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Published by David Polk

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Published by: David Polk on Oct 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 GOAL TO GOEpisode 1.12“Touchback”by David Polk
2.RECAPWe Recap events from Previous Episodes, ending on Galediscovering she’s pregnant.TEASERFADE IN:INT. MATEO’S – NIGHTThe lights in this chic Hollywood restaurant are low,romantic. We see one or two CELEBRITIES dining. ANGLE ONthe hand of a black woman caressing a white man’s hand.GABRIELLE (O.S.)Billy, we’ve reached that point.Billy Donahue and Gabrielle Woods are at a cozy, candle litcorner table. A BOTTLE OF CHATEAU BRION rests in a silverice bucket next to them.BILLYWhat point is that?GABRIELLEThe point in every relationship wherethings are serious enough for hearts tobe broken, and by hearts I mean mine.BILLYGabrielle, hurting you is the lastthing I want to do, you know that.GABRIELLEI know. That’s why I’m giving you anout.BILLYWhat?GABRIELLEBilly, if we keep going, I’m going tofall in love with you. And trust me,dealing with a black woman in love isnot for the faint of heart.BILLY(a charming smile)I think I can handle it.
3.GABRIELLEI think you can too, but can Gale?(off his reaction)Billy, I’ve been where Gale is now,ignorant to the fact that her man ischeating. Sometimes I feel awful about what we’re doing but I don’t regret asingle moment that I’ve spent with you.I also know I won’t settle for being asubstitute for her.BILLYYou know that’s not how I think of you.GABRIELLEBilly, eventually you and Gale aregoing to reconnect, and when you dosomeone is going to get hurt. A long beat.BILLYElle, you know I’m crazy about you.But I can’t leave her.GABRIELLEI know that, Billy. And I would neverask you to...If we end it now I’llalways remember our love affair as aspecial time in my life.BILLYIs that what you want, to call itquits?GABRIELLEThat’s up to you, Billy...I’m not somelovesick schoolgirl whose head is inthe clouds. I’m a big girl who livesin the real world, a world where loveis messy and happily ever after endsbefore it begins. I can handle beingthe other woman, Billy, but I won’tsneak around like some cheap tart.BILLYElle, I don’t understand. What are yousuggesting I do?

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