical. Then for example one may
fine the likeness of a just and kindly father urging the victinr to commit a crime (the very possibility
which restraine Hamlet from carrying out the Ghost's instructions), or the likeness of a refined
spouse proposing a lascivious reunion in death.
People have performed the most repulsive and grotesque acts under such "guidance,"although
in their normal state mere common sense would have prevented them imputing such suggestions to
the persons they name.
We must ask, How is it that people can fall victim to such insidious attacks? Why does the
shield of the aura not protect?
The answer in every case is, THROUGH A MISUSED IMAGINATION.
Extravagant grief over the death of a dear one; refusal to accept separation from a lover; desire
to see the death or suffering of an enemy; or the fantasies (sexual or otherwise) of the lonely: any of
these can start an unguarded psyche on the production of images, each emotionally charged with
Elementals are never intrinsically "evil." In theirn a t u r a l state they are innocent and beautiful
entities;I n t ible in aspect sometimes (as for example the fire-$|emcntals of an erupting volcano),
but that terribleness Ik only our human response to the stark power of their element.
If we are content merely to observe them, our in-Icrcst in elementals can do no harm. There are
however some humans who find elementals totally fascinating, and there are even more elementals
who have developedA craving to absorb human energies and to share in human life as closely as
possible. Many elementals who exist at the higher astral levels, bask in atmospheres of devotion
and of High Magick. Some of them linger in places of worship, invisibly urging the devotees to
pour forth even more of themselves at that high but still emotional level; some of them are
welcomed at ceremonies of power where their stimulating presence helps create the intended
Human society, however, is not always uplifting, and certain of those elementals which exist
in the lower astral levels have been considerably stained by their human contacts.
One sort thus contaminated comprises certain strong elementals which have been designated
from past centuries as "demonic," although really no more capable of moral evil than is an animal.
During the same times, we find, dogs, pigs and other creatures were liable to be brought solemnly
to trial and condemned for injuries

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