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Proven 6 Grid Connect v3.0[1]

Proven 6 Grid Connect v3.0[1]

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Published by artleader

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Published by: artleader on Oct 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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www.provenenergy.com info@provenenergy.com Tel +44 (0)1355 597 000
Proven Energy Ltd
The Torus Building, Rankine AvenueScottish Enterprise Technology ParkEast Kilbride G75 0QF, ScotlandTel: +44 (0)1355 597 000 Fax: +44 (0)1355 597 001
Proven 6 Installation Manual V 3.0www.provenenergy.com info@provenenergy.com Tel +44 (0)1355 597 000
Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction
1.1 System Description1.2 System Components1.3 System Specifications1.4 Health & Safety Information
2.0 Electrical Installation
2.1 Schematic for Connection2.2 GW60002.3 ECM6004ME/300 Control Box2.4 WB–6000/WB-3000 Grid Connect Inverter2.5 Description of Typical System Operation2.6 Method of Disconnection from Grid2.7 Electrical Wiring
3.0 Mechanical Installation
3.1 Tools Required3.2 Tower Assembly3.3 Connecting the Turbine Head to the Yaw Frame3.4 Slip Ring Assembly3.5 Preparing the Cable Termination at the Turbine Head End3.6 Brake Cable Installation3.7 Fitting the Covers3.8 Blade Assembly3.9 Zebedee Spring Assembly3.10 Raising the Turbine3.11 Lowering the Turbine
4.0 Wind Turbine Maintenance
4.1 Annual Maintenance4.2 Wind Turbine Maintenance Schedule4.3 Maintenance Check List4.4 Recommended Spares
5.0 Wind Turbine Operation
5.1 Power Curve5.2 Vibration5.3 Noise5.4 Stopping the Turbine
6.0 Trouble Shooting7.0 Appendices
Proven 6 Installation Manual V 3.0www.provenenergy.com info@provenenergy.com Tel +44 (0)1355 597 000
1.0 Introduction
1.1 System Description
The PROVEN 6 Wind turbine generator has a rated output of 6000W at 300V A.C.The PROVEN 6 is a downwind three bladed turbine. It comprises a steel turbineframe mounted on a steel tower assembly. The turbine frame supports encapsulatedwindings and bearings that in turn support a rotating shaft and permanent magnetrotor assembly. One end of the shaft has a propeller blade assembly comprisingglass thermoplastic composite blades that are hinged on a rotor plate. The bladesare held in their correct position by Zebedee springs that allow the blades to form acone shape in high winds. In this shape, the turbine is able to limit its rotationalspeed. The turbine frame also houses a service brake assembly that acts upon abrake attached to the rotor shaft.The tower that is connected to the turbine frame has a steel base plate thatincorporates a raising and lowering mechanism. The top of the tower has a yawbearing assembly that permits the turbine frame to rotate. The blades are thereforeable to turn depending on wind direction and speed. A winch mounted inside thetower is connected to the service brake in the turbine frame.The generator encapsulated stator windings are connected to a slip ring unit at thetop of the tower for onwards connection to a certified junction box.

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