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The 12 Kingdoms - Prologue

The 12 Kingdoms - Prologue

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Published by campsiteproductions
Prologue to The 12 Kingdoms - a novel.
Prologue to The 12 Kingdoms - a novel.

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Published by: campsiteproductions on Oct 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Remains of a Transcript by Sarnian, Lord of the 3rd House to the Council of Houses. Date
Unknown. We do not believe this to be the full transcript.
...the egg is just a shell. A physical representation, a vessel, a gateway. When the dragon emerges it
is the end, not the beginning. The shell is for us – the humans on this plane of existence. Dragons
are not born here; do not belong here. We force them here. The egg is a prison – a selfish
imprisonment we put on the noble beasts. This world is a prison.
The world of the dragon is different. It is theirs. Designed for them. Here they are solitary beasts.
There they are pack animals. They have families. We drag them from that.
Dragons are safe in their world. They are peaceful. No dragon fights for dominance. No dragon
fights for respect, or land, or food. They exist as one – a peaceful coalition. We could learn a lot
from them.
Imagine if you will you are at your home; your family all around you. You are happy, content.
Then in the next moment you are dragged out of your house by an irresistible force. Taken to an
alien environment and put into a life of servitude. Told you must fight for your new masters; the
same people who have ripped you from your home. You are a slave – with no chance of escaping.
No way of getting home.
This is what we do to dragons. They are our slaves. We treat them as nothing more then dumb
animals, but let me tell you they are better than us.
Yet we need them. They are our saviours. Without them we are weak. The other races are stronger
– protected by magic and gods. Protected by their planet. We are strangers here; new here. We do
not belong. We are a race fighting for survival. But does anyone remember why?
We were dragged from our homes once– millennia ago, to be slaves. We had no choice, we were
taken. We were dumb animals. 100 years ago we escaped from our masters. It was bloody; we lost
many. But who here remembers who helped us? Who here remembers the Blood Elves? Who here
remembers what they taught us; what they gave us. They lead us here, to be free! And who here
remembers how we repaid them?
We are a race born from blood. We are a race full of anger. When we join with the dragons our evil
souls infect those of the noble dragon. That is why they become black, nasty and evil. We are a
cancer to them. And we willingly infect them. We willingly drag them and turn them into the
hideous war machines the others fear. But they should not fear the dragons.
They should fear us, for we taint everything. We are the destroyers. We are the reason this planet is
dyeing. We are the reason the Blood Elves are now almost extinct. We killed our saviours – our
friends. And we are doing it again.
So this is why I ask for this to end. We must stop bringing dragons to this place. If we can survive
by our own means then we are meant to survive here. We must survive in harmony, in peace. We
must put right what we have put wrong. We must rebuild the ties between the Wood Elves and the
Night Elves. We must bring the Orcs back into the light. We must bring the Dwarves back from the
sky, and into the tunnels where they belong. We must proctect the Blood Elves so they can live on.
We must put back the balance we destroyed.
And most importantly, we must handle Them. Them who we blame for destroying the Blood Elves.

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