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Published by lucifer_butler

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Published by: lucifer_butler on Oct 09, 2010
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one bangsar outlets lose court case
One Bangsar outlets lose court case
Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 20:17:00
The High Court here today dismissed an application for judicial review by nine restaurants in OneBangsar, Jalan Ara to quash the Kuala Lumpur mayor's decision disallowing a further extension of the planningpermission of the outlets.Judge Datuk Mohd Zawawi Salleh made the decision in chambers and dismissed it with RM20,000 in costs.However, the court granted the applicant, Markibra Services, an interim stay of the decision, pending the hearing of astay application on Oct 26.B. Thangaraj, appearing for Mayor Datuk Seri Ahmad Fuad Ismail, told reporters that Mohd Zawawi ruled that therewas no legitimate expectation created by the respondent because the planning permission was granted on atemporary basis.He said the planning permission was to be renewed every year. The planning permission, which is a temporaryapproval for the change of land use from residential to commercial status, expired at the end of last year.The Kuala Lumpur City Hall had granted Markibra Services with the maximum of five-year planning permission.In its judicial review application filed on Feb 25, this year, Markibra sought the court's order to quash the mayor'sdecision in not allowing a further extension of the planning permission.It also sought the court's order compelling the mayor to grant a renewal of the planning permission for 10 years or anyperiod deemed fair and reasonable by the court. Markibra was represented by counsel Tommy Thomas.It was reported that Ahmad Fuad had said that the planning permission was not extended after taking into accountresidents' demands that Jalan Ara regain its residential status.Printer-friendly versionSend to friend
good job and well done to DBKL. please dont give face to this bunch of people who do not know the meaning of `TEMPORARY`.
Submitted by max on Thursday, October 7th, 2010.
 replyPls don't turn Bangsar into a entertainment area anymore... Go to Solaris or somewhere far far away la...
Submitted by Anonymous on Thursday, October 7th, 2010.
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Page 1 of 4One Bangsar outlets lose court case | Malay Mail Online10/10/2010http://www.mmail.com.my/content/51482-one-bangsar-outlets-lose-court-case
Submitted by GOUNDAMANI on Wednesday, October 6th, 2010.
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Page 2 of 4One Bangsar outlets lose court case | Malay Mail Online10/10/2010http://www.mmail.com.my/content/51482-one-bangsar-outlets-lose-court-case
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Page 3 of 4One Bangsar outlets lose court case | Malay Mail Online10/10/2010http://www.mmail.com.my/content/51482-one-bangsar-outlets-lose-court-case

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