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Transcript of Oppenheimer Video

Transcript of Oppenheimer Video

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Published by Celeste Katz
(Source: New York Daily News Politics)
(Source: New York Daily News Politics)

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Published by: Celeste Katz on Oct 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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You Tube video of Senator Oppenheimer being questioned by Senator Flanagan matched againstthe transcript. The exchange occurred on April 1, 2009.The highlighted portions are spliced out of the video and indicate jumps.Page 2248 (31):SENATOR FLANAGAN: Okay. On your 4 comments relative to the budget. You5 referenced a $1.22 billion increase in this6 year's budget. Can you break that out in7 terms of where those increases come from?8 Roughly.9 SENATOR OPPENHEIMER: Would you10 repeat? I'm not certain I heard.11 SENATOR FLANAGAN: When you were12 explaining the education portion of the13 budget, you said there's a $1.22 billion14 increase. Certainly some of that is allocated15 towards expense-driven aids. How is it broken16 out?17 SENATOR OPPENHEIMER: Through18 you, Mr. President, I think Senator Flanagan19 is going to need a pen for this.20 Okay, here goes some numbers. The21 $166,851,638, this money is going to what I22 discussed, the formula-based aids that I
23 mentioned earlier. You know, the foundation24 aid, the high-tax aid. Then we have1 $204,400,795, and that's going to building (transportation?)2 aid, building reorganization. So now we're3 close to 300.4 T
hen we have the two that, you5 know, are simply passed through, IDEA and6 Title 1. We pass them through to the7 districts immediately. So we have to add that8 in. So IDEA is $393,964,044. And then we9 have Title 1-A, and that will be $423,364,927.10 And if you add that all together,11 you get to the federal aid estimate of 12 $1,221,119,253.
[splice and jump]
Page 225 (35):SENATOR FLANAGAN:What I'm asking you is a direct21 question, inasmuch as you are chair of the22 Education Committee and negotiated on behalf 23 of the Senate, why this plan that freezes base24 aid for two years? Why not do it one year, as1 we generally do, and set ourselves up for next
2 year? You're already sending a message that3 forget next year. Who made that decision, and4 why was that reached?5 SENATOR OPPENHEIMER: We will6 have money for next year. As you know, we are7 only spending a little less than half of our 8 stabilization funds, the federal stabilization9 funds. And who knows, maybe that general pot10 of $550 million, of which we've only spent11 $240 million, maybe that will be available to12 us also.13 The only things that were frozen14 were the operating aids, the three that I15 mentioned to you earlier.16 SENATOR FLANAGAN: Right, which17 comprises the overwhelming majority of the18 budget.19 ACTING PRESIDENT VALESKY:20 Senator Flanagan, are you continuing to ask 21 Senator Oppenheimer to yield?22 SENATOR FLANAGAN: Yes, I am.23 ACTING PRESIDENT VALESKY:24 Senator Oppenheimer, do you yield?

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Nice work @nydailynews ... crazy that a Scribd transcript proved the video inaccurate.
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