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Quest to Fund Film on Breast Cancer Forces Screenplay Writer to Face the Sun

Quest to Fund Film on Breast Cancer Forces Screenplay Writer to Face the Sun



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Published by Ingrid Ricks
Screenplay Writer Mike Moroz is on a quest to fund a film about a family's journey through the rocky world of breast cancer. He won't stop until the film is made
Screenplay Writer Mike Moroz is on a quest to fund a film about a family's journey through the rocky world of breast cancer. He won't stop until the film is made

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Published by: Ingrid Ricks on Oct 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Forces Screenplay Writer to
Maybe it all came too easy
the first time around.Within months of completing FACE THE SUN,a screenplay about a young family navigating the rocky world of breast cancer, Mike Moroz
a high school film teacher from Vancouver Island
had managedto secure $2.5 million in private funding to get the movie made.He had generated significant awareness through a newlylaunched FACE THE SUN web site, had scored a top director and cast, and was set to begin filming in April of 2007. Then sixweeks prior to launch, the primary investor suffered a financialloss from another project he had funded and announced he waspulling out.
“Everything started to nose dive,” says Mike, the disappointmentstill fresh in his mind. “A lot of investors had said, `If he’s in,we’re in’ and as soon as he pulled out, they did, too. Just likethat, we had to shut everything down.”The loss of the film was a crushing blow for Mike, who― along with watching his dream evaporate ―
felt he had let down thousands of people who had lived the cancer journey he had written about inFACE THE SUN and had thrown their support behind the movie. Shortly after, his marriage ended andthe emotional devastation of it all knocked him to the ground.
It wasn’t until th
e summer of 2009, when Mike headed to Central Washington University to start a
Master’s Degree in Theatre Production, that his psyche began to heal and the fog started to lift. He
soon found himself talking about the screenplay with fellow classmates and newfound friends, who all
urged him to pick up the pieces and keep pushing forward. Since then it’s been a lesson in resilience for
Mike; about standing back up, brushing yourself off and going after what you believe in
no matter howtough the going get
s or how insurmountable the challenges seem. It’s a lesson he’s learned in spades
from the families who have found themselves forced to embark on the terrifying, uncertain journey of cancer.
“It gets discouraging at times,” admits Mike, who has encounter
ed countless rejections in his renewed
quest to get the film made. “But it’s so humbling to hear from these families who have lived it every dayfor the entire journey. What they have endured and experienced is so compelling that I can’t quit. Not
now. Not when they tell me how much it means to them that this story be told. They are the ones who
keep me going.”
When Mike first set out to write FACE THE SUN in the summer of 2006, he wasn’t thinking about a
feature film that could provide a voice to millions of individuals and families who have faced down acancer diagnosis. Nor was he thinking about the opportunity to raise money and awareness for thefrontline cancer organizations working around the clock to help families cope financially and emotionallywith the devastating illness. He wrote it to pay tribute to Diane, a close family friend who had just losther battle to breast cancer at the age of thirty-four.Five years earlier, Diane had detected what she thought were symptoms of the disease and hadimmediately headed to her family doctor to get checked out
only to be told that she was too young to
concern herself with breast cancer. It wasn’t until a couple years later, when she was pregnant with her
second child, that her breast cancer was finally diagnosed. But by then, it had already spreadthroughout her body and despite all the conventional and alternative treatments that Diane and herfamily desperately sought out, it was too late.As he watched from the sidelines, Mike was struck b
y the enormity of Diane’s loss, by how much her
entire circle of family and friends was impacted by the disease, and by the huge financial toll thataccompanied the emotional devastation. But he was also taken back by the strength that emerged inDiane and her husband during her cancer battle, and was amazed by their newfound focus onembracing life and experiencing each moment to the fullest. He knew he had to write something to
celebrate Diane’s life, and to try to make sense of it all for her family.
“I was teaching filmmaking and had been an actor for a long time but had never sat down to put pen topaper on a project of my own,” says Mike. “I wrote every day and finished it in six weeks. It’s hard to
describe. I felt like Diane was there with me
almost like she was channeling it. It was an astonishing
feeling to complete some of these scenes and say, `I’m done. I don’t have to write that again.’ At nopoint did I worry about rewrites. It just came.”
 Mike finished the screenplay in June of 2006. The power of what he had written surprised him, andrecognizing that it was a story that might resonate with people who had experienced cancer, he decidedto show the screenplay to a couple of friends in the Vancouver film industry. They, in turn, put him intouch with investors who agreed it was a film worth funding. A top director and cast signed on to theproject soon after.

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Ingrid Ricks liked this
mike carvell added this note
god speed birth right prayer i would love to see the movie great hopes luck blessing my friemd thanks father mike my stars
Ingrid Ricks added this note
@mike moroz has written an amazing screenplay about a family's journey with breast cancer. Hope funding is acquired for it soon!
mike carvell added this note
great write I hope get funding thanks
Ingrid Ricks added this note
Sending this out once more because Mike Moroz has written such a powerful screenplay about a family's journey with cancer that needs to be made. For more info, go to www.facethesunmovie.com
Help Mike get this film made: Donate at Face the Sun Indie Go Go Campaign.
Hyla Molander added this note
Let's raise awareness about cancer and get the movie, Face the Sun, Made!
Amanda LaPera added this note
With such a worthy cause behind it, this movie deserves to be made and to be successful. I wish Mike Moroz the best of luck.

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