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Published by RyuichiKawamura

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Published by: RyuichiKawamura on Oct 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This box displays thestatus of the captureand the amount of timeavailable for thecapture. The timedisplayed in thiswindow is dependentupon the size of thecomputer hard drive.
You should allowapproximately 1GB of hard drive space forevery 4.5 seconds of video.This area displaysthe fast forward,rewind, stop, andplay features.When you areready to capturevideo from yourvideo camera, youcan press the
button.You can changethe name of thevideo clip here.The
button givesyou access to someimportant settings.The
How To
window isavailable to help youwith the many AdobePremiere features.
Adobe Premiere Elements TutorialStarting a New Project
To import movie clips from a digital video camera, click on the
Capture Video
 button.You will be prompted to name your project and choose alocation for saving the project.In most cases, the default location for saving the projectwill be the Adobe Premiere Elements folder located in theMy Documents folder. Name your project and click 
.You will now see the video capture screen.
The Media windowdisplays all of themovie clips, soundfiles and pictures thathave been imported.The Monitorwindowallows youto viewindividualclips or theentiremovie.The Timeline windowis where you canrearrange clips, editclips, and add titles,transitions, andmusic.The Time Code Indicator
00; 03; 41; 08Hrs. Mins. Secs. Frames
This number is relative to theposition on the digital video tape.Current TimeIndicator (CTI) canbe dragged to locatea certain part of aclip or a timeline.
Before you begin capturing video, you will need to make a few adjustments to the video capture settings.Click on the
button.Make sure that you have check marks beside the following:
Capture Audio and VideoScene DetectCapture to Timeline
You can now click on the
Navigating through the Premiere Elements Interface
Once you have imported your video clips, you have many different options for enhancing your movie. Beforeediting your movie, it is important to understand the Premiere Elements Interface.
Keystrokes for NavigatingLeft/Right Arrows:
Moves the Current Time Indicator (CTI) forward one frame at a time or backward oneframe at time.
Page Up/Page Down Keys:
Moves the Current Time Indicator (CTI) forward one clip at a time or backwardone clip at time.
Home Key:
Moves the Current Time Indicator (CTI) to the beginning of the timeline.
End Key:
Moves the Current Time Indicator (CTI) to the end of the timeline.
Editing a Clip in the Monitor Window
You can trim unwanted or blank frames at the beginning or end of a clip by doing the following:Double-click on a clip in the timeline window. This puts the clip in the Monitor window.Move the Current Time Indicator (CTI) to the desired beginning point and click the
option. The clip will nowbegin at this new starting point.The ending point of the clip can be set in the same way. Drag the Current Time Indicator (CTI) to the desiredend of the clip and click on the
option.When you view the timeline, you will notice that you have a gap between where the old starting point was andwhere the new starting point is. You can get rid of this gap by performing a
ripple delete
.You can use the
control to make the timelinebigger so that you can see the gapmore clearly.Click in the empty spaceand click on your backspacekey. The blank area will be eliminated.

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