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Published by azroy91

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Published by: azroy91 on Oct 11, 2010
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 TECHNICAL REPORT OF Port Dickson local district plan 2010-2020 
1.1Introduction of Rancangan Tempatan Daerah ( RTD )
District Local Plan ( RTD ) is a document that translate the policies andsuggestion that contain in National Physical Plan ( RFN ) to the more specificand into physical form. It also have specific plan that tells the policies andthe land use of the areas, identify the main projects for that district andalso prepared a planning standard for that projects. The preparation of RTDwill be start after the Local Authority get an order from the State PlanningCommittee or else, they start their preparation by their own.According to the Jabatan perancangan Bandar dan Desa, it takes 6 to12 month to finish the District Local Plan. District Local Plan of Port Dicksonis a document that explain about land use planning in port Dickson districtfrom 2010 to 2030. This RTD is an extension from the Negeri Sembilan StateStructure Plan (2001-2020) including development control guideline such asenvironment, physical, traffic and transportation and other things thatcontain under Section 2 (1) Act 1976.
Purpose of Preparation District Local Plan
District Local Plan need to be prepared as a planning guideline for thedevelopment and to identify the opportunities of development in MajlisPerbandaran Daerah Port Dickson ( MPPD ). The basic of this study is basedfrom the National Physical Plan, 2020 and the Negeri Sembilan StateStructure Plan 2010-2020. This study also include the Port Dickson districtareas and to coordinate the source distribution among the territory divisionin Port Dickson district. The RTD was gezetted in 2007, was covered all thepolicies, strategies, development plan and it will be uses until year 2020.
Definition of District Local Plan
District Local Plan is prepared under provision of section 12 to 16a. Itis document that has planning map with the written proposals thatexplain the Local Authority suggestion, physical planning likeenvironment, traffic and transportation, social economy and others.I.Translate The National Physical Plans trategies which iscontains policies and current proposals.II.Prepare a guideline for development control,III.All the policies and proposals in local plan will be used as abasic for control and standardize the decision making,development plan and cost based from Section 12 (1) Town and Country Planning Act 1976 (Act 172).According to the Section12 (3) the draft must covered;I.DevelopedII.Protect and improve the environment from the physicalaspectIII.Landscape improvementIV.Preserve the topographyV.Improve the traffic and transportation systemVI.Improve the communication systemVII.Preserve and beautify the appearance of the buildingfeatures
 TECHNICAL REPORT OF Port Dickson local district plan 2010-2020 
1.4Process of District Local Plan
In act, provision for the preparation of Port Dickson’s District LocalPlan is in accordance with the legislation contained in Section 12,Town andCountry Planning Act,1976 –Act 172. It is including the amendments in 1995(Act A933)and 2001(Act A1129). The process of preparing RTD involvesseveral stages such as in the flow chart;Figure 1.0 : The Process of Rancangan Tempatan Daerah Port Dickson 2010-2020
 The process of Port Dickson’s District Local Plan 2010-2020 will followthe steps after that. Information from reception report will be use tofind the issues, problems, prospect and the barriers of the district. Intechnical report, it explains about barriers, issues, potential and theprospect. Then, the issues and the findings will be covered by givingsuggestions and proposals. The draft of Rancangan Tempatan Daerahwill be publish for comments and it will be used after there is noamendment.
1.5 State Vision
 This study has been made based from the existing policies and theproposals that contain in Negeri Sembilan State Structure Plan 2001-2020. The goal of the Negeri Sembilan State Structure Plan 2001-2020is
“Untuk Menjadikan Negeri Sembilan Sebagai Sebuah Negeri Yang Maju DanSeimbang Menjelang Tahun 2020 Dengan Tahap Ekonomi Yang Kukuh,Mampan, Berdaya Saing Serta Mempunyai Masyarakat Yang Harmoni,Bernilai Murni, Bermaklumat Dan Cemerlang” 
1.5.1State Objectives
In order to achive the state goals, some objectives have beenmade to support the goal. By having these objectives, it canhelp to achive the goals smoothly. The objectives are:I.To achive sustainable and high economic growthII.Generate balance economy for state of Negeri SembilanIII.To provide a more attractive investment especially in aspect of infrastructure and productive trained manpowerIV.Enhance the development of competitive agricultural sector andlarge scale project
Inception ReportReport FindingsDraft ReportInception of RTDDraft ReportFinal RTDRTD Final Report TechnicalReport Findings
 TECHNICAL REPORT OF Port Dickson local district plan 2010-2020 
V.Enhance the living standard by decrease the poverty levelVI.To make the tourism industry becomes more competitive inorder to attract tourist especially in domestic level
Vision, Goal, Objectives of District Local Plan of Port Dickson2010-2025i.Vision
“To make the Port Dickson District as an international tourism centretowards 2020” 
"Improving the quality of Port Dickson district by upgrading thedevelopment effectively and comprehensively” 
i. Physical To optimize a land uses and create an identity district.ii.Transportation – To create an integrated and quality of networkingsystem and infrastructure.iii.Economy – To optimize the productive economic sources in PortDickson distric.iv.Environment – To create a quality of environment and protecting theenvironmental sensitive area (KSAS).
i.International Tourismii.Sustainable Economic Land Useiii.Quality of Lifeiv.Sustainable Environment
a.International Tourism
In line with the objectives of the State Structure Plan which outlines thedistrict of Port Dickson as a world-class tourism, efforts and more detailedapproach plays an important role. This aspect gives an effect to an area interms of quality of life, social, economic, urban design, income area, andso on. Development of an area from all these aspects can attract theinvestors and tourists to Port Dickson in order to generate the economicsectors at once, carrying the name of Port Dickson to the internationallevel.
Development of an area is influenced by physical factors for thesustainable planning which is balance development from theenvironmental aspects in line with the progress. It is achieved through thestrengthening of several key sectors that involved like the industrial,services, and commercial. These sectors are developed in line with theemphasis on environment and development to be carried out. Balancedevelopment is a key pillar of any plan involving the development of thefuture.
c.Quality of Life

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