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The Influence of the Centre of the Galaxy on Planet Earth

The Influence of the Centre of the Galaxy on Planet Earth

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This short article reveals some of the effects the Galactic Centre is having on our planet, concentrating on the events of the last year.
This short article reveals some of the effects the Galactic Centre is having on our planet, concentrating on the events of the last year.

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Susan Seymour Hedke (b. Susan. S. K. Haub). on Oct 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The InfluencePlanet Earth
On 26 December 2004 adeaths of close to a quarter of aThe Sun was close to ththe other side of the Earth.Such disastrous effectssystem with the Galactic Centreone may see that similar positihave caused the most major anleaks, and in fact all other disastA few examples would16
century. Here too the Mooeruption of Krakatau occurredconjunct the Galactic Centre inearthquake in China of 16 Dece
The Sun passes most exactly overtime in history.
f the Centre of the G
S. Seymour Hedke Oc
great earthquake shook the Indian Ocean andmillion people.Galactic Centre
on that date and the Full Mon our planet caused by alignments of heavenlare not new. Looking through the last two thouns of Sun, Moon and other heavenly bodies td significant earthquakes, storms, tornadoes, vous events.e the “most deadly” earthquake ever in Shaann was opposite the Galactic Centre. On 26 Augith the Moon likewise opposite the GalacticDecember by the worst eruption of Vesuviusber 1920 that brought over 230,000 deaths.
he Galactic Centre’s position on the 19th December
laxy on
tober 7, 2010
tsunami caused theo
n opposed them ony bodies in our solarsand years of historythe Galactic Centreolcanic eruptions, oilxi, China back in theust 1883 the famousentre. The Sun wasin 1631 and by the
of each year, at this
Unfortunately, science seems to have forgotten about the potentially powerful nature of thisinfluence from our Galactic Core. In fact modern science only discovered we
a galactic core lessthan a century ago.In a book on the subject of the discovery of the galactic influence, many hundreds of examples are given by the author, and indeed many thousands of cases have been found. Yet at thistime there has been no sign of scientific or astronomical acceptance of this idea. The official positionis that the Earth’s relation to the axis of the Milky Way galaxy has no influence upon us.
“The Sun crosses the plane of the Milky Way twice every year as we orbit around it, with no ill effect on Earth”
This is according to Karen Masters, who is representing the side of astronomy and issupported by the Cornell University.However, the observable effects show something different, and these effects are, at thistime, intensifying. How long can they be ignored?In 2010 the first passage of the Moon over the Galactic Centre on January 12 brought themagnitude 7 Haiti Earthquake with similar numbers of fatalities to the Tsunami in 2004. The nextpassage created a blizzard in the USA and in March the Moon moving over the Galactic Centretriggered a deadly earthquake in Turkey.On April 4
another large 7.2 earthquake struck the Baja region between California andMexico as again the Moon was conjunct the Galactic Centre.On May 1
and 2
a “One Thousand Year Flood” was experienced in the Tennessee region of the USA as the Moon crossed the Galactic Centre’s position in the heavens. On the 29
May theMoon, just passed full and moving again over the Galactic Centre, brought a series of disasters inCentral America with volcanic eruptions and a tropical storm called Agatha, causing floods andhundreds of deaths.As the Sun neared its opposition to the Galactic Centre on June 12
, and was joined by theMoon in more exact opposition, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake shook the Indian Ocean and triggered atsunami warning close to where the tsunami had occurred on 26
December 2004.As the Sun was to within 1 degree of opposition to the Galactic Centre, on June 20
, thelargest solar flare of the year so far was noted. On 26
June 2010, as the Sun was still opposite andthe Full Moon again with the Galactic Centre, two earthquakes hit the news in the east, theyoccurred in Java and the Solomon Isles, while on the western globe 3 storms appeared aroundCentral America, one of which became the first Atlantic Hurricane of 2010.The next passage of the Moon over the Galactic Centre on July 23
“coincided” with threeearthquakes over magnitude 7 in the Philippines!

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