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Leadership Final

Leadership Final

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Published by Nikunj Patel

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Published by: Nikunj Patel on Oct 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The concept of organisational leadership is being very popular topic in this time andthe main reason behind this is originations are facing many changes that never facedin previous time. Many authors and professionals personalities have written a lot of literatures about leadership. The content of this paper is sectioned in four parts, in first part some literatures on leadership and planning and implementation will be analysedwhich will be used as tools to analyse the leadership styles of Jack Welch. Second part is about Jack Welch’s contribution in GE and identification of leadership styleand approaches for particular actions. In third part will be concussion about leadershipstyle and approaches adopted by Welch during his era and forth will berecommendation for other organisations.
Literature review
 Roland Christensen at all (1987)
has described different types and roles of leadershipstyle. According to this research the managerial culture of any organisation expectsskill and ability of effective utility of executive performance from their executivemanagement staff. (CEO, Manager, Planner, Coordinator and controllers) and that isdepends on individual perception, judgment and knowledge.There are three types of leadership of CEO 1) CEO as Organisation Leader. 2) CEOPersonal Leader. 3) CEO as Chief Architect of Organisation. Detailed explanations of Leadership types have been given in
Appendix A.
The Planning and implementation of strategy is one of crucial part of management.The entire organisation adopts their strategy according to their commodity portfolio.
 Bourgeois and David 
has explained some approaches like Commander approach,Organisational change approach, Collaborative approach, Cultural approach andCrescive approach on their document “Linking planning and implementation” that can be essential guideline to categorized the attitude of CEO during planning andimplementation of strategy. The detailed explanations of different approaches have been given in
Appendix B.
Leadership of Jack Welch
In 1981 Jack Welch took over the position of CEO from his predecessor Reg Jones.He was the first CEO in the history of GM who achieved the $100 billion revenue in1998. He is being recognized for outstanding performance for transformationalchanges and improvement of the company. In 1981 The Wall Street Journal proclaimed that GE has “replaced a legend(Reg Jones) with a live Wire(Jack Welch)”and after two decade it is been proved true by Welch with his outstanding performance in GE.
The Leadership era of Jack Welch
From 1980 to 1990 there ware lot of changes in the business structure of GEundertaken the by Jack Welch. In time he sold almost 200 businesses and acquired370 new businesses. In 1985, he deduced hierarchy level from nine to four (exhibition4a and 4b) by eliminating the powerful centre of strategic control with 200 planningstaff. He also reduced the labour force from 404000 to 292000 by 1989 and result wassignificant increment in revenue. And in 1986 he replaced 12 out of 14 his businessheads and recruited new “Varsity Team” to change the old culture of GE. This allactivities show that he worked as architect of organisation because he staredrestructuring whole organisation according to his vision about future. For that heconstantly tried to set up that kind of management system that allows the freeenvironment for work and inspire employees to express their creativity but other handthere was close supervision and proper guideline to gives proper direction to their creativity.
The stage of Rocket (Late 1980s)Work out
In 1988 Welch introduced work out in which employee were able to interact withmanagement about their ideas of forum to run the business more effectively andmanager has to take decision on the spot in presentation.

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