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Published by cwetzel1021

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: cwetzel1021 on Oct 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Charles W etzel
University of Nebraska – Lincoln
College of Journalism and Mass Communications
Department of Advertising
Strategic Communications Platform
Rocky Mountain National Park of Colorado is looking to increase travel. Rocky Mountain
National Park offers a great natural setting for visitors to camp, hike, and explore the outdoors as they
see fit. The park is a nationally recognized park and conservation zone by the Federal government of the
United States. Under this protection, the park serves and historical center for promoting a national and
natural heritage. The park maintains many physical phenomena such as mountains, forests, valleys,
lakes, rivers. Rocky Mountain National Park is also the natural habitat for numerous animal and plant
species. Due to its great reverence for nature, the park promotes a nostalgic awareness of the
environment. This awareness also extends to the harsh realities of weather and natural disasters we are
normally sheltered from in modern urban living.
Major external threats that the park is constantly trying to overcome are various other
vacation destinations within not only Colorado, but elsewhere around the planet.
Focus for this piece is centered around: Elderly retirees, mature
naturalist observers, and grandparents. For this group of individuals, they are a less wired, enjoy a slower
pace to life, and are cognoscente of maintaining and sharing a heritage or tradition. We will assume that
they have visited a national park sometime earlier in their life, as their age group (50+) constitutes a
healthy portion of the park’s visitors. This group does not participate in as much of the high-risk climbing
and adventure sports as do younger demographics for obvious health and safety reasons.
At no time should this group be regarded as old, feeble, and lacking any other ability
attribute to the average, healthy American. This age group transcends racial, cultural, and economic
demographics. This group also does not want to be limited on account of their age.
First step to achieving our goal is assessing the problem: Rocky
Mountain National Park would like to increase visitor traffic of the 50+ age group. Focus should also be on
creating a way to increase web traffic to the park’s Web site.
The campaign should help give the perception that the park is an opportunity for the
individual to share nature and its majestic beauty with a close friend, family member, or grandchild. Their
action is paramount. Without their contribution, this great tradition will be lost. These individuals will
reinforce the longevity and non-commercial value of experiencing Rocky Mountain National Park by
sharing it with a loved one.
Standing in our way are other national parks and vacation sites within
Colorado. Stressing the uniqueness and quality of this world-famous park can help to overcome direct
competition. Outside of the niche competition, the campaign has to compel travelers, in their 50’s and
beyond, to come to Colorado’s Rocky Mountains who might otherwise travel to a coast or another
country. Competition will also come from any other product/service that caters to discretionary-fund
spenders. Giving the individual a sense of duty and responsibility to this part of their history should help to
motivate them to make a visit.
50+ yr. old individuals who are looking for a vacation spot should side on
the idea that those who do visit the park, together with friends/family, are heroes of America’s heritage
and gift-givers of America’s natural beauty. By vacationing to this specific park, the individual is giving a
priceless gift to: 1) the next generation, and/or 2) a loved one.

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