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Rambling With the Forces in Caubul -Using Cartoon Propaganda to Sell the US:ISAF Occupation by Peter Torbay

Rambling With the Forces in Caubul -Using Cartoon Propaganda to Sell the US:ISAF Occupation by Peter Torbay

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Published by PTorbay
A proposal for COIN using cartoon propaganda as a humanitarian gesture to recapture the soul of Afghans before the remaining few elders die off, and AF becomes the world's largest open-air amnesiac prison camp.
A proposal for COIN using cartoon propaganda as a humanitarian gesture to recapture the soul of Afghans before the remaining few elders die off, and AF becomes the world's largest open-air amnesiac prison camp.

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Published by: PTorbay on Oct 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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is active in international dwrites for Arakozia Publishing Surghar Wworking along with Arakozia on media caforthcoming book 
Diminution and Develo
final publication approval by Algora Publis
 Rambling with
Using Cartoon Propaga
“‘Afghanistan’ is the perfect neobaby, and a perfect neo-conservatiis a joke going around in political“We are spending ourselves into oa command joke in the US militaryHow did we get into this ‘emergencost-creep, now a $160 billion/yeaI will suggest in this article that thoccupation has failed to achieve itstated objectives in Afghanistan,America waits for the Global Waparoxysm to end before the US ecrebuild, that
Americans we at leAfghan peoples restoration of theinot reconstruction of their homes aIt’s more than simply ‘strategic ob‘situational analysis’. The US:ISA‘standup’ central authority in Kabup by an Afghan Army and provinis
 fundamentally flawed!
If you waclear prognosis, look at our neighbTheir government, army and proviare powerless to control the internacartels, rampant kidnappings andTheir economy is in ruins.
That’s A
velopment,ekly, and ispaigns. His
, is inhing, NY.
 the Forces in Cau
da to Sell the US:ISAF Occup
-liberal tarve lab rat,”circles, as,blivion,” isthese days.y funding’
e US:ISAFofficially-and whileon Terroronomy canast owe thedignity, if d lands.ectives’ ormodel forl, proppedcial militiant a crystalr, Mexico.cial militiational drugexecutions.
.But first let’s define, what
‘ALord Mountstuart Elphinstone,
 Account of the Kingdom of Cau
‘Afghanistan’ in 1808-10, onebehalf of the British East Idescribes, ‘
Taujiks, Hindkees, Burrukees, Poormoolees, Si Awauns, Paruanchehs, HindoShulmanunees…
’ living there aof the ‘melting pot’ which ‘Af already become under Shah Dmonarchy fully organized byyears before USA achieved its i
 Afghanistan was an historically
fghanistan’?in his epic,
, mission toundertaken ondia franchise,
Cohistaunees,dehees, Juts,os, Deggauns,
s an indicationghanistan’ hadrrani’s rule, a1747, some 30ndependence.
stable nation!
Then why does Western media toAfghanistan with passive, jingoist‘failed state’, ‘corrupt dictatorship’mafia’? Self-proclaimed
pundits should be imaging a ‘Lon‘Dresden Fire Storm’, even ‘NewThirty years of foreign occupatiowar deliberately
the AfghLike the quip goes: 'subject, …verbThe real ‘failed state’ is the state of War on Terror, whose military santo kill or capture Osama bin Ladenal-Qa’ida sanctuary in the AfghThat was State-Defense’ slogan,
in Afghanistan until we capture Laden!’
So we are now obliged toBin Laden Corpse Cult with tithe-and
occupy AfghanistColonialists, while the insurgencyunder our hegemonic ‘sanctuary’ frThe colonial framework Britain cwhich Ben Hopkins terms in
The Modern Afghanistan
as the "Elepisteme', in subtle ways went on town concept of ‘Afghanistan’, afrom English preoccupation with cdating back to the AD 1600’s,pointedly refers to in works of Indihistorian Jyotsna Singh:“In her book,
Colonial Narrativ Dialogues
, Singh introduces andpost-colonial model to describemodern English encounter with(as well Afghanistan). Singh beginwith an invocation of the ‘trope of deployed by European writers to delands and cultures as
open and r constructions of the cultural ‘other’
ay refer toslurs as aor ‘narco-
mediadon Blitz’,iroshima’.and civilan state!, …‘9/11’.'our Globaltions wereand ‘denyn region’.
e will stayor kill bin
orship thetax dollars,an as Neois growingamework.onstructed,
akings of 
hinstonianshape ournd derivesolonialism,hich Aunean political
develops athe earlyogul Indias her studydiscovery’pict distant
eceptive to
.What is important for Singh isof discovery allowed the Britisprivileged epistemological pos… they could claim new knocould then be re-constitutedbinaries of 
civilized / barbaromodernity and Christianity / he
These binaries, as they apptravel writing of India, constitut
which ‘discovers’demarcations of identity andbinaries such as ‘civilized’ andSo who is civilized and who isextensively detailed in my
 D Development 
how US:ISAF inits own trope, that of the ‘failecan only be saved by occupatiothen resource exploitation, m‘self-help redevelopment’, whilTaliban insurgency as ‘Islamof  justification for a continued oan inexorably growing US war
how the tropeto “gain … aition, wherebyledge” whichs the colonial
us, tradition / thendom
.ar in Englishe a “
new lands viadifference …
 ‘barbarous’.”arbarous? I’ve
iminution and 
asion employsd state’, whichn, pacification,squerading ase it demonizesa
scist Jihad’ inccupation, andppropriations.
In preparation for that prolonged occupation,war propagandists laid out their plan describedin a US Army War College thesis by Peter L.Burnett Jr., titled
 Information Operations
 During the initial attack against Afghanistan,the Afghan people’s views of America werenegative primarily due to a lack of knowledgethe people possessed regarding the attack. TheTaliban government and the leadership of al-Qaida tried to convince the people of  Afghanistan that America was attacking thereligious faith of the Afghan nation. TheTaliban government and the al-Qaidanetwork’s goal was to gain the support of the Afghan population, the political will of the people, and to promote hatred toward any American effort in Afghanistan
Using PSYOP as a tool, America was able toreach the people through leaflets, food,broadcast coordination, use of coalition forces, and ‘good deeds’ to prove Americawas not attacking their religious faith, but wasattacking terrorist activities. The PSYOP
efforts cast a brighter light regarding America’s efforts in Afghanistan, regardlessof America’s efforts or explanation
.”The problem with that is we believed our ownPSYOP! Americans are being led to believetheir own myths.An RT News stream from AlJazeera citing CBS News, says,
“Corruptionis the biggest enemy in Afghanistan. It’s much,much bigger than the Taliban. It’s much,much bigger than al-Qa’ida.”
‘Corruption’, of course, isn’t an insurrectionistmovement. You can’t drop Hellfire missilesfrom loitering UAVs on ‘corruption’, like youcan on an Afghan wedding party. You can’t‘clear and hold’ as ~28% of Afghan nationalincome is skimmed for
! And youcan’t rebrand ballot-stuffing as ‘certified andlegitimate’, ...even for the leading contender.My point is not to belittle the US:ISAF effort,even with the now $1 trillion in unfunded wardeficit that our children will have to refinance,but to emphasize what Hamid Karzai himself warned before his 2004 election – the problemof 
. Ashraf Ghani made the samepoint in 2009. Customs tax levies are beingskimmed, perhaps 1/3
never reaching Kabul;looting of public lands by provincial andsecurity officials is in 1,000’s of 
everyday; imports are denatured, in the raw qualityof Afghan fuel; construction and purchasecontracts are awarded to government croniesin the Karzai State media and primary industrymonopolies; and of course, the drug cartels.International drug cartels have taken ~$560billion out of Afghanistan in eight years post-Taliban, (before which poppy growing was
), according to Ghani. Of this, $18billion was skimmed off by drug warlords inthe ‘Group of Twenty’ Families, and theKabul Administration’s ‘Group of 100’.
‘National Security’ Emergency Funding
$0$50$100$150$2002002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008

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