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English Study

English Study

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Published by anon-569762

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Published by: anon-569762 on Jul 09, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Unit 1: Hello
AHello!BHello!AI'm David Clark.BI'm Linda Rivera.CAre you a teacher?DNo, I'm not.COh, are you a student?DYes, I am.EAre you from the United States?FNo, I'm not.EWhere are you from?FI'm from Canada.GHello, Kenji.HHi John. How are you?GFine, thanks. And you?HFine, thanks.
Unit 2: Excuse me!
IExcuse me!JYes?IAre you American?JPardon me?IAre you from the United States?JYes, we are.IOh, I'm American too. Are you here on vacation?JNo, we aren't. We're here on business.JPlease sit down.IThank you.JCoffee?IYes, please.JCream?INo, thanks.JSugar?IYes, please.KWhere are you from?II'm from Los Angeles.KAre you here on business?INo, I'm not. I'm on vacation.
Unit 3: What is it?
Anna What is it? Is it a fly?Mike No, it isn't.
Anna Is it a mosquito?Mike Uh ... Yes. Yes, it is.Anna Oh, no! It isn't a mosquito, Mike. It's a bee!
Unit 4: What's your name?
Mr. Stern Good evening.Desk clerk Good evening, sir. What's your name?Mr. Stern Stern. My name's Thomas Stern.Desk clerk Oh, yes, Mr. Stern. Room 15. Here's your key.Mr.Stern Thank you.Desk clerk You're welcome.Bell Captain Is this your suitcase?Mr. Stern No, it isn't.Bell Captain Oh, is that your suitcase over there?Mr. Stern Yes, it is.Mrs. Johnson Good evening.Desk clerk Good evening. What are your names, please?Mrs. Johnson Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson.Desk clerk Oh, yes. Here's your key.Bell captain Are these your suitcases here?Mr. Johnson No, they aren't.Bell captain Oh, I'm sorry. Are those your suitcases over there?Mr. Johnson Yes, they are.Mrs. Johnson Is this our room?Mr. Johnson What's the number?Mrs. Johnson Fourteen.Mr. Johnson Oh, no. No, it isn't. That's our room, number 13!
Unit 5: I'm cold
ABrr!BAre you cold?AYes, I am.BWell, I'm not. I'm hot!It's lateAThe plane's late.BYes, it's very late.CAre they tired?DNo, they aren't tired. He's hungry and she's thirsty.EThey're tired.FYes, they are.GThis is terrible! I'm very angry!
HI'm sorry, ma'am.IIs that book good?JYes, it is. But it's very sad.KPhew! I'm hot!LYes. That coat's very warm!
Unit 6: There's a nice apartment
Realtor This is a nice apartment, Ms. Garcia. Look, here's a floor plan.Eva Mmm...Realtor There's a living room. There's a kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom.Eva Is there a balcony?Realtor Yes, there is.Eva And a dining room... is there a dining room?Realtor No, there isn't a dining room. But there is a dining area in the living room.Realtor Well, this is the kitchen.Eva Oh, it's very small.Realtor Yes, it isn't very large. But there's a stove, a refrigerator, and a space for a dishwasher.There are some cabinets, and... um... there's a small shelf under the sink.Eva Are there any windows in the bathroom?Realtor No, there aren't. But there are two large windows in the bedroom.Eva Good. It's a very nice apartment. Uh, where is the bathroom?
Unit 7: Requests
AHi. A cola, please.BRegular or large?ARegular, please.BThere you go.AThanks. How much is that?B$1.15.AThank you.BYou're welcome.CCould you pass the salt, please?ASure. Here you are.CThanks.AAnd the pepper?CNo, thanks.CCould I have your phone number?AIt's in the phone book.CWhat's your last name?AIt's in the book, too.CVery funny.AOK. It's 639-7701.
Unit 8: Uniforms

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