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Quill October 2010 PDF

Quill October 2010 PDF

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Published by strsmith

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Published by: strsmith on Oct 07, 2010
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 G LD NUGGETS is a blog for and by GPOC members. The intent of GoldNuggets is to grow to be an informational hub for members so they may keep up todate with news and events going on with GPOC. We encourage any member to emailthe webmaster any news or information.You are not able to directly addinformation onto the blog. Information you would like to add needs to be sent to thewebmaster, Stacey Smith, atwww.gpoc.com
      q     u        i         l         l
official publication of The Gold Prospectors of Colorado vol. 37 no. 10
PO Box 1593, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80901
Letter From Your President
Fellow Prospectors:
President’s Letter 
Gold Championships
4Frank Burn’s Award
October Calendar 
5 Yearly Calendar Dredges
6Field Trip Oct. 8th
The Elections are this month folks,come one come all, voice yournominations and even consider whatyou could volunteer for in the future tohelp the club to prosper. This is anopportunity to be on the Board ofDirectors and have a vote on everydecision that comes across the table.The Board meets once a month andyour volunteer time is
one evening
permonth. This is a volunteer organizationthat is dependent upon volunteers tomake it function andblossom with every persons input.
The need for a committee to beformed for the Christmas Party is uponus and volunteers are needed to helpin coordinating the evenings events. Ifyou would like to volunteer for thiscommittee please feel free to contactBob Hale at (719)-313-3383. We havea need for people to cook turkeys andbrisket, help with decorations, setupand cleanup.
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President’s letter, continued
Amazing how much yellow gold I
ve seen come out ofthe ground this month folks! I've never seen so manypeople in one hole at one time, but of course, this is noordinary hole in the ground.
Our New Member outing thismonth produced a lot of interest and unearthed atremendous amount of precious metals. On Saturday the11th of September 38 people worked in shifts and onteams throughout the day. On Sunday our numbersdiminished slightly to a roaring earth moving 22, makingthe pit a little more navigable. Many of the peopleinvolved helped me with the reclamation efforts that theysaw me struggling with on the previous day. My gratitudeto those who so graciously took time out of their playtimeto do so.
Bob Butler: From Buena Vista who sogenerously donated his equipment andknowledge for the weekend for our newmembers to use.Jerry Belver: From Breckenridge, who cameout to help and setup for the weekend.Ron
Novak: From La Veta, drove all that way tohelp setup and break down.Oscar Warner: From the Western Slope, alsovolunteered his equipment to our members forthe weekendJoe
Aldridge: From Arkansas, who helped incoordinating the event and helped everyone,member and nonmember alike, in showingwhere the outing was and how to get involved.
The Denver Gem and Mineral show was a lot offun and my heart felt thanks to all who volunteered andmade the show a relaxing and pleasurable experience.We made some very good friends and relationships thisyear and even had a group from our club after the showvolunteer in helping the show committee indisassembling and packing the display cases in cratesand stacking them on pallets for transport. They fed usdinner and then we helped some senior citizen vendorspack-up their store to help them on their way.Nevertheless we have sparked an interest in many otherclubs as to how we have so many willing volunteers thatseem to enjoy these
sort of activities. The topic of ouroutings came up and the invites we
offer to other cubsfor joint ventures to different claims for various mineralsin Colorado. Not that everyone in our organization has aliking for raw gems, jewels and thousands of otherminerals that riddle our majestic mountain state but itgives us a chance to learn from knowledgeablegeologists and mineralogist's how ouronce volcanic andoceanic home has come to be what it is today.
Our New Member Outing, perhaps my last asPresident if someone else volunteers and is voted in, isgoing to be at Prospector
1 and 2 on the Arkansas RiverNorth of Howard, Colorado. Here we will expect to seeour last outing of the season and unfortunately Imistakenly announced in our last meeting that we wouldhave equipment there to run, but the motorized seasonends on September 30th. We will be learning how to uselong toms and rocker boxes as well as fine tuning oursluicing and panning techniques. Circulatory and electricdevices are welcome and volunteers are needed to dodemonstrations with those units during the non-motorized season.
Thank you to everyone who has made this asuccessful year. It has been a pleasure and honor tohave served you during the procession of our calendarof events. Good prospecting to you and we will see youout there on the mineral trail and in the gold belt.
Sincerely, Big Ben
The Prospector’s Quill is the official newsletter of the GoldProspectors of Colorado. The opinions are those of the authorsand do not necessarily reflect those of the club or its members.The editor, club, officers, and contributors do not assume anyliability for damages resulting from use of information in theProspector’s Quill. Articles of interest are welcomed. All articlessubmitted for publication are subject to editing.Submission of articles must be received before the 20th of themonth. Unless noted, non-profits may reprint or quote fromarticles, provided credit is given to the author’s and publicationand a copy of the newsletter the article appears in is sent tothe editor of The Prospector
s Quill at PO Box 1593, CS CO80913.quill@gpoc.com
Ben Higleypresident@gpoc.com
 Vice President
Wayne Wittkopp
Elise Pearcesecretary@gpoc.com
Bill Smith
Stacey Smithwebmaster@gpoc.com
Lin Smithquill@gpoc.com
Contact Info
for all club activities
Bob Hale
School Events
Phil Vigil 
(719) 391-9975
One Year 
Patrick Hill
Two Year
Three Year
Richard Stockton
1 Gary Beaderstadt Shirley Weilnau Gary Beaderstadt2 Ben Higley Sue Drewes Ben Higley3 Larry Weilnau Linda Jent Shirley Weilnau 
1 Gary Beaderstadt Larry Weilnau Shirley Weilnau2 Shirley Weilnau Gary Beaderstadt Glenn Beattie3 Harry Dove Benjamin Higley Robert Ogilvie 
Shirley Weilnau Craig Koretoff Bill SmithLarry Weilnau Gary Beaderstadt Benjamin HigleyGlenn Beattie Wayne Wittkopp Ted Westcott
2010 Colorado State G LD Panning Championship Results
Trey DoveHarry DoveJulia Davis
LadiesHarr Do
veTeam 3rdTeam 2ndMensStateWorld’s DryTeam 1st
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