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Cs2202 ANNA UNIV Question Paper 2

Cs2202 ANNA UNIV Question Paper 2

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Published by kunaraj
DPSD anna univ R2008 question paper
DPSD anna univ R2008 question paper

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Published by: kunaraj on Oct 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Reg. No. : 
B.E./B.Tech. DEGREE EXAMINATION, APRIL/MAY 2010.Third SemesterComputer Science and EngineeringCS2202 — DIGIAL PRINCIPLES AND SYSTEMS DESIGN(Common to Information Technology)(Regulation 2008)Time: Three hours Maximum: 100 Marks Answer ALL QuestionsPART A — (10
2 = 20 Marks)1.
Convert the
)513.153( to Octal. 2.
Simplify the following Boolean functions to a minimum number of literals(a)))((
y y
Distinguish between the combinational and sequential logic circuits.4.
What do you mean by HDL?5.
What is Multiplexer?6.
Define Encoder.7.
Differentiate Flip-Flop from Latches.8.
Draw the excitation table and state diagram for JK and SR Flip-Flop.9.
What is Race Conditions?10.
What happens when a Hazard happens in a logic circuit?
Question Paper Code:
E 3060
2PART B — (5
16 = 80 Marks)11.
(a) (i) Simplify the following Boolean function F together with don’t-carecondition d, and then express the simplified function in sum of minterms)5,2,0()15,11,7,3,1(),,,(
dz yw
(10)(ii) Implement the following Boolean function with NAND gates.)7,5,4,3,2,1(),,(
z y
(6)Or(b) Determine the prime-implicants of the Boolean function by using thetabulation method.)15,11,10,9,8,7,6,4,1(),,,(
z yw
(a) Design a combinational logic diagram for BCD to Excess-3 codeconverter. (16)Or(b) (i) Design a Full Adder circuit with necessary diagram. (10)(ii) Write the HDL description of the circuit specified by the followingBoolean function. (6)
 y AB
(a) (i) Design a 3 to 8-line decoder with necessary diagram. (8)(ii) Implement the given Boolean function using 4
1 multiplexer.
( )
z y
(8)Or(b) We have found a minimum sum of products expression for each of twofunction, F and G, minimizing them individually (no sharing)
 X  X G
.(i) Implement them with a ROM. (8)(ii) Implement them in the PLA using no more than four terms. (8)

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