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Ufo 1 What May Come Upon the Earth!!!!

Ufo 1 What May Come Upon the Earth!!!!

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Published by Richard Cappetto
This is just some thoughts I have about the UFO ET phenomena, something I have studied for decades.
This is just some thoughts I have about the UFO ET phenomena, something I have studied for decades.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Richard Cappetto on Oct 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I am putting out this warning for many reasons, but themain one is I don't want you to be deceived. And I do notwant people to lose thier faith.Many of us are Science fiction fans, we love Star Wars,Star Trek, Independence Day, Babylon 5, Farscape and onand on. And poll's show that the vast majority of American's believe that UFOs are real. When you look atsightings of UFO's your find that 95% of them areexplainable, But you will also find that 5% are not. Andthose are the 5% we will delve into.I have been interested in UFOs since I was a kid and UFOand ET phenomena are something I have studied sincethe early 1970's; I have to tell you I have a bias, I want tobelieve there from outer space, I think that would besooooo coooooool. I Have read over 100 books on thesubject and 100s of articles as well; and I have a copy of the MJ-12 Documents (which have been proven to be over50% disinformation) It is a bummer, that I have to say,they are not from other worlds. They are a deception.I will explain in a bit. There are some good researchers out there and somebad ones, Ones who will lie to make money, or are simplydeluded. Good ones are Dr Jacque Valle (he was who themovie Close Encounters of the third kind, modeled the
french scientist, after), John Mack, Satin Friedman, ChuckEastman and Chuch Missler, L.A. Marzulli, Mike Heiser,David Ruffino, Guy Malone, Steve Quail, to name a few,there are others I will provide some links. You also have to be carful there are some NUTS andFRUDES out there such as the Realiens, and ZechariaSitchin and Many many other's. Sitchin is veryentertaining, but he is a compete phony; You canresearch babylonian text yourself and you will find thereis no anuaki or Xth planet. I read his book's for theentertainment value only.OK first lets talk about the biggest know case in UShistory which is the Roswell case; and I have to tell you itwas faked by our government to cover up for operationpaperclip. Hear are some links to help you with thishttp://www.alienresistance.org/roswell1947ufocrash.htmhttp://www.stevequayle.com/High.Jump/Vril.and.Andromeda.htmlhttp://alienresistance.org/aodWaroftheWorlds.htmhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bh37r3alzzshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Paperclip
Now another thing that might happen is a faked UFOinvasion that can be used to caused nations to give uptheir sovereignty and form a one world government. Andyes we have the tech to do it, (hologram tech is veryadvanced now), also we can create the "grays" in a lab, Ikid you not. Read the fiction book called the Facade Whilethis book is fiction all the tech stuff mentioned in thebook is true and is backed up with freedom of informationact got documents.Amazon.com: The Facade (9781931055444): Michael S.Heiser: BooksOK hears the deal you heard about the phony now thereal. This is spiritual, these spirits may appear physically oreven mentally in the thoughts of people. Who knows justhow it will happen. Dr Jacque Valle who is an agnosticspent 20 plus years of studying the UFO and ETPhenomena and he came to the conclusion, that thebeings are extra dimensional and that they aremalevolent, that I came to a few years prior.It took a lot of research, but I determined that the ETswere not from other solar systems, I do not want to gothough all the evidence hear, I cannot type fast or well

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