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how to kiss

how to kiss

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Published by roshan_anand2010

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Published by: roshan_anand2010 on Oct 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1 Moisten your lips
. Dry lipsdo not move well together. Just a light brush of your  tongue over your lips right before you kiss will be sufficient to moisten them. Don't lick your lips all the time, though, as this can dry them out further. Instead, use lip balmregularly. You never know when someone will go in for the smooch.2
Angle your face
. If your mouths meet dead-on, your noses will get in the way, and youwill not be able tokiss deeply or smoothly. To avoid this, tilt your head slightly to one side. Make sure you do not both tilt your heads to the same side.3
Close your eyes
. As you approach for thekiss, look into your partner's eyes, but, onceyou are close to theirs, close your eyes. It can be a bit of a turnoff to be kissing and goingcross-eyed.However, you don't need to
close your eyes; some people enjoykeeping their eyes open and seeing their partner when kissing.4
Start with a gentle and soft closed-mouthkiss
. The Frenchkissis an open-mouthkiss, but do not lunge in with your lips agape like you're going to eat them; instead, openyour lips very slowly. If you were learning to
 French,you would probably start with the basics, vocabulary and grammar, before trying to write poetry. Well, the Frenchkiss is like the poetry of kissing, and before you can be good at it, you have to master theclosed-mouth kiss. Even after you have added French kissing to your romantic repertoire,it is usually better to start a kiss with closed lips.5
Go Dutch on the decision to French
. Kissing should be a shared decision. You needto have permission to French kiss someone, but when your lips are locked with theirs youmay not want to stop and ask, "Hey, this is great, but can I put my tongue in your mouth?" Open your lips slowly and just a little during the kiss so that one of your lips issandwiched between theirs and one of theirs is between yours. As you are locking and re-locking lips, brush your tongue against your partner's lips ever so slightly. This shouldmake it clear that you want to French kiss. If your partner's tongue does not respond inlike fashion or if they pull away, you will have to save the French kiss for another timewhen you are both ready.6
Explore with your tongue
. If you and your partner seem to be enjoying the open-mouth kiss, slowly try to open your mouth a little bit more and gently push your tongue alittle farther into their mouth. The tongue is very sensitive, and the mere act of touchingyour partner's tongue with your own will be very pleasant. Do not stick your tongue toofar into the mouth, as this can be a big turn-off. Instead, just gently and playfully touchtongues. Start lightly. Usually, if the other person wants more, they will come and get it.7
Go slow
. Passionate kisses are good sometimes, but to really enjoy a French kiss, youmust take it slow. Do not hurry and instead, take time to explore each other's mouths.8
. If you’re kissing for an extended period, it’s easy to forget to breathe. Believeit or not, gasping and turning blue is not romantic. Take small breaths through your noseas you kiss. As you and your partner grow comfortable with the kiss, you can try breathing through your mouth a little: sharing breaths as well can be romantic (but not everybody likes it).

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