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Dubstep Sucks

Dubstep Sucks

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Published by kristoffott
Explaining why Dub Step Sucks
Explaining why Dub Step Sucks

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: kristoffott on Oct 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dub Step Sucks...1. It's a byproduct of a post-hip-hop adolescent market that's hungry for any label that it can cling on to.Dub step is not unique or vast enough to be its own genre. It essentially has the breadth and depth of anindividual artist's styling, not a genre. There should be a Trip-Hop artist called "Dub Step", not a genrecalled "Dub Step". The value of the sound is only divisible by the number of people who make it. If morepeople adopt the same narrow ascetics, it doesn't make it a genre, it makes it a kitchy fad.2. The template is predictable, stiff, and boring. It's not good dancing music because it's stiff, it's slow,and it's arduous. At the same time it's not good listening music because it constantly loops, it'spredictable, it has no volume or dynamic range (perhaps the most expressive element in music), 90% of the song is an over-used kick and an ear piercing snare that's had all of the personality compressed outof it, and a boring bass line that may have evoked an "ehh... that's neat" if it was the first time you everheard it, not the cornerstone of a genre.3. It occupies both negative spheres of being sophomoric and over-produced. As if it was possible tohave the worst of D.I.Y. music and Pop-music rolled into one genre.In other words, the music sounds like a 14 year olds "my first beat" on a drum machine they got forChristmas. This in itself perhaps could have been viewed as an interesting ascetic was it not for the factthat the music is a half-assed attempt at over-the-top pop-production styles.I.e. imagine a child playing a guitar for the first time and then his uncle adding the cheesy productiontechniques of late 80's rock ballads or grocery store music.4. I am going to be talking about dynamic range so its important that I define it right now:Music has arguably 3 essential building blocks that give it such a powerful expressive affect (Tempo,Dynamics, Timbre). Dynamics refers to the complex volume shifts.Genres such as classical and ambient make full use of dynamics. On a micro level, we pick up on thecomplex volume shifts of a violinist sliding a bow. If the violin was kept at a constant volume it wouldsound uniform but it would essentially lose all of its personality. On a macro level, dynamic interplay of the whole orchestra is what gives the piece of music personality. Dynamics in large part, is why you canpick out your friends voice in a crowd. Dynamics are so important to the individuality of music.So weve established that the wider the dynamic range, the more personality the sound has.Enter pop-music stage left. If classical music dynamics are the home-made jam that your grandma usedto make then pop-music dynamics are Welches Jelly.Like Mcdonalds, pop-music aims to make a consistent and predictable product that will sound similarwithin artist releases and similar to other releases in general. Think of the industrial revolution. A Jay-Zrelease has to sound similar to the last one and it has to sound like other popular releases.

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Kyle Greves added this note
Alot of dubstep snares ARE white noise. This is a production choice. The reason the dynamics can be so massive during the big parts is because of the super deep bass that is not typically found in real-life recordings. Some artists take this too far.
Kyle Greves added this note
You also don't seem to recognize that not every dubstep track is in the red. There are many tracks with an amazing dynamic range - hundreds I know of that are set apart from the testosterone heavy power wobble. Dubstep was not meant for Youtube at ALL. It was meant for a clean system with clear treble and deep bass... It sound amazing on a hifi system using vinyl records.
Kyle Greves added this note
You obviously stopped listening to dubstep after you heard a handful of songs. Dubstep is the complete opposite of what you claim it to be. Each artist has an individual and discernible style, to the educated ear. It is obvious that you have heard only the "filthy" part of dubstep - compressed into oblivion, the same wobble slightly differed the whole way through... There is much better...

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