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Nu Horzions Electronics Portal October 2010

Nu Horzions Electronics Portal October 2010

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Published by Nu Horizons
Nu Horizons releases its October Edition of Portal - your gateway to today’s leading technology products
Nu Horizons releases its October Edition of Portal - your gateway to today’s leading technology products

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Nu Horizons on Oct 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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June 2010
LT3596 - 60V Step-DownLED Driver
The LT
3596 is a 60V step-down LED Driver.It achieves 10,000:1 digital PWM dimming at100Hz with ast NPN current sources drivingup to 10 LEDs in each channel. 100:1 LEDdimming can also be done with analog controlo the CTRL1-3 pin.
more on page 8.
In This Issue:
 Audio / Video
Development Tools
Power Management
Linear Technology 
October 2010
   A  u   d   i  o   /   V   i   d  e  o
For more inormation, including pricing, availability, datasheets and samples (i available), please visit www.nuhorizons.com/portal
Integrated mixed-signal design or analog-to-digital image processing
No external components required or image conversion
On-chip 256 KB/128 KB rame buer
No external RAM required
Supports JPEG and MJPEG-DPCM image compression and processesboth color and black and white images
Provides excellent image processing up to 30 ps
Supports low bandwidth
Dierential JPEG reduces le sizes by up to 80 percentor aster transer time
Low sleep mode power - 10nA 
Longer battery lie
Low operating power -12mA 
Energy-ecient design generates less heat
Integrated analog components (ADCs, LCD driver)
No analog components required
C, SPI, and UART interaces or fexible connectivity
 Allows or wide selection o microprocessors
Register-driven device
Simple operation, no CPU
Optional microphone input records audio session simultaneouslyduring image captures
Provides complete A/V solution with fexible rame bueror audio and video data storage
Low-cost and low-power solution or wirelessand battery-operated cameras
CX93510 JPEG Encoder with BT.656 Camera Interace
Conexant’s CX93510 JPEG Encoder with BT.656 Camera Interace wasspecically designed or wireless and battery-operated surveillancecameras. The encoder is controlled through a simple register set via themicroprocessor interace and allows or wide fexibility in microprocessorselection and applications. Combined with an external CMOS sensor, theCX93510 retrieves and stores compressed JPEG and audio data in an on-chip 256 KB/128 KB rame buer so no external memory is required.The chip has both digital and analog photocell sensor inputs availableto acilitate the measurement o ambient light and uses an on-chip LEDdriver to control an external inrared LED during low-light conditions.The CX93510 supports JPEG and MJPEG-DPCM image compressionand processes both color and black and white images up to 30 ps. Theenergy-ecient chip enhances battery-operated devices through loweroperating power (12mA) and virtually no power consumption in deepsleep mode (10nA). It operates at system voltages between 1.8 V and3.6 V.The CX93510 gives manuacturers a fexible, cost-eective and low-powersolution to design security products, baby monitors, intercoms, and otherproducts with visual verication capabilities. Visitwww.conexant.comormore inormation or to view Conexant’s ull line o solutions.
D ev el   o pm en t   o ol   s
STM32 Value line Discovery KitOpenRD-Ultimate Development Kit or MarvellKirkwood Processor
The STM32 Value line Discovery is the cheapest and quickest way to discoverthe STM32. It includes everything required or beginners and experienced usersto get started quickly. The STM32 Value line Discovery includes an STM32F100 Value line microcontroller in a 64-pin LQFP package and an in-circuit ST-Link debugger/programmer to debug Discovery applications and other targetapplications. A large number o ree, ready-to-run application rmware examplesare available to support quick evaluation and development using the LEDs, buttonand extension header to connect to other boards or devices.The OpenRD-Ultimate is best suited or a wide range o applications supporting bulk storage, aster connectivity, higher throughput and perormance atlower power. It adds a 2D-GPU(Graphics Processing Unit) with a VGA Connector and additional I/Os or expanded capabilities. An "Embedded Client System"solution can be readily assembled with a GbE connectivity, an onboard 2.5" SATA connector and enclosure. The major advantage o the "OpenRD-Ultimate",is that it comes as a complete reerence design, which includes board layout designs, sotware, manuacturing diagnostic tools and downloadabledocumentation to assist customers with product evaluation and production.
Development Kit Details:
STM32F100RBT6B microcontroller
Sel powered by USB cable between PC and STM32 Value line Discovery
Can supply target application with 5 V and 3 V
On-board ST-Link with:
USB interace or programming and debugging
Selection mode switch to use the kit as a standalone ST-Link (with SWD connector)
Extension header or all QFP64 I/Os
Large number o ree, downloadable ready-to-use sotware examples
Key Features:
High perormance Marvell
Sheeva™ up to 1.2 GHz
512 MB DDR2-800 SDRAM in 2 banks o x8 devices
SATA Host controller with integrated Marvell 3 Gbps SATA PHYs
Hardware acceleration provided by Cryptographic engine
USB 2.0 host with integrated PHY, host or device
Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) Media Access Control (MAC) with GMII and RGMII support
MPEG TS interace
S/PDIF and I2S audio In/Out interace
TDM SLIC / CODEC interace
Comprehensive sotware and hardware support with Linux board supportpackages
Interface with '1' indicates that output pins are multiplexed Interface with '2' indicates that this is the feature of Marvell SoC and validation of this feature is pending.
Ordering inormation
Price -- $11.28
Ordering inormation
Part number— 003-RD0005
Price -- $249
Nu Horizons oers a wide range o development / evaluation boards, tools and kits. For more inormation, please visit www.nuhorizons.com/development
For more information on the STM32 Value line,please refer to page 7.

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