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Published by keval patel

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Published by: keval patel on Oct 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Injection Systems
 Multi Point
SimultaneousInjectors receive pulses from E.C.U. twice per engine cycle.( Corsa 13 NE, 16NE, Astra 14SE, 16SE, 18XE, 20SHE )SequentialInjectors are pulsed by E.C.U. once per engine cycle as per sparplug firing order. ( Astra 20XE )GroupedInjectors pulsed in groups or banks, once or twice per cycledepending on system design
Single Point
Throttle BodySingle injector mounted on throttle body pulsed as per enginerequirement ( Astra 160 TBI )
Injectors on the Bosch Motronic engine management systems receive battery voltage and aretriggered by the E.C.U. depending on the signals received from the various sensors attachedto the engine. Fuel pressure is constant (M.P.F.I. –250 to 300 Kpa).Injector opening frequency (Hz) and duration (pulse width) determine the amount of fuelbeing delivered to the combustion chamber. Variations in pulse width and frequency ensurethat adequate fuel is supplied for efficient engine operation.
LONGER PULSE WIDTH= RICHER MIXTURESHORTER PULSE WIDTH= LEANER MIXTUREPulse rate and width will increase with increased engine rpm and load.
 Duty Cycle
Duty cycle is the combination of pulse width and pulse rate, and is expressed as a percentageof time “ON” and time “OFF” eg. If an injector was on for 10ms and closed for 90ms, theduty cycle “ON” is 10% and the duty cycle “OFF” is 90%. The total on and off duty cyclereading should be 100%.CrankingInjector duration is longer during cranking (richer mixture) for easier startingand to promote warm-up.IdlingInjector duration is longer at start-up if engine is cold, and graduallydecreases as engine warms up.AccelerationInjector duration is longer at initial acceleration to prevent “flat spot”RunningInjection pulse is controlled by the E.C.U. depending on the signals receivedfrom the various engine sensors.

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