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Bias in non-profit news media

Bias in non-profit news media

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Published by clemwork

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Published by: clemwork on Oct 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Scott Ranf JOUR 481NON-profitsNon-profits have no commercialism directly controlling the way the processof media in these organizations, but just because money doesnt have a direct influence doesnt mean non-profits arent subject to bias. Regardless of how anorganization is commercial or non-profit shows that money isnt always a factor toinfluence news. Of the many non-profit broadcasting companies one is the localpublic access station, MCAT (Missoula Community Access Television) and the other,Democracy Now! which is a non-profit national news organization. These twoorganizations allow absolute free speech and MCAT makes full use of the first amendment.MCAT is rated one of the top five public access stations in the nation as asource for public activity. Joel Baird, General Manager, said that the station wasrated a couple years ago when the government hired a person to find out how mnaypeople watch MCAT for government. In the poll the viewership was about 60percent of people who have MCAT as a channel watch it, which is one of the highest viewed public access stations in the nation compared to other stations. One of themain themes and content on MCAT is church services and the Missoula City Councilmeetings. MCAT has a fair balance between government and public content withtwo channels one on 7 and the other on 11. MCAT gets their money through a smallfee on Bresnan Cable. Channel 7 content consists of a wide variety of diverse media
from short videos like on YouTube to long documentaries like those on PBS. What this channel offers is, We Train you on T.V. and after getting started MCAT allowsany sort of content within the Federal Communications Commission, FCC,regulations. The Station allows anybody to come in and learn how to use cameras,editing software, and studio work.One of the plugs MCAT has is that anyone can have their own show ontelevision. The bias comes with the individual who has a show on MCAT and sincethey let anyone have a show, bias will exist. Usually those who have messages andwant to express it can to an audience of around 12,000-15,000 homes in theMissoula and Hamilton areas. One of the long running shows on MCAT is The AwfulTruth about Society which stars a punk Christian rocker known as Rabid Dog.Rabid Dog wears a leather jacket with Holy Scriptures and sports a Mo Hawk.The content of his show is a strong faith in Christianity and as a God fearing mantells his viewers to repent their sins. According to Rapid Dog, God is an angry Godand doesnt have a problem mentioning it. Like Rabid Dog there are many othershows on MCAT that are like his show, but freedom of speech is well practiced at MCAT. For MCAT free speech is a very important right and is the center of Democracy Now!Democracy Now! falls under the category of a national non-profit organization that is based in New York in 1996, by Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzalez,Larry Bensky, Salim Muwakkil, and Julie Drizin. Democracy Now! focuses onunderreported or ignored news from the mainstream media.

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