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Table Of Contents

Using SureTrak Documentation, Help, and Tutorial
Documentation Conventions
Obtaining Technical Support
Installing SureTrak
Before You Begin Setup
Installing SureTrak on a Standalone Computer
Installing SureTrak on a Network Server
Setting Up User Workstations
To set up user workstations
Multiuser Considerations
Starting SureTrak
Upgrading from Microsoft Project
Converting Data from Microsoft Project to SureTrak
Comparing Features
Performing Familiar Tasks
Project Management Basics
What is Project Management?
Understanding the Process
Building a Schedule
Adding Resources to the Schedule
Organizing and Summarizing Your Project
Updating to Show Progress
Creating SureTrak Projects
Adding a New Project
Using Template Projects
Opening a Project
Previewing Project Overview Information
Saving a Project
Closing and Deleting a Project
Backing Up and Restoring a Project
Adding Activities
Assigning Activity IDs
Adding Activities in the Bar Chart View
Adding Activities in the PERT View
Estimating Activity Durations
Defining Activity Types
Assigning a Calendar to an Activity
Deleting and Dissolving Activities
Copying, Cutting, and Pasting Activities
Moving Activities
Using an Outline to Build a Project
Creating Projects Using Fragnets
Linking Activities with Relationships
Understanding Relationship Types
Creating Relationships Using the PERT View
Creating Relationships Using the Bar Chart View
Creating Relationships Using the Predecessors and Successors Forms
Tracing Logic
Editing and Deleting Relationships
Dissolving Activities to Preserve Logic
Displaying Critical and Driving Relationships
Displaying a Timescaled Logic Diagram
Defining Project Calendars
Defining the Global Calendar
Defining Base Calendars
Defining Resource Calendars
Specifying Holidays, Vacations, and Exceptions on Calendars
Deleting Calendars
Transferring Calendars from Other Projects
Building a Resource Plan
Creating a Resource List
Setting Resource Availability Limits
Defining a Resource’s Work Schedule
Transferring Resources from Other Projects
Defining Driving Resources
Assigning Resources to Activities
Assigning Costs and Revenue
Creating and Fine-Tuning the Project Schedule
Setting Schedule Calculation Options
Defining the Critical Path
Reviewing Activity Dates
Using Constraints on Activity Dates
Assigning Constraints to Activities
Changing the Duration and Dates of Activity Bars
Working with Project Groups
Why Use Project Groups?
Project Group Scenarios
Creating a Project Group
Adding a Project to a Project Group
Removing/Deleting a Project from a Project Group
Manually Grouping Projects
Planning Your Own Project Groups
Modifying the Project Group
Keeping Track of Projects within a Project Group
Backing Up and Restoring a Project Group
Creating Activity Codes
Creating an Activity Code Dictionary
Defining Code Values
Defining WBS Codes
Setting Up WBS Levels
Building the WBS Codes Dictionary
Copying WBS Codes
Transferring WBS Codes from Another Project
Assigning WBS Codes
Changing Code Assignments
Organizing and Summarizing Activities
Organizing Project Data
Sorting Activities
Grouping Activities in the Bar Chart View
Grouping Activities by WBS Levels
Organizing an Outline
Summarizing Activities
Formatting Summary Bars
Adding and Editing Activities in an Organized Lay- out
Grouping Activities in the PERT View
Selecting Activities by Filter
Using SureTrak Filters
Creating a New Filter
Filtering by Codes
Filtering by Activity IDs and Descriptions
Filtering by Dates
Filtering with Wildcards
Finding Activities Without Using a Filter
Hiding Activities Without Using a Filter
Working with Target Dates
Assigning Target Dates
Changing Target Dates
Deleting Target Dates
Updating Activities
Preparing to Update the Project
Understanding the Data Date
Highlighting Activities for Updating
Estimating Activity Progress Automatically
Updating Activities Manually
Updating Activities Using the Activity Form
Updating Activity Progress Using the Activity Col- umns
Updating Activities Graphically on the Bar Chart
Suspending and Resuming Work on an Activity
Updating Resources and Costs
Setting Autocost Rules for Automatic Updating
Updating Resource Progress
Analyzing Costs and Revenue
Analyzing Resource Use with Profiles and Tables
Using the Resource Pane
Formatting the Resource Pane
Formatting the Resource Profile
Displaying Histograms
Displaying Curves
Displaying Sight Lines
Formatting the Resource Table
Selecting Resources
Creating Resource Groups
Selecting Resources for Groups
Using the Resource Legend
Leveling Resources
Understanding Resource Leveling
Setting Up a Project for Leveling
Defining Activity Priority When Leveling
Setting Up Leveling Options
Interpreting Dates After Leveling Resources
Effects of Leveling on Activity Types
Updating Project Data Remotely
Mailing Projects and Activities
Setting Up E-Mail for Sending Status Sheets
Sending an Entire Project
Sending a Picture of a Project
To send a picture of a project
Sending a Portion of a Project
Sending a Clipboard File
Assigning Addresses to Activity Codes
Receiving Projects Through E-Mail
Updating Project Data Received Through E-Mail
Receiving an Activity Status Sheet in Primavera Post Office
Customizing the Bar Chart View
Formatting Activity Columns and Data
Sizing Columns and Rows
Adjusting the Timescale
Defining Bars and Endpoints
Adding Labels to Bars and Endpoints
Customizing Summary, Critical, and Progress Bars and Endpoints
Formatting Sight Lines
Formatting Relationship Lines
Finding Dates on the Bar Chart
Adding a Picture to the Bar Chart
Adding Text to the Bar Chart
To add text to the Bar chart
Linking to Documents and the World Wide Web
Shading a Timeperiod on the Bar Chart
Inserting Objects Using OLE
Customizing the PERT View
What Is the PERT View?
Moving Around the PERT View
Keeping Track of Your Place in PERT
Displaying Activity Predecessors and Successors
Reducing or Enlarging the View
Modifying Activity Box Ends and Colors
Organizing Activities in PERT
Controlling Activity Placement and Spacing
Customizing SureTrak’s Default Options
Setting Up Project Options
Setting Up Resource Options
Configuring the Date Format
Setting Activity Defaults
Automatically Saving Projects
Confirming Deletions
Setting Constraints Options
Setting Activity Form Defaults
Setting the View Options
Defining User Information
Choosing the Default Font
Using SureTrak Layouts
What Are Layouts?
Using SureTrak’s Predefined Layouts
Working with Layouts
Using Color Schemes in Layouts
Creating SureTrak Reports
Reports SureTrak Provides
Previewing a Report
To preview a report
Printing a Report
Creating a Series of Reports
To create a series of reports
Creating a Custom Report
Transferring Reports from Other Projects
Creating a Microsoft Excel Pivot Table Report
Publishing Reports on the World Wide Web
Defining Categories
Defining Header Information
Defining Projects and Reports
Removing Projects and Reports
Updating Reports
Printing Project Information
Printing the Current Project
Formatting Bar Chart View Page Settings
Defining the Date Range for Printing
Formatting PERT View Page Settings
Formatting Headers and Footers
Customizing the Title Block
Customizing the Revision Box
Customizing the Dates Block
Creating Logos, Graphics, and Legends
Using Print Preview
Copying Part of the Project Window
Controlling Page Breaks
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19768996 Sure Track 20 User Manual

19768996 Sure Track 20 User Manual

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Published by: Shreekkanth Bhaskaran on Oct 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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