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Published by bodito

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Published by: bodito on Jul 10, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Blessed be the Goddessof the SparklingAuroraFreyja, Beautiful One,Most PassionateQueen.Teach me themysteries of theheart's true passion.Show me the secrets of wyrd .Walk with me instarlight.I light this candlein fiery offering to you,Freya, Goddess of AiryFire.
What do I say about Freya. I was named after her, I was born on her day, and she and  her mythos have always played a prominent role in my life.
Element:Air of FireColors:
Red, Green and Gold,also based on my personal journeys she seems to like whiteThe Red Ray
Divination:Runes,Seidh(channeling)Shamanic journeying
file:///D|/Brujitas/Book of shadows/Freya.htm (1 of 5)11/01/2007 14:57:55
Hawk,Cats -
 Freya has twowinged cats who pull  her carriage Bygul  and Trjgul or Honeysuckle and  Amber as I call them
Ruler of the
Pyschic warrior and leader of the
Love goddess.Teacher of the
Freyher twin brother
Chakra= First, Root Chakra
Stones:Red Amber
Tiger Eye - RedAgate - RedFire AgateTourmaline -WatermelonRubyTourmaline - RubelliteHawkseye
bold, dynamic, impulsive, highlyextroverted. Passionate whenaroused whether it be in love or fora just cause. Aggressive is hermiddle name. Always doing andon the go. A need for a cause andchallenges. Easily bored. Fiercelyimaginative but sometimes a littleself-centered, Impatient butcourageous
Festivals:Dec 27thJan 10th
Healing Techniques
:Soul retrievalShamanic healing
Nettles, Holy Thistle,Crowfoot, Wormwood ,Spikenard, Cornflower, Rose,Mustard, Hibiscus, Woodruff,Pepperwort, Heather,
 Mansongar (love poetry)
Basil,Pine,Black pepper,AmberMullein
Magical Tools:Brisingamen -
 the magical  necklace she got from the dwarves
Feather capewagon drawn by 2 catsFreyja's Heart- the symbol of 
blessings and thosegiven to her mysteries.
Direction = SouthPlanet = VenusDay = FridayNumber = 1 
file:///D|/Brujitas/Book of shadows/Freya.htm (2 of 5)11/01/2007 14:57:55
Freya is probably the best-known andbest-loved of the goddesses today. Hername simply means "Lady," implyingthat it was once a title rather than heroriginal name. Freya is the "wildwoman" among the deities of the North:She is considered a goddess of love, of prophesy, and of magic while at the sametime ruling over the Valkyries andchoosing half the the slain on thebattlefield (Odin gets the other half)whom she takes to her hall in Asgard.Freya lives in the beautiful palaceFolkvang ("field of folk"), a place wherelove songs are always played, and herhall is Sessrumnir.skilled at the form of ecstaticconsciousness-altering, and sometimesmagic called seidhr;
Drawing from the Norse Tarot deck 
Freya's chief symbol is the necklace called Brisingamen, which she bought from fourdwarves. The price was a night spent with each of them. Metaphorically this necklace iscan be seen as representing Freya's guardianship over the four elements (or dwarves).This goddess drives a wagon drawn by two cats, perhaps large forest-cats such as lynxes,and is seen today as the patron goddesses of cats and those who keep them.As a battle-goddess, she also rides on a boar called Hildisvini (Battle-Swine).Norse mythology associates the aurora with the beautiful goddess, Freya, daughter of Njord and the giantess Skadi. Friday was named after her. Her twin brother is the earthgodFrey.Like her brother, she is also a source of wealth, for her daughters are Hnossa and Gersemi(meaning treasure or jewels). Freyja herself was said to weep tears of gold on her journeysto find her wandering husband in the Eddas.
file:///D|/Brujitas/Book of shadows/Freya.htm (3 of 5)11/01/2007 14:57:55

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