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Boxee Box by D-Link (DSM-380)

Boxee Box by D-Link (DSM-380)

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The Boxee Box brings all your favorite TV shows & movies from the Internet or your hard drive onto your TV - no PC needed.
The Boxee Box brings all your favorite TV shows & movies from the Internet or your hard drive onto your TV - no PC needed.

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: D-Link Nordic and Benelux on Oct 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bxee Bx
SteaM, St, aD pla Digital MeDia   tV
MultiMedia For HdtV
enjoy your fvor mumd conn 
1080 (Fu HD) on your HDtV
innoVatiVe design
th rmo conro ncuds  QWet-
sy kybord for fs nd sy nu
reVolutionary interFace
efforssy brows hrouh  mss cocon of onn
movs, musc, nd wb conn
liMiteD iteet Ctet   HDtV
Hh-dnon vson ss (HDtVs) r bcomn  common sh n h hom, y h moun of Hh Dnon (HD) conn vb for hs vsons
s ofn md o xnsv Bu-ry™ dscs nd s srvcs. Consumrs who wn o k hr HDtV xrnc o h nx v r urnn o Box.
th Box Box ows you o vw  wh of fr, hh-quy HD conn on your HDtV hrouh your hom inrn conncon. accss conn from
outub™, MtV™, Shoucs™, nd housnds of ohr on-dmnd inrn md sourcs.1
MltiMeDia + SCial etWig = aWeSMe
Box s h rs md cnr o nr wh soc nworks such s twr nd Fcbook, own you o rcommnd movs, tV shows, nd sons o
your frnds, nd so s whch shows hy r wchn. Box’s on sysm mns h nw conn s consny bn ddd vrydy. a of your s
x™1 movs, C™ nws fds, nd pndor™ son rcommndons r vb s soon s you urn on your Box Box.1
giVe  MeDia ClleCti a eW liFe
if you hv your own cocon of downodd mumd conn, Box w uomcy sor nd rsn  n md brry com wh covr rwork,
oon subs, nd synoss. Jus connc n xrn hrd drv or sh sor drv v SB, or shr md s from your comur ovr your hom
eaS t Set p aD eaSie t Se
Wrss  suor nd n sy-o-connc HDMi nrfc h o mn h yc jumb of unshy cbs. Jus u n h owr, connc  o your
tV, nd h Box Box s rdy o o. Box’s fmous 10-foo nrfc, scy dsnd for HDtV scrns, mks  sy o conro your Box xrnc
from h comfor of your couch. efforssy brows h wb nd nr x usn h QWet kybord on h bck of h rmo.
Boxee Box
Bxee Bx
SteaM, St, aD pla Digital MeDia   tV
WHat tHiS pDCt DeS
th Bo Bo (DSM-380) rovds n
sy wy o brn mumd o your
vson. Smy connc h Bo Bo
o h inrn usn  wrss or wrd
conncon. pu n h HDMi cb, nd
off you o. Bo’s 10-foo usr nrfc
ows you o comforby brows hrouh
conn from h comfor of your couch.
Bo rovds ccss o conn from 
wd vry of onn sourcs.
e FeateS
ƒWrss  cby
ƒmo wh 4-wy nvon nd
QWet kyd
ƒ2 SB ors
ƒSD crd so
ƒHDMi or
ƒSuor for mjor forms ncudn:
adob Fsh 10.1, H.264, nd Mp3
ƒin aom Ce4100 rocssor
 etW Setp
pWe CeCt
Conncs o h owr dr
aalg aDi ptS
Conncs o no udo
ptiCal aDi pt (S/pDiF)
Conncs o your sound sysm
HDMi pt
Conncs o n HD vson s
ea SB ptS
Connc o SB sor
etHeet pt
Conncs o your nwork
pWe Btt
turns h dvc on/off
Me Btt
For mnu funcons
DieCtial paD
For drcon nvon of mnus
pla/paSe Btt
pus or rsum ybck
MeDia CaD Slt
accs SD crds
eMte Ctl
Ft pael
ea paelQWet eBaD
For nrn x

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