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Circuit Training Workout # 46

Circuit Training Workout # 46

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Published by Amy Lynn

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Published by: Amy Lynn on Oct 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Circuit Training Workout # 46 Full Body Torture
Need: Dumbbells
Dive Bombers 1m TO Lying Scissors with Toes Touches 1m TO Down Dog, Up
Dog, Down Dog with Knee Tucks 1m (flow through series,down dog, lower into up dog, raise
into down dog, do 2 knee tucks, repeat)
Side Jumps to Side Lunges 1m (Jump to side; lunge. Repeat other side) TO Walking
Push Ups Across Gym Floor (walk plank laterally 3 "steps" , lower into push up, repeat across
floor) TO Crab Dance 1m (alternate opposite hand & foot touching)
Squat Hops Across Gym Floor (squat forward then bring legs together & raise, repeat
forward) TO Low Bear Crawls Back Across Floor (hands & feet move forward together)T O
Alternating Reptile Push Ups 30s (knees alternately come in to touch elbow on lower)
Dumbbell Fast Feet 1m TO Wide Boot Strapper Squats 1m (keep heels down, knees lift
and lower) TO Side Plank Dumbbell Raise 30s Each Side (lift as you raise into side plank)
Body Blasters 1M (squat, roll back, explode into squat, jump back into push up, explode into
squat, repeat)TO Cross Body Climbers 30s (alternate knee to hand quickly, core stays tight)
TO Iso Squat Hammer Curls 1m (hold deep squat while doing hammer curls)
Alternating One Legged Touch Downs with Leg Raises & Knee Hop to Switch 1m
(touch hands down in front, raise leg & lift 3 x, bring knee forward, HOP & quickly switch knee)TO
Plank Dumbbell Transfers 1m ( move weight from right to left hand & place it further out,
repeat other side, core tight) TO Air Squats 1m (quick tempo, wider stance, glutes contract)

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