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Fakir Hassen Book

Fakir Hassen Book

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Published by lux007

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Published by: lux007 on Oct 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This isaGauteng 1860 Legacy Foundation project 
Fakir Hassan has written a book titled
‘150 Bollywood Encounters – the South African Connection’ 
. The book reflects on more than 150 people from theIndian entertainment industry that I have met over the years. It also contains lotsof pictures, most of them of South Africans with the artists.
“I have always believed that I have been very lucky to have jobs whichcoincided with my passion for the Indian entertainment industry, oftentelling family and friends who ask about my hobbies that my job is myhobby.”“Why are you pushing yourself to the limit and insisting on engaging in allthese live appearances and performances, rather than taking it easy nowand assuming a less strenuous role as an international ambassador for theIndian film industry through the speeches you deliver to rapt audiences?”I wanted to know from Amitabh Bachchan.“Undeterred by the
No Smoking
signs in the room, Shahrukh just puffedaway during the session without even the courtesy of a
“May I?” 
to themedia and some fans present, promptly emptying the sweets in a bowl onthe table when he realised that there was no ashtray in the room.”
“Removing his belt, and almost half unzipping his trousers, ShahrukhKhan threatened to drop them to show everyone that he was very much aMuslim.”“I first had the rare and unique pleasure of joining actress, politician andsocial activist Shabana Azmi on the same platform as world icon and thefather of the new democratic South Africa Nelson Mandela in Cape Townsoon after his release from 27 years of imprisonment on Robben Island asa political prisoner.”“Of all the positive remarks made by many, those by Sushmita Sen andMithun Chakraborthy are the only ones that I consider, even after all theseyears, to have been very genuinely and honestly made about me byBollywood stars.”“Priyanka Chopra during her debut at the IIFA Awards in Sun City shortlyafter she had won the Miss World crown in 2000, left me wonderingwhether the belief about beauties sometimes having no brains was true.Priyanka did a very bad job of compering the event, fluffing her scriptdespite is being visible to the whole audience on a huge autocue high upin front of her. How wrong Priyanka would prove us to be as she went onto mature into a highly talented actress with hugely acclaimed hits.”“Whoever had assisted Celina Jaitley with her makeup at the time shouldhave been a little more cautious, because she glistened under a thicklayer like a Barbie doll fresh off the plastic presses.”“On every occasion that I have encountered Jaya Bachchan, she was theone firmly in control behind the scenes, seemingly dictating the conditionsunder which the better known members of her family would appear onpublic platforms.”“I have the rather dubious honour of having had to run behind Reena Roywith her lipstick and compact as she ran towards the stage when thecompere called her name at the Standard Bank Arena in Johannesburg.”
“Aamir Khan immediately struck me as being destined for far greaterthings than just playing the teenage lover running around trees andflirting with young actresses although this was to prove true only manyyears later.”“Anil Kapoor has a rather onerous title for a Bollywood actor – that of being an official goodwill ambassador for South Africa. What he hasactually done about that in the four years or so since President ThaboMbeki announced this is still unclear.”“Suniel Shetty’s insinuation of organised crime having stolen his luggageupset airport authorities who had launched concerted efforts to wipe outincidents of luggage being tampered with ahead of the expected influx of tourists for the FIFA World Cup.”“There were no airs and graces and no high and mighty attitude aboutinterrupting the shooting schedule. Kamal Haasan himself walked over towherever I was on the sprawling sets each time he got a break.”“Fardeen Khan called on the “stukkies” (a slang term in Afrikaansgenerally considered derogatory used by some South African Indians todescribe women) in the audience to clap for him, offending a number of women in the audience in the process even if some did laugh at hisstatement.”“Salman Khan popped into the Global Bollywood Music store in Fordsburg just before a show in Johannesburg. He said absolutely nothing during hisfew minutes there except to ask hostess Femida Umarjee for a glass of Coke which she of course obliged with. He never took his cap off, stoodwith arms resting on a cabinet almost all the time with slightly dazedeyes, and then left.”“Govinda’s command of English was almost nil as he kept turning to hiswife to interpret my questions. She had a better knowledge of the

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