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06-24-10 PARRHESIA_GCJ Peace Revolution 008 Copy

06-24-10 PARRHESIA_GCJ Peace Revolution 008 Copy

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Published by 8thestate
As featured in Peace Revolution Podcast's episode 008: PARRHESIA / A Curriculum for Intellectual Self-Defense
As featured in Peace Revolution Podcast's episode 008: PARRHESIA / A Curriculum for Intellectual Self-Defense

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: 8thestate on Oct 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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www.TragedyandHope.comwww.PeaceRevolution.org  PARRHESIA: A MESSAGE TO GEORGE CLAYTON JOHNSON / From Richard GroveConfidential 10/9/2010 / Page 1 of 11
PARRHESIA: A Message to George Clayton Johnson
(by the way, that’s the title of this message, not the title of the Story)
June 24, 2010 / Outline of a Virtual ConversationIntroduction / Shibboleth
 Since I find it useful to give titles to my correspondences, let me take a moment to explain what I mean byParrhesia so we can start on the same page… In the classic discipline of rhetoric,
is a figure of speech described as:
to speak candidly or to ask forgiveness for so speaking
The term is borrowed fromtheGreek  
"all" +
"utterance, speech") meaning literally "to speak everything"and by extension "to speak freely," "to speak boldly," or "boldness." It implies not only freedom of speech, but the obligation to speak the truth for the common good, even at personal risk.My name is Richard Grove, and if pressed to label myself, I’d offer that I’m a human being who is anactive, comprehensive student of a world inventory of human resources, potentials, trends, and needs.I seek to solve problems which are not being comprehensively or effectively addressed. I do this byseeking to Simply, Clarify, & Economize through a process of Creativity, Fluidity, and Integrity. …and Ilike share Time Management techniques which endeavor to make the world classroom into a place whereit’s safe and fun for everyone to learn at their own rate.It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance and I’m extremely humbled and thus grateful for your grantingme an audience to share some positive energy with you… which I hope will prove to be an exchange of wisdom which transmutes into a meaningful experience for all involved.If I’m not overstepping my bounds, I’d also like to extend you an early Happy Birthday… July 10
isn’tthat far off, and I figured it would take you a few days to consume the contents; so I hope you’re amusedat receiving it a bit early ;) Look at it as the universe showing you a little love for keeping your interestfor so long… we’re all fortunate to be here living in these interesting times… and I like to think that Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.
Part 3
: The Breakout / Status Quo becomes Obsolete (CD-2)We need to cogently and consistently communicate the STORY of the unintentional creation of thePerfect Product to the 4 billion people here now, and the multitude of billions beyond in years to come…who thrive as a result of the Perfect Product transmuting the status quo into a reality where human actionsare no longer oxymoronically opposed to human necessities for survival… both short and long term… wehave a responsibility to our friends, our families, and generations to come… but first we have to accept theresponsibility of being ourselves… it takes more courage to be yourself and not outsource your thinkingand all that comes with dealing with the unknown; than it does for a soldier to stand on a foreign battlefield.
www.TragedyandHope.comwww.PeaceRevolution.org  PARRHESIA: A MESSAGE TO GEORGE CLAYTON JOHNSON / From Richard GroveConfidential 10/9/2010 / Page 2 of 11
Outline of the Perfect Product (still in its infancy, so this is a sneak peek)Communicated in 8 components:
Introduction to the myth of the perfect product2.
Why it’s impossible3.
a noble purpose4.
a fortunate outcome5.
the perfect product6.
the opportunity7.
the goal8.
the close Notes to self:
try using “You and I” instead of “We” and consider changing it
write in a style speaking to one person, to avoid groupthink 
write in a style which keeps the message open to the broadest audience
*this presentation is directed to a general audience, not GCJ specifically
the myth of the perfect product
“You don’t have to know anything to be negative- you have to know a great deal to be positive.” - RBF 
I think that Integrity has a responsibility to honesty, because otherwise we’re just contributing to arecurring loop of folly; which is the fuel source of the status quo and its beneficiaries… and that being the topic I’m here to address…c)
I’m going to start by being open and honest, because it displeases only those who do not valueIntegrity; and ensures that my message falls only upon open minds who will likewise take actionwith integrity.d)
You most assuredly are familiar with part of the story which I am here to tell, as well as being partof it yourself; but my reason for scheduling this virtual meeting with you is because you only have part of the story… and at the conclusion of this conversation you’ll have the rest of it to explore for yourself, so I ask only that you grant me the benefit of the doubt, open your mind, and hear themeaning of this story by allowing me to relate the story without interruption.e)
You and I are individuals, we do what we do every day, separately; connected to each other through the common ground that is this world.f)
There are events which are most assuredly adversely affecting you in a variety of ways, and mostlikely, these events and their causality are not yet apparent to you; my goal herein, if you’ll extendme the courtesy of the benefit of the doubt, I’ll do my best to illuminate these shadows for you- sothat you can benefit from the experience of understanding.
www.TragedyandHope.comwww.PeaceRevolution.org  PARRHESIA: A MESSAGE TO GEORGE CLAYTON JOHNSON / From Richard GroveConfidential 10/9/2010 / Page 3 of 11
In other words, the Map is not the Terrain, and time being our most valuable yet least tangibleasset at this point; we don’t want to waste any more of it than we have to recognizing we’re a bitlost and could use a compass to find our way back home.h)
“Facts are stubborn things, and whatever be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our  passions; they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” John Adams, Boston Massacre Trialsi)
Fact: life is predicated on survivalii)
Fact: We are all on a giant rock flying through space, spinning at approximately 1000 miles per hour; and none of us has the ability to survive while consistently separated from this planet.iii)
Fact: We are all dependent on air, water, food, and overall health to survive.
Life demands learning, do you want to learn before or after crises manifest into your life?v)
What do the people doing this
: (examples of mass destruction… cutting down of the old growth forests & rainforests, decapitating the tops of mountains to rape the future of itsresources… privatization of water, GMO’s, depleted uranium, nuclear weapons, BP oil spill poisoning our oceans)
know that we don’t know?
Or are they just out of touch with reality?(2)
Let’s take a look at reality…
Status Quo
Question: Are our values and beliefs in direct conflict with human needs for survival?ii)
Fact: We all wake up into this world, exiting our dream state of sleep and reanimating our  bodies.iii)
Fact: None of us has a process of predicting the future on a consistent basis with certainty.iv)
Therefore: We all are waking up every day and dealing with the unknown, and the uncertaintywhich accompanies it, on a near-constant basis.v)
Being that All Belief Systems are dependent on a miracle:(1)
Christianity has numerous, including the virgin birth and resurrection(2)
Judaism has the claim that the creator of the universe sent a message to them throughMoses(3)
Science has the big bang… and the fact that Descartes had a dream where he talked to anangel who told him to go and use number and measure to conquer the universe… and outof that comes modern science… I mean it’s almost too ironic to not present as stand upcomedy inspired by the universe.(4)
Why not just grant yourself a miracle and design your own experiential methodologyinstead of worshiping an ideology?vi)
Questioning our reality illustrates the multiple layers of myth upon which it is founded. Itceases to be real when the myths are revealed.vii)
Reality presents new problems, challenges, and obstacles; all of which are a sharedresponsibility among those inhabiting this space ship earth.viii)
Let’s review our needs and then take a quick inventory of the problems most dangerous tothe future of humanity here in the early 21
Basic Needs:(a)
We all need: Food(b)
We all need: Air (c)
We all need: Water (d)
We all need: Shelter 

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