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Election Forum Oct 2010

Election Forum Oct 2010

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Published by holyinnocents9594

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Published by: holyinnocents9594 on Oct 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“…Where the Spirit of the Lord is, There is Liberty” 
(2 C. 3:17)
As a Christian, you can understand the candidates andpropositions from a Christian worldview and honor Godwith your vote. Finally, you can cut through the deceptiveadvertising, misleading mailings and media bias.
 V y Chn 
’ nd
to an important meeting at Hope Chapel to review the Novemberballot. On Saturday, October 16, Craig Huey will present a ree 2010 Community Election Forum and give you non-partisan inormation you won’t fnd anywhereelse:
L,  nd ngn ndd.
Learn where
h ndd Gn, Sn, Any Gn nd h 
stand on the issues to see i they are compatible with a Christian perspective. Find out which positions mighbe destructive to Judeo-Christian values.
9 b n.
Local and state propositions can be complex, tricky andmisleading. Don’t be ooled! Each proposition will be concisely explained and prosand cons given.
 Jd .
Judges have been in the news regarding Proposition 8, homeschooling and otherissues. Find out where judicial candidates stand on the issues—State Supreme Court, AppellateCourt and Superior Court.This election will dramatically aect our reedom and the quality o lie or our amilies or yearsinto the uture. Family values, marriage, terrorism, tax burdens, education, energy supply, economicgrowth and other hot-button topics will be discussed.
 You’ll Discover:
 Where each candidate stands on key issues such as abortion and traditional marriage
 The truth about the most conusing propositions on the ballot 
Little-known insights on the candidates’ aith and support rom Christian leaders
What the candidates are doing to win the Christian vote
Who opposes or supports Obamacare, tax increases and ederal deicit reduction
Which judges will uphold the law and which will legislate rom the bench
What a Christian worldview means
3 surprising ways Christians can change the election outcome
The #1 mistake Christians make when voting
 The little-known, greatest threat to religious liberty 
Why some Christians are supporting the legalized marijuana initiative…and others are not 
The ballot proposition that could raise your taxes and the one that could kill jobs
The judges who supported overturning Proposition 8
 You’ll learn to cut through the distortions, alse advertising and tricky wording that couldool you into voting against your own values and belies. Invite your amily and riends!
Craig Huey will help youvote with confdenceand not waste your voteby voting against yourBiblical values.
Sdy, Ob 16, 2010
10:00 ..
Cg Hy 310-212-5727
P d 2,000 y g
H Ch2420 Pf C Hwy H Bh, CA 90254

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