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Published by kyo029

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Published by: kyo029 on Oct 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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100:04:19,000 --> 00:04:19,960Don't shoot me.200:04:20,921 --> 00:04:21,689Who is that?300:04:21,843 --> 00:04:24,772There's your money, release the hostage400:04:26,155 --> 00:04:27,211How much in there? -Three -500:04:27,528 --> 00:04:30,073You're too late. We want five million dollars600:04:34,615 --> 00:04:36,105Wha'da ya know, a greedy pirate700:04:37,545 --> 00:04:40,714Last chance, take it or leave it800:04:40,714 --> 00:04:42,826We want the money... now!900:04:43,979 --> 00:04:45,871Goal in front of me-No!-1000:04:49,117 --> 00:04:50,500A little low1100:05:27,320 --> 00:05:30,326I'll kill him, I swear I will kill him1200:05:37,644 --> 00:05:38,451Drop your guns!1300:05:37,971 --> 00:05:40,535Fat chance -Yeah, that'll happen -1400:05:40,708 --> 00:05:43,272Last chance, let the hostages go15
00:05:44,501 --> 00:05:45,433or you're outta there1600:05:45,433 --> 00:05:47,978Bring the money here to me, Cocoa face1700:05:47,978 --> 00:05:49,658I'll take the four on the left1800:05:49,658 --> 00:05:51,819Why don't you take the two on the rightleave the rest alone1900:05:53,750 --> 00:05:56,170I'll kill them all, I don't care2000:05:56,170 --> 00:05:58,926You should take the two on the right,you're not that fast anymore2100:05:58,926 --> 00:06:00,914The only thing faster is light2200:06:02,037 --> 00:06:03,238We'll see2300:06:04,044 --> 00:06:07,320Bullets are faster than the blades2400:06:08,021 --> 00:06:09,961Bring the money here! Now!2500:06:09,961 --> 00:06:11,459Want money?2600:06:13,274 --> 00:06:14,897. Go and Get It2700:06:16,529 --> 00:06:18,354(cell phone: buzz-buzz!)2800:06:18,959 --> 00:06:19,872What's that?2900:06:19,872 --> 00:06:21,303Insects
3000:06:21,783 --> 00:06:22,704Excuse me?3100:06:23,502 --> 00:06:25,374Kill him!3200:06:30,810 --> 00:06:33,124I call that a tie -Come on, you're dreams -3300:06:33,086 --> 00:06:34,728These guys are arrested development3400:06:35,583 --> 00:06:36,889A little compassion, folks3500:06:37,455 --> 00:06:38,877Ya' know, I don't think you hit one of 'em3600:06:38,877 --> 00:06:40,644I don't see any knives actually3700:06:41,047 --> 00:06:42,200How you guys doin?3800:06:43,574 --> 00:06:45,379What the hell is he doin?3900:06:45,379 --> 00:06:47,367Hanging a pirate -Don't be rediculous4000:06:48,644 --> 00:06:51,227Gunner! What are you doing?4100:06:51,746 --> 00:06:53,062Hanging a pirate4200:06:53,523 --> 00:06:55,319He's seriously demented4300:06:55,319 --> 00:06:57,691This is not good -You're on your own -

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