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Turtles' Stories and Poems

Turtles' Stories and Poems



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Published by Karumbé
Historias y poemas de niños uruguayos que viven en la costa (La lengua materna en el Uruguay es el español y la segunda es el ingles )
Historias y poemas de niños uruguayos que viven en la costa (La lengua materna en el Uruguay es el español y la segunda es el ingles )

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Published by: Karumbé on Jul 11, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Antonia Bauzá & Anita Aisemberg
C.I.D., Proyecto Karumbé, Tortugas Marinas del Uruguay J. Paullier 1198/101, Montevideo, Uruguay,karumbe@adinet.com.uy 
Karumbé has been working since 1999 on the review and conservation of the sea turtlesof Uruguay. The facts show that frequently turtles are trapped in fishermen nets, andoccasionally they are processed, eaten and their carapaces are sold. Taking this intoaccount and for protecting these ancient reptiles which ply our seas, we consideressential an educational programme. During 2002, Karumbé made a preliminary surveyon twelve locations of the coastline, along a total of 530 km (‘Río de la Plata’ estuaryand Atlantic Ocean), working with children and fishermen of our most important fishingcommunities. Our objective was to make the local people aware of the present situationof the sea turtles, as well as collecting the necessary information for designing anEducational Project for the critical areas. In this first evaluation, we discovered a greatinterest on the topic, both by children and adults. We also registered that some childrenof the studied areas do not attend to their school classes, but they are very receptive tolearning about these animals, children who sometimes have seen the turtles alive ordead trapped in a net or as part of a meal. We consider possible and necessary,according to our findings, to continue and extend the activities on critical areas,promoting the cooperative work with the fishermen and their families, with childrentransmitting the message of the pressing need of a new future for the sea turtles.
Historias y poemas de niños uruguayos que viven en lacosta (La lengua materna en el Uruguay es el español y alsegunda es el ingles)
The Fisherman and his friend
Once upon a time in a fishing village there was a fisherman. He was notnice with the fish but with the turtles he was very good. He loved theLeatherback Turtles! One day when he was at the sea, the boat started movingfrom one place to the other like as if something big was under…perhaps awhale. He fell down to the water. He was very nervous at the beginning butthen he saw it was a turtle, a Leatherback Turtle. The turtle was very nice.They swam together a lot, and a lot but when they realized it was very late atnight, and the turtle asked the man to stay in his house to rest. So, they wenthome.The fisherman realized that the turtle was pregnant. He helped her to lay theeggs and she thanked him a lot and said that she would never forget him. Twomonths later the babies were born and went happily to the sea, saying goodbyeto the fisherman who looked at them with the eyes full of tears.Emiliano Cornalino, 11 years old
My Green Turtle
When she was very small, she survived to the crabs and seagulls. In thewater she also survived to sharks and all the animals that eat turtles. But oneday, while this special turtle was eating, she was trapped in a net. She couldmanage to escape but she hurt herself. She was ill. She decided to go to thebeach. There she found some people who helped her and that was were I metthe animal who changed my life. As the turtle did not look well, I took her to my swimming pool. The firstday she was very shy but the second day she went from here to there. I calledher ‘Joaquina’. A very sad but happy day was when it was time to freeJoaquina. We went to the ‘Playa Brava’ and I let my dearest friend go. I wasvery sad because I thought that I would never see my friend again.The following summer I traveled to Brazil for my holidays. One night, Iwas walking at the beach and I see the figure of a turtle. She was laying hereggs. I went very slowly and to my surprise, Joaquina was there. I could notbelieve that she was going to be a mother!
Life goes like this. Being with Joaquina was the best thing that happenedto me. She taught me about life, braveness and the necessity of freedom. I willnever forget her.Natalia Nóbile, 11 years old
TheTurtles’ Poem
Turtles lay their eggsThey are all in the sandFor two months and some daysThey just sleep for a whileThen they go outTo the deep blue seaThey stay in a safe place And then into the open seaThey grow upIn the dangerous oceanFind a mate and give birthTo beautiful hatchlings who canGo and be free, free as the sunLuca Daniele, 12 years old
evin, thepurple Turtle
Kevin, the purple turtleSwims and swimsHe can’ t stopBecause a turtle he isKevin, Kevin,Never stop swimmingPlease do not stopIf you doI will cry and cry

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