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Sambahsa English Dictionary

Sambahsa English Dictionary

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Published by cafaristeir
Complete Sambahsa-Mundialect / English dictionary of more than 15000 entries (February 2015). Visit: http://sambahsa.pbworks.com/
Complete Sambahsa-Mundialect / English dictionary of more than 15000 entries (February 2015). Visit: http://sambahsa.pbworks.com/

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: cafaristeir on Oct 10, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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ab by (agent; can turn to
); ab- (verbal prefix) = away, off aba homespun (sb ) abad eternity ( sb) abadic eternal ( adj) abalone(haliotis ) = abalone abalorio small glassware abandon abandon (sb & vtr) abbassi abbassid (adj & sb) abbat abbotabbatiaabbey abbrehgto get out (vulg. !)abdekhschat to frighten / scare away abdeh remove ( vtr ) (to set aside) abdehy ud x = to rid x of y abdeih wean ( vtr ) abdeil department ( sb) ( store ; section ) abdomen abdomen ( sb) abeih to make off, to flee abfeug + acc shirk ( vpr ) abfug running away (of a child; sb) abgeir ( to ) turn around (vint ) abghend( abghènd ) = get rid of ( vpr ) abhorr to abhor abiehx ud y = to exempt y from xabject sickening (adj) abkap to complete (vpr / vtr) abkwahto pick up, harness (vtr)ablehnc diflect (vtr; a missile) ablinekw abandon, desert (vtr)
abnegation abnegation (sb ) abneih to take away abnormal abnormal ( adj ) abnus ebony wood aboleih remove (vtr ) abominable abominable (adj) abonnent subscriber (adj & sb) abonnment subscription ( sb) abor to abort abordage boarding (of a vessel, sb) aborde to board (a vessel) abortion abortion (sb ) aborto little runt (sb) Abraham Abraham (npr) abrupt abrupt (adj; fig.) Abruzzi( sing) = Abruzzo (mountain ) Abruzzo Abruzzo ( region) absect rujiow sawed-off shotgun ( sb) absentabsent (adj) absinth wormwood ( sb) absleub to slip away (vint) absorb absorb (vtr) absorpt energia dose absorbed dosis (total ionizing dose; sb) absper bumpy ( adj ) abstauneih stun ( vtr ) abstehm(+ acc) = refrain from ( vpr ) absteum evaporate ( vpr ) absurd absurd ( adj) abtrigher trigger ( weapon; sb) abundant abounding (adj)
abunde to abound abveic to move away abvolg to show one
s heels (vint) abwohndt(& abwohnden) = roundabout ( adj ) ( path, way) abysse abyss acacallis acacallis (sb ) acacia acacia academia academy acatist prayer for the dead accelere to accelerate accentueto accentuate, stressaccepte to accept access access accident accident (sb) accommodant accommodating (adj) accompagnementaccompaniment (music)accomplihtcompleted (adj) accordeaccord (sb & vtr)accordeonaccordeonaccoste to dock at accrediteto accreditaccurat neat (adj) (well done) accusation accusation (sb) accuse accuse (vtr) AcerbasAcerbas (npr)acete vinegar (sb) achak uneasiness, malaise (sb) acharpickles ( splu ) achi ! achoo ! (onom.) achiz unable, powerless

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