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The Worse Dare With the Cullen 10

The Worse Dare With the Cullen 10

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Published by Goober27
w00t W00T i finished it!!! AHHHHHH okay, its now jasper's turn :)
w00t W00T i finished it!!! AHHHHHH okay, its now jasper's turn :)

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Published by: Goober27 on Oct 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Worse Dare with the Cullen's 10Jaspers pov:Okay, everyone meet back here at noon. Then wewill go get some lunch for the human. Then we cancontinue till 8:30. Got it? Get ready set, go!I had no clue what I was gonna do, but I just ran intothis little café that was attached to a huge mall. I lookedaround to find everyone just sitting and taking. Once Ientered the room, all their heads looked up at me. I hadto do something quick.CHEESE!! and with that I ran out of there at humanspeed as fast as I could. So I ran into the Mall and lookedaround to see what I had to work with.There was (as far as I could see) this one old lady, agroup of teenagers, about three couples and a lot of single men and women. As I thought this, it brought backmemories of this one time all us Cullen's did a prank atthe mall with this old lady and some othersFlashback
((This flashback it originally teamjacobes story calledPranking Mike. If you dont want to read 16 pages of it,(but I recommend you do) read the highlighted parts.))
Edward scowled for a moment before he said, "Pretend the inter com is the voice of God." Alice stood up without another word.She knew when the intercom would come on, so she was ready.She wandered the store until she was in the grocery departmentwhen the intercom came on."Cleanup in aisle 12, Cleanup in aisle 12."Alice fell to her knees, her hands thrown up into the air."God has spoken!!" She yelled, completely playing the part. Thecustomers began staring at her, fearing for her sanity. Alice jumped up and ran over to an old woman."Did you hear that?! God spoke to me!"Then Alice skipped off as if nothing happened. "Jasper, you'renext." _____________________________________________ Jasper sat up straighter in the chair. ³What do I have todo?´ He asked in a formal voice.Alice smirked at him, and he seemed to shrink back under her gaze. I giggled for a little bit.
³Your task is to get into a huge panic over the intercomvoices.´He stood up, grateful that there wasn¶t any more. He brushed his honey blonde hair out of his face before Alice said,³There is also a second part. I won¶t tell you what it is until youdo this one first.´Finally, Jasper slowly walked over to the music section and began browsing through the CDs. I saw no point at him doingthis; the Cullens had them all anyway.Once again, the intercom came on. ³Alexi, you¶re neededin the shoe department; Alexi, you¶re need in the shoedepartment.´ An employee from the music department left thescene, so Jasper wouldn¶t get in trouble later.Jasper fell to the ground.³THE VOICES!! OH GOD, THE VOICES!!! WHYWON¶T THEY STOP?!´ He screamed.The old woman Alice talked to earlier came up to him.³Don¶t panic, lad! It¶s the voice of God!´³I think that woman is senile!´ Emmett whispered loudly,and we all laughed.³What¶s the second part?´ Jasper asked in the same formal toneafter he came back over to us.³You have to go up to customer service«´I didn¶t hear the last part, because Alice whispered it to him.Rosalie and Edward were fighting back smiles, whileEmmett was shaking with laughter.

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