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Sprout Bean

Sprout Bean

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A children's poem that was written to be illustrated.
A children's poem that was written to be illustrated.

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Published by: Joshua Lee Andrew Jones on Oct 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Joshua Jones8 Oldfield DriveEach quatrain equals an illustrated page
Sprout Bean
Sprout Bean was snuggled in his comfy, peaceful podWhen a beam of light appeared and this seemed quite oddA wonderful ray he had never seen beforeA pure yellow white light he could now not ignoreHe wiggled free, stood and then slowly moves to the distant door The flash of color receded and he wanted to see moreThe front door opened very wide and Sprout could see the Earth and SkyHe had never gone out before, but he decided to step out and give it a tryAll of outside was as bright as the flash and so very wide Nothing like the lovely, comfy, cozy cool spaces insideIt was a long and scary climb down to the waiting groundIt was a new vision so he could not know what would be foundThe hardest choice was to get going but the first step was takenThe rest of the journey was easy unless he was mistakenBut a grip and a hold and the stalk helped him along with a slideMade by the silvery hairs and shiny, smooth skin the shaft provides
At the end of the ride he stumbled but he did not fallSprout got his footing and looked up to a big yellow ballIt flew over head but did not fall, and it was beautifulHe looked towards a field of flowers so pretty and fullA voice from below Sprout’s feet sounded very close and caringA voice from the sky came down and said, “This one we are sharing”“I am Father Sun”, “I am Mother Earth” as the low went high“I am Sprout Bean, nice to meet you wherever you are hiding”“We do not ever hide. We surround and give all life”“I am the bright Sun and this is your mother, my wife”“I am the Earth and we are all together, we are one.“We are pleased you peaked out and now your travels have begun”“We will watch, but not push, your path as you explorechanging lands and it started with an opened door.There are many siblings out there to meet and greet.They will answer your questions, so this you must complete”Sprout Bean began to stroll down the long winding pathOn all sides life grew and bloomed along the open passSome plants were tall and others wide with colorful leaves
Sprout saw the path was getting narrower at the treesThe stroll came to a place of rushing, roaring and growing soundsA path that shines and changes with rippling and sinking moundsSprout walked to the edge and felt a cool flowing that wouldn’t stopHe knew that this was what makes him grow and looked at every dropIt was the willful water, a river of creating directionThe riverbanks sung along with the river in pure unisonAnother voice was heard and it was quiet and soft but it bellowedA greeting was then said, “Hello I am the Weeping Willow”“I am Sprout. Happy to meet you. Why do you sound so sad?”“Oh my young one, I weep tears of joy and truly I’m glad.The beauty of this day is so great, I must sound aloud.It is my nature to be this way and I am very proud”“Well goodbye Willow. I am glad you are not filled with sorrow.I must be on my way and will journey unto tomorrow”Sprout went downstream and saw the dragonflies reflecting like gemsDiving to the water not one at a time but all of them

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