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A Moon Salutation

A Moon Salutation

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Published by nagimanne

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Published by: nagimanne on Jul 11, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Moon Salutation
Everything is relative: the sun is yang relative to the moon. But, the moon is yang relativeto the earth. Even the salutations to the moon can be too warming for the muscles at sometimes. However, on a cold winter morning when the muscles are very stiff and frozen, afew round of a moon salutation could be ideal just before a yin practice.Just as there are dozens of variations of Sun Salutations, there are many versions of theMoon Salutation. The offering below is based on the Kripalu tradition as adapted by theRa-Hoor-Khuit Network. You may find it a great way to prepare the hips for a yinsession targeting the liver. [Additional information can be found at the web siteRa-Hoor-Khuit Network.]This
Chandra Namaskar 
[Moon Salutation] begins in mountain pose [Tadasana], just likea Sun Salutation. From there the flow is quite different. Use your breath as the envelopefor all movements: begin the breath before you begin the movement and end themovement before you end the breath.
1)Anjali Mudra
: Stand in Tadasana. Root your feet, hug your thighs together, andlift your crown to the moon. Press palms together at elbow level in anjali mudra(prayer).
2)Half Moon
: Lift arms overhead, interlacing fingers, and pointing index fingersupward in temple position. Root left foot and left hip, extending torso and bend tothe right. Root right foot and right hip and, extending the torso, come back through center - bending to the left. Root left foot, return to center.
: Step to the right and point feet slightly outward. Soften knees and squat,lowering your sitting bones and your bent elbows downward, but raise your handsand fingertips upward.
: Root feet and straighten legs, keeping feet wide apart. Hug thighs to themiddle and lift your crown skyward. Extend fingertips and arms at shoulder level.5.
: Turn right toes to right, left heel to left, and press left hip, extendingtorso to right. Lower right hand as you raise left hand.6.
: Lower both hands toward right foot, folding over the right leg. Rest your hands on leg, foot, or the floor. Root your feet and tighten your thighs, lifting your kneecap.7.
: Bend the forward (right) knee, bringing hands to floor on either side of front foot, and lower your back knee to floor. Root the right foot and top of the leftfoot into the floor.8.
Wide Leg Squat
: Bring both hands to the inside of the right foot, and lower your tailbone as you pivot the right foot to face the center, rotating the left leg so that toes point upward. Bring your hands together in anjali mudra. If that is too challenging,keep the palms on the floor.
: Bring the right leg toward center. Root your feet, lowering your tailbone. If flexibility allows, bring palms together at elbow level. If your heels are lifted, don'tworry about it: you could try keeping the feet a little wider apart. Keep the knees andfeet pointing in the same direction.10.
Wide Leg Squat
: With hands once again on the floor, extend right leg to the side.Bring your hands together in anjali mudra. If that is too challenging keep the palmson the floor.11.
: Pivot to face the left knee, with hands on either side of the left foot,rotating the right leg and bringing the right knee to floor. Root the left foot and top of the right foot into the floor.12.
: This time fold over the straightening left leg. Rest your hands on leg,foot, or the floor. Root your feet and tighten your thighs, lifting your kneecap.13.
: Sweep right arm upward and back, sliding left hand along the left legtowards the ground.

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